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Mini Cooper Services & Repair

Owners of Mini Coopers know they are turning heads when they breeze through traffic and make the most of limited parking space. These small coupes have been delighting European and American drivers alike for over fifty years. Despite featuring such a compact exterior design, the interiors are roomy enough for carrying passengers and cargo after a big shopping trip. With some of the latest fuel saving and stability control technology under the hood, these Mini Coopers deserve maintenance from experience professionals. Bringing your car to Scotts Fort Collins Auto every time is the only way to know your car is in top condition.
Rather than producing a range of sedans and SUVs, Mini Cooper focuses on one basic coupe with different major features. Buyers have to pick between options like the basic hardtop and the sporty convertible or roadster. Other popular models include the Clubman and Paceman trim levels, which both include different exterior designs. When you find the Mini Cooper that is perfect for you and your family, take it to Scotts first to make sure it is ready for the road. Our combined decades of experience mean that both European and domestic cars receive the work needed for efficient transportation.

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Shocks and Struts

Without the bounce absorption of a good and fresh set of shocks and struts, the smooth ride of a Mini Cooper easily becomes a bouncy roller coaster ride instead. Press down on one corner of the vehicle—if it sinks down and bounces back up energetically rather than resisting your efforts, the shocks may have reached the end of their service life. The effects of old suspension parts are especially easy to detect when the five seats are all filled, leaving everyone jostling each other by accident. The technicians at Scotts will quickly remove the aged shocks on all four wheels and replace at once for a complete upgrade to the performance of your favorite Mini Cooper.

Timing Belt

Since Mini Coopers are designed to stay reliable for the long haul, designers chose a heavy-duty timing chain over the rubber belts used in many engines. Unfortunately, some models were shipped out with defective chains that damaged the entire engine when they came apart far too early. Troubles with timing chains have been reported since 2006, especially with the R55 and R56 models at the heart of a class action lawsuit, so drivers who aren’t sure about the condition of their timing chain should call for an immediate inspection. This part will leave the engine unable to turn over and in need of full refurbishing when it breaks, so there’s no way to avoid a replacement if it is needed.

Tune Ups

With a wide set wheel base and plenty of power, the Mini Cooper is fun to drive without using a lot of gas during each trip. However, expect to slowly lose a little efficiency and responsiveness with each passing year unless you keep up with a schedule of tune ups. Basic techniques like cleaning the fuel injectors and replacing the various filters has an immediate and noticeable effect on older cars. Other common changes include a set of new spark plugs and replacement wires and harnesses. Even if it has been years since your last performance check up, a little attention from an ASE certified technician could increase your enjoyment for years to come.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

New tires can’t solve all the problems that arise from driving hundreds of thousands of miles in the same Mini Cooper. After subjecting your undercarriage to all of that shaking and wear, your tires will likely wear unevenly due to a bad case of misalignment. Worn components shift your alignment and Scotts can correct it. Most alignment and tire balancing takes less than an hour to complete. If we discover issues that need further work, you can take our loaner car to complete the rest of your day without interruption. We aim to make it easier to get work done on your vehicle without having to deal with the hassles of renting a car or going without transportation.


Both street and track racers love the speed and nimbleness of a fully optioned Mini Cooper S. However, all that hard shifting leaves the clutch worn out after 50,000 miles or so. Stop and go traffic in the metro areas also puts that kind of wear and tear on this part. As the clutch ages, it becomes harder to use and may miss a few beats and let your transmission slip as your shift between gears. A new clutch gives you better control over your actions in traffic, making the Mini Cooper safer to operate. This is crucial if you have purchased a used model for your teenager to learn to drive with, or if you rely on your coupe as a daily vehicle.


Something as simple as forgetting to top up the water on a hot summer’s day can leave you with an engine billowing out smoke. The engine in a Mini Cooper keeps going and going, but eventually all the damage adds up to put the vehicle in the scrap yard. Complete engine replacement is always an option when you want to keep your MC because it was a gift or a limited edition model. Many people choose to keep restoring an older model rather than making the purchase of a brand new vehicle because of the interest and fees involved. While a new engine isn’t cheap, we aim to keep our repairs as affordable as possible for all European car enthusiasts.

Oil Changes

Sticking with a routine oil change schedule is just like remembering to brush your teeth at night, only for your car’s engine instead of your mouth. While Mini Cooper does pick up the tab for the first three years or 36,000 miles worth of routine maintenance, it’s up to you to keep up with the schedule after that protection runs out. The process for changing the oil in an MC is tricky due to the space-saving design of the engine, so let our experienced team handle it while you relax and wait. Forgetting something as simple as a fresh batch of oil and a new air filter slowly lowers your gas mileage, quietly eating up more of your hard earned money.


Despite being a compact coupe, many Mini Coopers sport 15 to 17 inch wheels when customized by their original buyers. Proper tires are needed for all models, and we offer packages that make it easy to outfit your car for specific conditions. Owners of the popular Hardtop model also get the added security of run-flat tires that keep going after being punctured by a nail or bit of road debris. When these tires need replacement, you can’t simply substitute any off the rack set. Our team will match your car with the perfect set of tires while keeping your budget in mind.

Transmission Repairs

Not all transmission repairs involve a replacement of the entire system. Drivers who come in for the necessary work at an early point usually spend far less than owners who only roll in after the car stalls out on the side of the road. If you are worried about having to hand over your Mini Cooper for extensive transmission work, rest assured that our free loaner car will keep you mobile during the downtime. Just set up an appointment and let us work out the details with our fleet of vehicles. Don’t forget about our warranty on the work we do either. It protects the car for 12,000 miles or 12 months, diminishing the stress over recurring transmission issues and ensuring you spend less time waiting on repairs.

Recharging the AC

Some fixes are so simple you may wonder why you didn’t stop by for them sooner. In the case of A/C charging, you could enjoy ice cold air conditioning in just a few hours with a visit to Scotts. It doesn’t take a long time to restore the function of a Mini Cooper with little to no A/C power. Even if the problem lies in the blowers or cabin air filters, our technicians will discover the root of the issue and deal with it. There’s no way to truly enjoy your rides in such a zippy car when you are baking due to the summer heat. The demand for this work rises as summer starts, so come in early instead of procrastinating for the fastest service.

Front and Rear Axle Repairs

It can be thrilling to take a Mini Cooper on a dirt road or push it through the hills and dips of mountain ranges, but all that driving takes its toll on the axles. Nearly all MCs currently on the road have front wheel drive, so climbing is especially hard on the front axle. Fractured boot covers, squealing noises as you turn, and shimmying in the steering wheel all point to axle damage. With a few hours on the lift and some deft repairs, Scotts can have your car back on those dirt roads for more fun. It may be worthwhile to invest in tougher components if you plan to use your Mini Cooper for these purposes as well when already waiting for repairs.


Car trouble is easier to deal with when you have one trustworthy source for all the repairs you need. Keeping a Mini Cooper running for a long time requires meticulous maintenance, so enlist our help in reminding you about the routine. Scheduled visits and early reminders make sure you don’t let important repairs and changes slip by without notice. Sticking with ASE certified technicians is one of the only ways to know you are getting top quality repairs. Pick up the phone and call (970) 692-5313 to make an appointment for your next visit today.


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