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Kia Repairs & Services

Kia first rose to prominence in the U.S. market in the 80s and 90s, but Scott’s Fort Collins Auto can work on both vintage models and the newest hybrids. This South Korean manufacturer is focused on surprising performance packed into small, affordable packages. Many families choose the company’s modern crossover SUVs because they fit quite a bit of seating into a compact vehicle that still fits into parking spaces. The Soul and Sorento are equally popular among shoppers who need a reliable vehicle, but the Cadenza and Optima are also high sellers for the brand.

Our team of technicians have been working on Kias and other cars since we were first established back in 1993. Studying and training in foreign car repair gives us an edge over other car repair shops in the area. However, we also provide plenty of services for American made vehicles as well. We are a full service shop. This means that we can patch your muffler, repair body panel damage, and recharge your air conditioner all at once. Letting just one integrated team manage all of the fixes after a collision or malfunction is the best way to ensure consistent results.

Timing Belt

Many of the newest models from Kia aren’t old enough to need timing belt replacement, but older Sportage or Optima vehicles are probably nearing their first routine replacement. This belt regulates valve movements, so when it breaks, the engine simply can’t fire correctly. Since Kia vehicles use regular rubber belts, the heat and wear on the component can cause stretching over time. You may notice slow changes in the operation of your vehicle, if you are lucky. It is far more likely that shredding and fraying will end the life of the belt. Check it regularly for signs of wear and aim to replace it every 60,000 miles without missing a deadline.

Transmission Repairs

You may need to use more of your senses to detect damage to the transmission. Checking fluid color is important – the fluid should be a translucent red. If you see darkness or cloudiness, you need immediate servicing. A timely transmission flush can save a vehicle on the brink of complete shutdown. Smell the fluid as well. A burnt, unpleasant odor indicates excessive heat or overuse of old fluid. Finally, listen for damage. The experts at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto often know exactly which part is damaged after less than a minute of listening to noises with a diagnostic ear. Turning up the music to cover up an unpleasant noise will only backfire if it leaves you unaware about a sudden loss of power that is on the way.

Clutch Repairs

Both Kia Rio and Optima models are commonly available in manual. While these transmissions do tend to last longer and provide better fuel usage than the automatic system, you will need to replace components promptly when needed. Clutch replacement is usually done as needed, rather than at specific intervals. Cars that just can’t seem to stay in gear need a transmission inspection, but the clutch is the most common cause behind slipping. A loss of friction due to grinding of the gears is hard to reverse. However, a new clutch should give you plenty of grip against the flywheel, reconnecting your control over the transmission’s shifting ability.


When good tires go bad, they put you at risk for sliding off the road. Tires with plenty of tread are especially important during summer storms that leave the hot asphalt suddenly wet. Replacing all tires with a trip to Scott’s is the best insurance against hydroplaning and other loss of control events that can damage your car. Without appropriate grip, even a little water or ice is enough to send you spinning. Give us a chance to get in there and replace all four tires while you continue tooling around town with our Free Loaner Car program. Our technicians are happy to handle the alignment and balancing of the brand new additions as well to ensure that they wear properly from day one.

Oil Changes

Give oil changes a chance by setting up simple reminders for yourself. Whether you mark a paper calendar or send texts to yourself via a cell phone, just make sure you stop by our shop every three months. Kia recommends an interval of just under 4,000 miles for the oil changes, but you can also follow a time based schedule if it makes it easier for you to remember. Just be sure to try and not go far over 5,000 miles before getting a full oil change. Durable synthetic motor oils can extend the life of your engine, but only if you still have the viscosity tested along the regular schedule for safety.

AC Recharge

One simple task that can really improve your car’s value only takes a few hours. Just settle in with a book for a short time in our comfortable waiting area, then depart in a cool and comfortable Kia with a recharged A/C. You can make it quite a selling point if you can tell the buyer that it will provide years of reliable cooling. Consider it an investment in your future ability to trade the vehicle in for a newer model. As with all maintenance, keeping clear records of the work is required to prove its value. Let Scott’s print out clear and itemized work orders you can collect to hand over to anyone willing to make a purchase.

Axle Services

The major universal joints that allow the shafts of your drive system to operate at unusual angles have to handle extreme tension every time you drive. Over time, those joints age and eventually become quite loose and rattling. The ball joints are thickly greased because the heat generated by the turning process would otherwise damage the metal. Loose universal joints don’t usually lead to axle damage, but they do create unpleasant rattling noises and constant vibrations as you drive. Turning is especially prone to triggering the symptoms. We provide a free towing service if you are uncomfortable with the idea of driving your car in its current state.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

Joint problems aren’t the only cause of suspension damage when you are racking up thousands of miles per month on a Kia vehicle. Your tires may slowly wear unevenly due to your driving habits or poor road conditions. If this happens, it may push the alignment of the vehicle off center. Most drivers notice alignment issues because their vehicle starts gently pulling to one direction or the other. Other signs include difficulty steering or swaying back and forth across the surface of the road. Going without tire rotation can also put a lot of play into your steering system without outright damaging any specific component. In that case, we can align your vehicle in less than an hour if you make an appointment.

Engine Problems

What’s that smoke pouring out of your tailpipe? Excessive exhausting, burning odors, and visible smoke are all likely emanating from your engine. Stop your Kia as soon as you spot high heat levels on your dashboard temperature or a sudden drop in oil pressure. Watchfulness is key for responsible drivers. Scott’s is happy to help if you are facing engine troubles that you don’t know how to solve. Let our towing team pick up the car so there is no risk of further damage. Once the repairs are complete, pick up a little extra protection with one of our warranties. Your engine will stay in top shape for as long as possible.

Tune Ups

Plenty of tune ups are covered by the initial Kia warranty plan, but you should keep up this practice after your protection wears off. These affordable visits promote proper fuel usage and small gas bills in the long run. Budgeting for the cost of an annual tune up will pay off. Most models can go up to the 100,000 mile mark before needing regular tune ups, but take advantage of any that are offered. Look for a package that involve brand new wiring, plugs, hoses, and belts. New serpentine and pump belts are good investments. If some of those control mechanisms go out, the pump or part connected to it can seize up as well.

Shocks & Struts

The sporty models available from Kia tend to need new shocks and struts more often than the coupes and sedans. Living off of gravel roads or regular driving in stop and go traffic may also limit the life span of the equipment. A sudden loss of pressure in the suspension will leave you bumping along quite uncomfortably. Protect your smooth ride with a set of heavy duty shocks that are perfectly fitted to your model. The Scott’s team recommends replacing these components at no more than 60,000 miles. We can also create a custom maintenance schedule if your driving habits put an unusual level of wear on the vehicle.

Sticking with one car for up to a decade is only possible with adherence to a routine maintenance schedule. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is prepared to deal with both the most basic tasks to complicated diagnostic procedures to solve issues with any Kia model. Don’t let mysterious car issues make driving a stressful task. We can restore your control over the vehicle with quick repairs. With free towing and car lending services, getting work done is simple and safe. Keep our number – (970) 692-5313 – on hand to give us an immediate call for an appointment when issues pop up and interfere with your daily schedule.


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