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Volvo Service and Repair

With a track record of quality and reliability that has rarely been tarnished over the years, Volvo continues to enjoy rising sales year after year after a big come back. With millions of cars on the roads, our Northern Colorado shop has seen thousands of them roll through our doors and out again after successful repairs. Extensive experience in all types of car repair for Volvo vehicles makes Scotts Fort Collins Auto the premiere choice for drivers with European imports. Finely tuned sedans and well-maintained family cars keep their value over the years, making it easier to resell them when you want to upgrade to a newer model.

Family drivers that serve as chauffeurs for kids and spouses with busy schedules usually choose the hybrid XC60, XC70, and XC90 models. All three are efficient SUVs with smaller footprints and plenty of cargo hauling storage. Of course, our technicians also service Volvo C and S series sedans as well for drivers preferring luxury for their daily commute. If you associate the brand from Sweden with station wagons, you might be piloting a V50 or V70 instead. We serve all current and past Volvo models, so we can help keep classic and collectible cars on the road as well.

You Can Rely On Our Volvo Services

Transmission Repairs

Without the timely check ups we recommend to car owners, your transmission fluid could end up filled with sediment or pieces of metal and plastic from worn components. Full flushing is needed every so often, usually at the 100,000 mile mark, to keep particulates from causing problems. Undetected leaks from the undercarriage often cause your gears to start slipping as the pressure drops. Keep an eye on fluid levels and let us repair leaks so you don’t risk burning out the transmission on a particularly long road trip. If there are serious problems with it, you may be able to have it rebuilt and reinstalled by our team of technicians for a lower cost instead of getting a brand new replacement put in.

New Clutch

Paying attention to the driving experience in your Volvo will keep you updated on the condition of the clutch. Since this part has to engage every time you decide to switch gears, it becomes worn down and damaged in time. Noisy shifting is not good at any point during driving. Burning smells are an early indicator, but they can also come from spilled oil or other debris. Feel out the engagement of the teeth on the disc as you switch gears. Slippage, felt as grinding or falling back into the previous gear, means the clutch is on its last leg. Our warranty protects the work we do for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

Drivers often overlook simple tire balancing and wheel alignment services in their quest to keep the engine purring in their favorite Volvo model. You should invest in laser guided alignment from our technicians at Scotts every time you get a new set of tires. If you have invested in optional alloy wheels on your luxury sedan, you could put them at risk for damage by heading to any old tire shop for balancing. These wheels are easily damaged by the weights used for balancing. Make sure to call for an immediate appointment if your car is shimmying or vibrating noticeable as you drive. Improper alignment also causes a car to pull to one side of the road.

Oil Changes

Many responsible car owners intend to do their own oil change on a regular schedule, but a busy life gets in the way of climbing up the car and completing the deed. The Scotts team take care of basic fluid changes like this every day for busy drivers who need to get back to work or their families. Since Volvo cars are designed for performance and safety, they rely on properly balanced synthetic motor oil. Most of the models need more than the usual amount of oil, with some of the SUVs needing six to seven quarts during a change. We’ll top it off to the right level at a fair price and use a premium air filter for a cleaner car.

Tune Ups

With over a dozen small parts in the electrical and fuel system that eventually wear out, Overlooking just one part, such as the spark plugs or the wires connecting them, could leave you dealing with a loss of power. Cleaning the fuel injectors and replacing the fuel filter also solves a surprising number of problems. A flush of the coolant tank is also helpful, especially when you aren’t sure what mixture of water and antifreeze is in the system anymore. Other crucial components are inspected, including the belts that crack and wear with time under the extreme heat of the engine. Compression issues or loose vacuum hoses are quickly solved to give you the best possible drive in your Volvo.

Axle Repairs

The axles holding together your front and rear wheels are huge pieces of steel, so it is the seals and bearings within them that are most likely to go bad first. Tight seals keep the grease around the bearings from drying out and increasing friction. Once the seals go, it isn’t long until the entire axle shafts need replacement. Damage in the transaxle often causes the exact same symptoms as loose tie rod ends and worn out wheel bearings, so let a professional from Scotts Fort Collins Auto determine which part of the suspension needs repair or replacement. Solving squealing as you make sharp turns can turn into an ongoing quest without the help of an expert.

Maintaining A Volvo Engine

Since the Swedish engineering behind the engines in every Volvo is so advanced, these models are popular throughout commercial transportation applications as well. The Volvo engine in a semi truck and the one under your hood both need attention on a strict schedule. Going too long without a thorough inspection of the engine makes it more likely you will face a burnt out alternator. Big repairs usually call for the removal of half a dozen components before the core of problem is at hand, so leave your garage uncluttered and let us do the hard work instead. Even if the problem can only be solved with replacement, we’re your team for the long haul.


Heading to the dealership when it is time for new tires is a great way to get sticker shock. Quality tires shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and Scotts believes it. Pick a set designed to resist the wearing effect of rough roads. We recommend switching tires during the spring and fall so you have the right tread for dealing with ice and the slippery roads of summer thunderstorms. Swapping doesn’t take long when you already have the new tires on hand, so invest in both sets now to prepare for the rest of the year. Bald tires leaving you spinning and without proper control when facing less than perfect driving conditions, so upgrade regularly to avoid being left behind in the dust.

Bouncy Shocks & Struts

Pot holes, ridged roads, and steep hills all work to wear out your Volvo’s shocks and struts prematurely. After a while, your car will start to buck and dive every time you tap on the brakes to avoid a collision. This ruins the comfort of the ride very quickly. Volvo models aren’t usually designed for off-roading capabilities, but some foolhardy owners push their cars far beyond their intended purpose. You can definitely expect to need new shocks every 30,000 miles when zooming around on unpaved roads and trails. Conservative drivers that stick to smooth and level roads instead may go upwards of 50,000 miles before bounciness lets them know it’s time for repairs.

Timing Belt

When the entirety of your engine’s timing relies on a basic rubber belt, you can’t afford to let it snap in the middle of a drive. Volvo recommends having new belts installed at every 100,000 miles. Waiting any longer than that could leave you stuck with an engine that no longer runs. We know that it can be hard to find a few free hours when you don’t need your car, so our free loaner vehicles are available to fill in the gaps. Making it easier to schedule routine maintenance and major repairs is just one part of the great service offered by Scotts.

A/C Recharge

Like so many other systems under the hood, the air conditioner relies on a pressurized line to pull the heat and humidity out of the air flowing into the cab. The cooling effect of a good A/C is unbeatable on a July afternoon. We start the process by draining out the remaining refrigerant and testing for leaks with a vacuum. If a loose connection is letting the refrigerant spray out, no amount of recharging will restore your cooling effects. We use the refrigerant recommended by the manufacturer that also meets the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. With careful disposal of old gases, there is no damage to the local environment.

Get involved in the maintenance of your Volvo unless you don’t mind unexpected car problems. With a little forethought and care, a Volvo can become an investment that still sells for quite a bit of its original value. Collectible cars start with new models that receive oil changes and engine care from the first 5,000 miles. With a team of ASE certified technicians standing by to solve your problems, Scotts Fort Collins Auto should be the first place you call when a troubling symptom pops up. Call us at (970) 692-5313 to make an appointment today for the repairs you need.


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