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Mercedes Benz Services & Repairs

When you need a stylish car that can get you going after a long day at work, turn to Mercedes Benz. Once you have that car of your dreams, come to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto to keep it running well. Many of our customers are still driving late 1980s model Benz vehicles because they have been coming to us since 1993 for regular maintenance. A car that receives attention throughout the driving process lasts longer and suffers from fewer malfunctions over that lifespan. We make the repair and maintenance process an enjoyable experience that fits well within your budget.

As a manufacturer of luxury sedans and sports cars alike, Mercedes Benz has topped quite a few lists of the top selling high end cars. The world’s oldest car manufacturer has produced major hits like the space saving CLS and the versatile E-Class range of affordable sedans. Our technicians know the interior workings of these German designs like the backs of their own hands. We make even the most serious Mercedes Benz repairs a breeze by providing plenty of customer support throughout the process. We aim for efficiency and speed, but our repairs are always done to the highest levels of quality as well.


You can turn to us for immediate help when you discover a problem with your car. Whether you are stuck on the side of the road or still in your driveway, the Scott’s towing program is ready to give you a free ride to our shop. Once you get your car in the repair bays, you can be on your way again in a Free Loaner Car. Engine problems don’t have to put a kink in your day when you have our team on your side. Let ASE certified technicians get to the heart of the problem with a full suite of diagnostics. Once the problem is known, we can discuss the best solution with you and present numerous options.

Oil Changes

The owner’s manual for your car can tell you what kind of your engine needs as a lubricant, but it can’t diagnose a leak that is sapping out each drop you add. Quick leaks in the oil system leave dark stains across your driveway and inflate your car maintenance costs. Dyes and special lights help us pinpoint exactly where each drip is coming from, whether it is deep within the engine or an undercarriage line. We will finish up the inspection of your engine with a full oil change. The best oils will last through 5,000 miles of driving, but we still recommend you stop by every 3,000 miles for optimal performance.

Tune Ups

Newer Mercedes Benz vehicles don’t need the timing adjustment and fuel mixture checks of the past, but vintage vehicles still do. Whether you need a traditional tune up or a recalibration of modern computer components, Scott’s has plenty of options to choose from. We recommend replacing the ignition wiring harness every 25,000 miles so you don’t start your day with an unpleasant surprise when the engine won’t turn over. Spark plugs also need regular replacement, even if they look like they are still firing properly. A technician will use diagnostic tools to determine exactly which components are seeing heavy wear and need preventative replacement.

Timing Belt

Follow up your routine tune ups with the bigger task of timing belt replacement. When this belt breaks, it spells the end of your water pump and could result in serious engine damage. Protect your valves and stick with the factory specified Mercedes Benz timing by replacing this belt every 100,000 miles. Some models rely on tough timing chains, but these devices still need repairs along the same schedule. Schedule the swap in advance so we can be sure that a Loaner Car is available for you. It may take all day or even two days for the work to be completed. Extra care during disassembly and repair reduces the risks of mistakes that can break the new belt before its time.

AC Recharge

Sweating out your commute in an E-Class car with no functioning air conditioner is less than pleasant. Don’t let Fort Collins summer temperatures get you overheated when a trip to Scott’s is all you need for a restored cooling system. There is no need to fiddle with spray cans and grimy engine parts when our compression system can refill your freon levels in just a few minutes. Spend half an hour waiting for the recharge procedure, or leave your vehicle with us and make it an integral part of a complete renovation. Older cars can feel like new again with a few small improvements like an A/C recharge.

Transmission Repairs

While older Mercedes Benz models come in both diesel and gasoline options, manual and automatic transmissions are also available. Turbo engines put extra strain on even the toughest gearboxes and power exchanges. Give our team a chance to deal with the regular wear on your transmission before the compounded effect leaves the car crunching or grinding with each shift. When you visit Scott’s, you are made to feel welcome by each employee. Problems and repairs are explained in depth so you don’t feel like you are in the dark about what needs to be done to the car. Regular updates also keep you informed if further problems develop as parts are removed or tested.


Early clutches were simple parts that translated and controlled force, but modern devices are far more complicated and take quite a bit of expertise to install. The entire device relies on friction to switch between settings and provide control over the transmission. This means that clutches are particularly prone to sudden breakdown, especially in stressful driving conditions. Hard stops and missed shifting contribute to the grinding effect that slowly wears down the plates of the clutch. Visitors that pop in before the component is completely out may find a refurbishing sufficient to keep the clutch going for another 20,000 miles or so. Without this part, you can’t trigger the transmission to shift between gears.


Without timely alignments, it is hard for a Mercedes Benz to stick to a completely straight course when driving. Cars tend to develop a bit of a lean to the left or right side, depending on road conditions and the types of turns you take. It takes a little longer to set the alignment hubs for SUVs and crossover vehicles, but our top of the line equipment ensures that each tire is perfectly set. Misalignment can further worsen damage to your tires, so we are dedicated to doing it right the first time. There is no need for constant rechecking when using a professional laser leveling system. We also recommend getting your tires rotated and balanced at least once a year, or as you change out your tires for newer models.


No matter what kind of tire budget you have in mind, our team can help you find the right rubber for the road. Touring tires are often popular for the Mercedes Benz sedans, but they aren’t as appropriate for the larger utility vehicles. You may need mud treads if you live in a rural area or regularly travel through unincorporated areas. Consider a tire with a manufacturer’s warranty, or back up your purchase with Scott’s auto warranty plan. Either option ensures that bad luck like a stray nail won’t cost you a dime to repair. We may also be able to repair your existing tires with a patch or a plug if they were recently purchased and feature minor damage

Shocks & Struts

Don’t take the time to swap your front shocks for new replacements unless you are ready for rear replacements as well. Unless there was a collision or alignment problem that caused wear to just one side, all four need care when any one of them goes bad. Relatively minor suspension problems take their toll on the Mercedes Benz shocks. Try not to go more than five years without a new set, although occasional drivers can wait until 50,000 mile marker. Failing to add new gas-charged shocks when needed puts strain on the leaf springs and joints of the entire suspension. There is no reliable home test for measuring the age and condition of these components, so let us do the inspection.


Finally, don’t forget the axles that keep your wheels rolling. Rear axle damage is often the result of improper towing, while front axles issues are common in front wheel drive models. Road salt and chemicals applied to the surface can cause corrosion on the axles or dry out the various joints between components. Protect your CV joints by checking that the boots are in place and free from leaks. If you have to remove your tire to do this job, put our technicians in charge of it so you can kick back and relax while we hunt for potential axle problems.

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