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Volkswagen Service and Repairs

This German brand has come a long way since the iconic VW bug from the 60s and 70s. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has worked on VW vehicles without stop since our inception in 1993. Keeping Passats and Golfs running problem free has always served as a big part of our business. High performance Tiguan and Touareg SUVs will move the family around town without a pause. Both classic and new Beetles can stop by Scott’s for tune ups and body work to help them stay attractive to potential buyers.

Don’t forget about the hybrid and diesel options currently available from VW. These models can get over 40 miles per gallon on the highway, making them a worthwhile choice for long term savings on fuel costs. We know exactly how to balance the settings for these complex systems to improve efficiency for all kinds of vehicles. Even late model VW models can provide transportation on a budget if upgrades and maintenance is regularly performed. This company offers plenty of inexpensive compact models for the introductory buyer, so we try and keep our services affordable as well to make the costs of owning a car a little easier on the wallet.

Timing Belt

The entire engine of a classic VW van is held together with one long rubber belt. Snapped timing belts lead to an engine that just can’t run. Include a new serpentine belt during the initial repair to make the most of your car’s down time. Some models will automatically need a new water pump at the same intervals at which the timing belt is changed. Letting the water pump burn out due to a loose belt could lead to unexpected overheating. Protect your coolant system with a little extra attention during crucial mile markers, such as the 100,000 mile anniversary for belt replacement.

Oil Changes

Your first few oil changes are often covered for free by the dealership, but you are on your own when your initial warranty runs out. These basic maintenance tasks are easy to fit into your car care budget when you visit Scott’s. Our fair schedule of fees ensures every driver can enjoy a reliable ride. Oil changes are offered at every 3,000 miles. We will note the appropriate date for the next visit on your records so there’s no chance you will forget. Letting an oil pump run dry due to low levels of lubricant only inflates the cost in the end. It’s also important to top up your motor oil on a monthly basis if you notice a slight decrease over time.

Shocks & Struts

Powerful springs and compressed cylinders give you a fun and sporty driving experience no matter what model you have chosen. Damage can occur in the mounts connecting these components to the frame, or to the struts supporting the shocks. The compression also drops naturally over time. Plan for an eventual replacement every 100,000 miles or so. These components have to be screwed on to the right torque level or they will remain too bouncy or weak to support the frame. Our diagnostic tools are also used to ensure we have reached factory specifications after each repair. New shocks will make the oldest VW Bug feel like it’s brand new when the suspension is finely tuned once again.


Invest in full sets of four matching tires rather than picking and choosing from mismatched brands and sizes. Different sizes or tread patterns will only interfere with proper steering and control. Expect to deal with pulling or leaning as you try to stay straight on the road if you let your tires get too worn down or damaged. Add auto repair warranty coverage when you get our team to install your new summer or winter tires. If a rock or curb accidentally damages your wheel, you need to get an affordable and timely repair from Scott’s. Our warranties provide coverage for a full 12 months, making it quite a value.

Transmission Repairs

Occasional transmission failures are one small blemish on the otherwise sterling record of VW. Our technicians understand how to work on the newest Tiptronic systems from the manufacturer. Oddly enough, these issues are mostly based on software problems – we can help you fix them in a jiffy. The clutches can also wear out in many Jetta and Passat variations. Some transmissions also develop issues with temperature sensors. Recent recalls for transmissions that slip into neutral as you drive involve replacements of the temperature chip. Sudden deceleration is also a risk if you develop unexpected solenoid issues. Diagnosis is easy for our team because we have plenty of experience with these systems.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

You need to develop good driving habits to prevent damage from pushing your wheels out of alignment. Hard braking and fast turns stress the entire suspension, but it is especially hard on the fine alignment of your wheels. Balancing services extend the lifespan of all kinds of tires. The best way to stretch a tire budget is to rotate them around the car for reliable tread wear. We have an advanced tracking system to read the alignment of all four wheels and adjust them just enough to compensate from any unusual angles. Get your perfect ride in a compact coupe or a space saving SUV by dropping in at Scott’s for a perfect alignment today.

Tune Ups

If you undergo regular emissions tests, you can spot changes in fuel efficiency before you start seeing the change in your bank balance. VW cars always get the best gas mileage on highways and open stretches of scenic roads, but you can still spend less when jetting around in the city by keeping the engine efficient. A simple set of spark plugs and a multi-point inspection is one easy way to improve your vehicle without spending much on maintenance. Adjusting the settings of your cruise control and maintaining smooth transitions between speeds also help cut down on fuel usage. Let Scott’s add new wiring and other electrical adjustments at the same time for the biggest impact.

Axle Assistance

The suspension that holds your car aloft consists of a number of joints similar to the ones found in your shoulders. These ball joints slowly loosen over time as the two pieces rub together. Friction quickly accumulates when the CV joints get more than six or seven years old. Even the oldest models from VW still have parts available from third party manufacturers. We use our extensive network of suppliers to locate just the right parts and get them shipped as quickly as possible. Replacing universal joints is also a breeze with the hard work of the Scott’s Fort Collins Auto team.


When compared to more extensive transmission repairs, a new VW clutch is an easy fix. The face of a clutch often becomes cracked or visible worn from heat and years of daily stop and go driving. If machining is possible, we can refurbish your clutch. Replacements don’t take long either. Use our loaner vehicles to stay true to your schedule while we determine which route to take for transmission repair. New clutch kits are a routine investment at the 120,000 mile mark. Heavy usage during long commutes or road trips can mean you need clutch service for your manual car from VW. We also recommend a check up if you have been teaching a teenager to drive and some gear grinding has occurred.


Forgetting a few timing belt replacements or going a year or two without an oil change can lead to some catastrophic problems. However, there is little that an engine rebuild can’t fix. Get the most out of your favorite VW vehicle with a series of visits to Scott’s. We can swing by with a large tow truck and pick up any car that isn’t currently running. An engine that rattles or smokes needs to get to our shop as soon as possible. Make an emergency appointment by calling when you discover a problem so we can tackle your engine problems with a comprehensive range of ideas. Full engine replacement is also available if your exterior and transmission are still in great shape.

AC Recharge

Top up that pristine Golf with the optional but important air conditioner recharge. An afternoon cruise is a relaxing way to spend a summer day when you have plenty of cold air blowing through the vents. Our technicians have an entire shop full of diagnostic tools to discover leaks in the air system. A little leaking freon quickly leaves the A/C unable to produce a cooling effect. If you have noticed your friends no longer want to ride with you because of the heat or stuffiness in the summer, you can restore the comfort level with recharging from our commercial freon dispersal system.

Hand your VW over for a few days of in depth consultation and repair to reverse the damage of years of driving. We are happy to clear some time in our schedule for working on your Jetta when you give us a call at (970) 692-5313. Choose experienced technicians at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto if you need to pass an emissions test or want to know why your muffler is suddenly making a lot more noise than usual. Sluggish fuel pumps and broken power steering pumps can slow down your day, but getting in touch with us is the fastest road to repair.


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