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Recommended Subaru Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

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Subaru Maintenance

Subarus are some of the most reliable cars on the road today. In fact, 96 percent of all Subaru vehicles built in the last 12 years are still on the road today. But inherent reliability doesn’t mean you should skip recommended Subaru maintenance. In fact, taking good care of your Subaru can help it last years longer. Even if you plan to sell your car soon, investing in regular tune-ups helps you get a higher sale or trade-in price.

Here are the Subaru maintenance tasks you should perform regularly to keep your car roadworthy for many years to come.

Check and Change the Oil

Engine oil serves the important purpose of keeping everything lubricated and running smoothly. If you go too long between oil changes, your Subaru is likely to wear out faster.

To make sure your oil is in good condition, do a dipstick test every time you fill up the gas tank. The oil should land between the two indicator marks on the dipstick and appear honey-colored. If the oil level is low, top it off. If it’s starting to turn dark, schedule an oil change.

Assess All Other Fluid Levels

Engine oil is critical, but it’s not the only fluid your Subaru relies on. Regularly check all other fluids as well—including coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid—to make sure nothing is leaking or running low.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

All engine belts should be firm to the touch and free of ruptures, cracks, or other damage. Then, hoses should feel flexible and rubbery, not stiff and brittle. You should see no bulging, cracking, or damage of any kind. If you notice something that seems a bit off, take your Subaru in for a repair as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the timing belt demands particular attention. Plan to have it checked at 60,000 miles and replaced at 100,000 miles, if not sooner.

Check the Tire Pressure and Wheel Alignment

It’s best to drive with proper air pressure in your tires at all times. Check the pressure each time you visit the gas station and top off or deflate the tires as necessary to keep them at the precise psi your manual recommends. Once your tires start wearing out, consider replacing them, especially before the winter season arrives.

Wheel alignment is also important to help your tires wear evenly and keep you in full control of your Subaru at all times. If you notice the steering wheel vibrating or the car pulling to one side, you may need to have the alignment adjusted.

Test the Lights

While your vehicle’s lights don’t affect performance, they have a big impact on safety. To ensure you remain visible to other drivers, routinely check your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. It helps to have a partner who can assist with checking all your Subaru’s lights. If you discover that any are burned out, have them replaced as soon as possible.

Check the Battery

A strong battery charge is essential if you want your car to start on the first try. If your Subaru has begun making strange noises when you start it lately, get it to a mechanic as soon as possible for a battery test. A low charge would indicate that now is the time to replace the battery before you end up stranded somewhere.

When in Doubt, Bring Your Car to Scott’s for Subaru Maintenance and Repair

While you can perform many Subaru maintenance tasks yourself, it’s best to bring your car to a knowledgeable mechanic every few months for a thorough inspection. When you catch small problems early, it’s easy to remedy them without a hefty repair bill. Plus, routine maintenance helps your car last longer, something every Subaru driver wants!

For questions about Subaru maintenance, or to schedule services with our ASE-certified mechanics, please contact Scott’s Fort Collins Auto at (970) 682-4202.

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