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Subaru Service & Repair

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto offers the best full service auto repair in Northern Colorado. With our team of ASE Certified technicians on hand, we can diagnose, service and repair your Subaru using the latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic and service equipment. Our vast knowledge base gives us the upper hand when it comes to working on all Subaru models, including the sporty BR-Z, practical Forester and the economical and fuel-efficient Impreza.

To lengthen the life of your Subaru and keep it running in top shape here are some recommended checkups and repairs available for your car at Scott’s:

  • A regular inspection of the brakes to keep them from turning into a costly problem and to ensure the safety of drivers and their passengers.
  • Clutches can get soft, meaning that they can start to sink to the floor with almost no resistance. Other potential problems include slipping or grinding; these are signs that they need to be repaired.
  • Worn shocks and struts not only make for an uncomfortable ride, they can also be dangerous as these parts are what hold the tires to road and make for safe steering. We suggest that you have your shocks and struts changed every 50,000 or 60,000 miles.
  • If your Subaru’s air conditioning is not fully charged the air inside will not be cold. If the fan stops working, fresh air will not be circulated within the cabin, making it hot and musty. The AC should be recharged regularly, the compressor and AC hard lines should also be inspected and maintained.
  • Flushing out and replacing old transmission fluid in a Subaru is as essential a part of maintenance as flushing and replacing the engine oil. If a Subaru is experiencing problems shifting or is overheating, or if it is producing grinding noises, a flush may be necessary. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto can perform an inspection of the transmission and determine if a fluid flush is necessary.
  • Axle repair. If you hear popping noises during turns, this is a sign that their front and rear axles may be in need of repair.
  • Wheel alignment, which involves adjusting front and rear wheels to ensure that they remain parallel to each other and straight, has as its goal ensuring that they are able to maintain full contact with the road surface. Technicians will check the tire wear patterns to see if there are signs of misalignment. Misaligned wheels may cause the vehicle to “pull.”
  • The timing belts on your Subaru should be checked every 60,000 miles and after that at 100,000 miles.
  • The oil and transmission fluid should be changed, the fuel injection should be cleaned and there should be tune-ups including the replacement of fuel and air filters and spark plugs; taking care of these steps on a regular basis can help to prevent a major failure of the vehicle’s engine.
  • While some engine problems may be unavoidable, Scott’s can provide assistance with repairs to a Subaru’s ignition system and wires as well as to the crank case, water and fuel pumps along with a number of other parts including the rotor and distributor cap.
  • In many cases, engine problems are relatively simple like a software update or changing out a starter or alternator, or even just reconnecting a battery cable. Scott’s can locate and solve these problems with the use of certified diagnostic tools.

Since 1993, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has helped countless Subaru owners get back on the road as soon as possible. With just one phone call, we can do the same for you, no matter what Subaru model you own. To receive your FREE estimate and schedule an appointment for service in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and Cheyenne, dial (970) 682-4202. Don’t forget that we also offer free loaner cars for qualifying repairs, so you won’t be without wheels while we work on your car.


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