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Subaru Front and Rear Axle Repair

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto repair shop offers 20 years of experience in Subaru front & rear axle repair needs. Our highly skilled ASE-certified technicians can take care of all of your axle repair needs – no matter what Subaru model you own.

Our Commitment

Our customers are our lifeline. As such, we treat every incoming car with special care. We guarantee that your Subaru will be handled and inspected with the latest diagnostics equipment, even before we offer a prognosis on the work needed. Once your car is inspected, a certified technician will go over the repair process needed and explain the reason for the repair.

Whether you own a Forester, Legacy, XV Crosstrek, Outback or any other model, we at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto in Northern Colorado have you covered when it comes to front or rear axle repair work.

Why Do I Need Axle Repair Work?

Your axle is an important part of the framework of your vehicle. Without a working front or rear axle, your wheels won’t turn the way you need them to. It’s the axles that bear the load of your Subaru vehicle. The engineering that goes into the axle design is what makes the wheels work with the steering system. If your axle and CV joints aren’t working properly, you could experience steering or wheel failure. You could even experience the falling off of your wheels while driving, an event that could cause an accident or become a very dangerous situation.

How Can I Tell If I Need Axle Work?

When you start to hear popping or clicking noises from your wheels when you turn, this indicates an axle or CV-joint issue.

Can Anyone Repair My Axle?

Axles have a unique independent wheel suspension. This is one of the deciding features for Subaru lovers because it influences the car’s handling, giving it a smoother ride. But because of this independent suspension, the axle is not a straight bar between two wheels as it is on other vehicles. These are more complex split axles, allowing for this independent suspension that offers improved traction, and a smoother ride in all Subaru models.

This complexity makes it especially important for an ASE-certified technician to be the person to inspect the axle and CV joints. In the Northern Colorado area, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is known as one of the most experienced axle and CV-joint repair shops. We offer the best possible expert service from qualified, trained and certified ASE technicians in the Loveland, Windsor, Cheyenne, Greeley and Fort Collins areas.

The Axle Solution

Don’t worry! When you are in need of quality axle or CV-joint repair, call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto repair, and allow one of our qualified technicians to help you. You won’t have to worry any longer about your wheel not turning correctly or even falling off – and best of all, you’ll still be able to drive your beloved Subaru for many years to come.

Call now for a FREE inspection and estimate on your Subaru vehicle. If you live in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, or Cheyenne area, the solution to your axle worries are only a call away. Call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto today to schedule your appointment: (970) 682-4202.


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