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Hyundai Repairs and Services

You don’t have to travel out of the area to enjoy world class auto repair services, just stop by Scott’s Fort Collins Auto. We provide full services for Hyundai vehicles, in addition to nearly every other domestic and imported brand on the road today. Extensive training and direct experience with hundreds of different cars helps our team provide only the best service. The line is full of crossover SUVs like the Santa Fe and Tucson. However, hybrids like the Sonata are also supported by our team. We can help with repairs for the:

  • Genesis
  • Elantra
  • Accent
  • Entourage
  • Equus

Working with a local mechanic means you always know exactly who to call for car help. Finding a Hyundai dealership in the area isn’t always easy, so stick with a car repair shop that has been a part of the neighborhood since 1993. We focus on fair pricing and quality work, which brings most of our customers back over and over again as their cars age. Stop dealing with frustrating car technicians that can’t fully explain the need for a certain repair or replacement. We make sure each customer feels comfortable with their decision to pursue a certain plan of action.

AC Recharge

Why face another endless summer full of sweltering car rides? You and your passengers will deeply appreciate the power of a recharged air conditioner. Hyundai sedans that suddenly stop cooling properly likely have leaks.. A little inspecting can solve a serious problem without costing you an arm and a leg. Waiting weeks into the summer rise in temperatures to stop by for a recharge is just a waste. Make an appointment today for immediate repair and refrigerant checks, even if it’s still the middle of the winter. There is no waiting list for this kind of maintenance during the season with the lowest demand.


Crooked tires rarely require emergency treatment, but they do end up with odd wear patterns after just a few months. Skipping over your crucial tire alignment appointments will leave you running on tires that wobble and pull the car out of the lane. Slow changes in your wheel alignment creep up on you with little notice. We aim to provide streamlined service for these kind of issues by trading your Hyundai for a Free Loaner Car. Settle up with balance issues at the same time, and consider a full rotation. These updates are especially important if you recently changed wheel size or had a minor accident that could have shocked the frame.

Axle Repairs

A lot of axle damage occurs when Hydunai drivers take their trucks or SUVs off road and hit a rock. However, the same kind of shock occurs when you clip a curb while in the midst of the city. Be on the lookout for issues like steering problems or shaking after an incident that may have damaged your axles. Many shops will send you away to a suspension specialist, but we already have members of our team that can complete these kinds of repairs. Check the wheel for damage after hitting a curb or rock as well. One visit is all you need for the Scott’s crew to replace damaged axle parts and wheel components.


The cost of a new clutch varies greatly, but most of the money goes to cover the labor of putting it in. New Hyundai vehicles still won’t break the bank when you need to make minor transmission repairs. Unlike other brands, this manufacturer keeps the system simple so repairs are easier. Experienced mechanics working at Scott’s know how to get the clutch in and out in just a few hours. Waiting weeks isn[‘t a problem when you visit us. The bearings in the clutch and flywheel often go out while the plates themselves are still fine. We let you pay just for the repairs you need, but we don’t hesitate to recommend replacement if we know the part will wear out shortly.


Even if you could hook up your engine to a diagnostic reader, would you know how to interpret the error codes provided by your car’s online computer? Electronic diagnostics provide surprising detail about the condition about the engine and its health. There is much less need to tear down an engine when looking for unusual leaks or hidden compression losses. When the Check Engine light comes on in your Hyundai Electra, stop by the Scott’s shop for an immediate diagnosis. We focus on solving problems for our customers by providing free towing, in addition to our high quality repairs. Dealing with a choking or stuttering engine is enough work without the added stress of hunting down towing service at an inconvenient time.

Oil Changes

Not even the toughest Hyundai can run for very long on depleted motor oil. Modern formulas are much thicker and more durable than previous mixtures, but they still eventually run out of lubricating ability. Leaks in the oil system can also let in dust or water, leading to a combination that shortens the life of your entire vehicle. Pulling into one of our spacious work bays for an oil change is the only way to guarantee you have proper engine protection at any given time. If has been about 3,000 miles since the last time you stopped by our shop, you definitely need to call today for an appointment as soon as possible.

Shocks & Struts

It is no fun to roll down the road when your vehicle bucks and grinds with every move. Smooth out life’s little bumps with a better set of shocks and struts. Major suspension repairs make up just part of our roster of services, but it is a crucial skill that many customers come seeking. Long gone shocks lead to bent or twisted struts, which throws the entire car out of alignment. Both front and rear wheel drive cars will need regular ongoing repairs, and it is best to replace both sets at once for even results. Swapping out just one side of the car can leave a lot of extra tension on the tie rod ends or universal joints.

Timing Belt

Most consumer Hyundai models feature metal timing chains. These tough linkages keep the firing order running correctly as the engine churns away. However, that doesn’t stop the metal from wearing down and breaking eventually. Both belts and chains need replacement at about 90,000 miles. The Elantra is especially prone to needing prompt repairs, so don’t try your luck unless you don’t mind emergency towing. We do offer it, but we would rather work on your timing belt before it goes out rather than having to repair all of the engine damage left behind by a chain that snaps unexpectedly on the highway at full speed.


Next to the brakes, the tires are the most important part of your connection with the asphalt. Tires with low air pressure are at a higher risk for causing steering issues, while overfilled tires can pop. Leave the adjustments to the professionals by swinging by Scott’s Fort Collins Auto for a brief visit. If you happen to notice unusual tread separation or the glint of steel in the rubber, protect your wheels and rims with a new set of tires. Go for professional high performance tires with sleek side walls to finish the look of your brand new Hyundai.

Transmission Services

Cutting edge transmission systems rely on electronic controls. When a chip rattles loose or a wire is accidentally removed, the entire gear system can sit idle and stop engaging. Hooking up an error code reader will help us rule out expensive and tricky repairs by pinpointing the minor issues often behind severe symptoms. Waiting until your car starts seizing or heaving will leave your transmission permanently disabled. Why lose control of your ability to shift and accelerate on the road when you can schedule the work in advanced instead? We make transmission work easy and affordable. Choose Scott’s when you can’t go a day without your car – our loaner vehicle makes the repairs easier to handle.

Tune Ups

Don’t forget the most basic of tune up trips when making appointments with our office. A basic lubricant change and some clean air filters go a long way in the quest for a reliable car. If you happen to have a Hyundai because of its speed and steering, give that powerful beast adjustments to the engine and fuel system on a quarterly basis. Stopping in every three to four months ensures you never miss any of your maintenance visits. We are also happy to offer reminder services by giving you a call a day or two before your appointment arrives.

Every driver in the Fort Collins area needs to stop by Scott’s Fort Collins Auto to learn how we can help. It’s best to call ahead to make an appointment so we can have a team member free to discuss your concerns with you immediately. Just dial (970) 692-5313 for contact with someone who is ready to schedule your visit and help you solve car problems. We provide estimates at the moment we know what we’re dealing with. Make an educated choice about whether to invest in repairs for your older Hyundai or to buy a new model by discovering the condition of your engine and transmission.


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