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Free Loaner Cars

Scott's Fort Collins Auto & Scott's Loveland Auto have a fleet of FREE Loaner Cars available at each of our auto repair facilities. They are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and require a minimum repair to qualify. If your repair qualifies for a loaner vehicle, we will schedule your repair so that a car is available for you. Keep in mind if taking advantage of one of our loaners we ask that you are flexible with your appointment due to many factors outside of our control. If you need a car before that time, we have a strong relationship with multiple rental car agencies that can have a car available for you to pick up at our facility when you drop your car off for repair. Please keep in mind Scott's Fort Collins Auto will not be responsible for the rental car expense.

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Free Loaner Car Frequently Asked Questions

1Can anyone have a FREE Loaner Car?
In order to qualify for a free loaner car your estimated repair must be a minimum of $500. You must have a valid Colorado State Driver’s License and be over the age of 25.
2Who is responsible for damage to the FREE Loaner Car?
On the day you drop your vehicle off for repair and pick up your FREE Loaner Car both you and one of our Service Managers will inspect the vehicle for physical damage. All damage will be noted, along with the mileage, and gas level on the Loaner Agreement. When you return the FREE Loaner Car you and your Service Manager will check in the vehicle. If there is any new damage to the Loaner Car your will be responsible for the repairs. We reserves the right to repair any damage to our FREE Loaner Cars. If additional damage is found, we will allow an outside Appraisal Group to estimate the cost of repairs. No estimates from other shops will be accepted. We have a strict policy that your vehicle will not be released until full payment is made for any new damage to the FREE Loaner Car.
3What if I don’t qualify for a FREE Loaner Car?

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto loaner vehicles are FREE to our customers who qualify. If you are renting a vehicle from Enterprise or another rental company, your insurance may cover the expense. If your insurance company will not cover the expense you have 2 options.

  1. If you qualify for a FREE loaner car you can wait to schedule your repairs until a FREE loaner car is available.
  2. We can set up a rental vehicle with Enterprise or another rental company for you. Please keep in mind that a rental vehicle is at your expense.
4Where do I return the FREE Loaner Car or Rental Car?
If you are in one of our FREE Loaner cars, you can simply drop it off when you pick up your repaired vehicle. Many rental car agencies will also allow you to drop the car off at our facility at no charge to you. Make sure to ask them their policy when you rent the vehicle.
5How long can I keep the FREE Loaner Car?
As our customer you are able to keep the FREE Loaner Car as long as your vehicle is at our facility being repaired. Due to the high demand for our FREE Loaner Cars we ask you return the car to our auto repair shop no later than 24 hours after we’ve notified you that your repairs are complete. In order to provide the same level of service for all our customers, vehicles not returned within the 24 hour period will be assessed a charge of $50/day.

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