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BMW Services & Repair

When it comes to BMW service, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto should be where you turn for help. Imported German vehicles give you a chance to feel like you are driving on the Autobahn, even when you are just in the car pool lane. However, your average neighborhood mechanic may lack the expertise and experience needed to work on these vehicles. Hire an ASE Certified team of hard working technicians by making contact with us. There is no need to hunt for a separate auto body shop or worry that your mechanics don’t have sufficient transmission training if you visit Scott’s for repairs.

The 3 Series accounts for most of BMW’s sales, with the range of affordable compact sedans fitting into many budgets across the globe. Owning an E90 model that is aging gracefully or a brand new F30 means you need to find a specialist to handle its maintenance needs. Using the wrong fluids or incorrect aftermarket parts will only interfere with the BMW’s performance. We can also help if you are purchasing one of the cutting edge 2014 ActiveHybrid models as well. Both the low and high ends of the BMW spectrum deserve the same great care.

Oil Changes

Make routine fluid changes a priority regardless of the age of your car. It is never too late to start sticking to routine oil changes and other simple maintenance tasks. The heat of the engine slowly causes both synthetic and petroleum motor oils to break down. As the heat does its work, the fluid grows thinner and less able to reduce friction. Thin, black, gritty oil is often found in BMWs that go years without appropriate oil changes. Letting the oil run down to this level leads to permanent damage, so take charge now to prevent any further risk of malfunction or unusual wear on key components.


It’s fairly easy to spot when you need new tires, but that doesn’t stop many drivers from putting off the big purchase. A full set of good touring tires does require an investment, but appropriate tires make your vehicle easier and safer to driver. Consider flat protection if you travel in rural areas where road debris is common. Snow tires may not be necessary, but they can work well if icy roads are a concern. Wheel upgrades and rim repairs are also available, especially if a recent flat left you with an off-putting dent. Scott’s Auto has access to a full range of new tire options for all BMW models.


Summer heat can turn a comfortable leather seat into a skin scorching challenge. Turning on the air conditioning just a few minutes before you step in should chill out a hot interior, but this will only happen if you have plenty of refrigerant. Diagnose leaks and get your A/C recharged to keep cool during the worst heat waves. You may only need a clean cabin air filter to restore your comfort. Fort Collins is known for its moderate summers, but record highs have reached 103 degrees F in July. You don’t want to be left sweltering with a weak A/C on the one day each year where temperatures are simply unbearable.


Engine troubles are usually few and far between for BMW vehicles, but they aren’t completely avoidable. If you suddenly discover a dead battery or engine that won’t turn over one morning, we can get you going as quickly as possible. We pick up your car with engine problems and lend you a working vehicle. Get your children to school or pop into work without being too late by taking advantage of our Free Loaner Car program. Scott’s is dedicated to keeping Fort Collins drivers on the road, even during necessary repairs. Arranging your free ride is handled as a part of your appointment for repairs, so there is no need for another trip to the rental car office.


Stay on top of your tire alignment and balance to preserve your steering system. The assemblies and linkages can loosen due to the shaking and force of driving. Each time our team gets your car up on the lift, the technicians get a chance to check dozens of connection points for damage. A simple alignment could lead to the discovery of structural damage to a rim or a CV joint that needs replacement. Balancing and alignment services also work well to preserve the quality and integrity of your tires. Letting your tires drift all over the road due to tugging on the steering wheel only wears the rubber improperly, leaving the steel exposed and increasing the risks of a blow out. Aligned tires wear evenly and stay intact for years of the daily grind.

Spark Plugs & Filters

Some drivers seek out BMWs because they just can’t find the same performance in other vehicles. If you drive this kind of car just for enjoyment, you definitely need to stay on top of your tune ups. Of course, these services are also crucial for SUVs like the X3, X5, and X6 models as well. You can’t expect good results when towing or carrying a heavy load when you have worn spark plugs or fouled filters. Choose from numerous tune up package options to tweak your car for better performance or fuel efficiency. Comprehensive changes allow you to see a difference in the driving experience immediately after your visit.


Replacing a BMW clutch is quite a technical task. Even if you have done this job yourself on other vehicles, you may not be able to do it on your 3 Series due to the complicated breakdown process. The team at Scott’s have complicated hundreds of clutch replacements. Getting the new device in just a few hours means that the car or SUV can be back on the road by the end of the day. The technicians can also check the flywheel and other components for damage. Clutches that keep going out in just a few months after replacement often indicate much deeper problems with the transmission.


Follow up any clutch services with a full transmission inspection. You should also consult our experts if you experience hard shifting on a manual BMW or grinding and hesitation on an automatic. While suspension issues and wheel damage can also cause similar issues, the car often hitches and shudders when the problem is transmission based. Noises arise from gears grinding together, which we can then diagnose with a simple fluid test to look for shavings. Routine checks to monitor the quality of the transmission fluid is your most powerful tool in the fight to keep your car running as long as possible. Preventative maintenance is just as important to your vehicle as a good diet and exercise routine are for you.

CV Joints

How often do you inspect your car’s boots? If you don’t even know where they are located, you may need to stop by Scott’s to check the condition of your axles. Repetitive clicking that starts up as you coast around a corner indicates loose joints or a lack or lubrication in any number of points along the lower frame. The CV joints that handle thousands of pounds of force to turn the wheels come fully lubricated, but that thick black grease will eventually dry up and get too sticky. This leads to friction, and eventually to failure that brings you to a rolling or skidding stop. Check in on your axle condition regularly to avoid a frustrating stop on the side of the road.


You would feel pretty rattled if you had to handle 50,000 miles of road vibration, so consider the plight of your BMW’s shocks. These parts have to soften every bump, curve, and bounce for you to enjoy a comfortable ride. Installing a new set of shocks means that the wheel alignment must be reset, making this a complicated procedure for the average driver. We have the laser levels and alignment equipment to make your vehicle perfectly balanced in height and arrangement. Some BMW models also include extra strut inserts for extra support, but Scott’s can order the right parts as soon as you make your appointment so the process is completed in one fell swoop.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is one part that can cause a lot of damage to the rest of the engine when it breaks. It is crucial to keep this long belt replaced on the BMW maintenance schedule, which recommends a new belt every 100,000 miles. Many BMW cars actually feature timing chains. These metal linkages offer greater durability, but they still need at least a thorough inspection once a year. Investing in our automotive warranty will ensure that your timing chain replacement is quickly handled when it is needed. Having peace of mind that you will be able to afford the major repair is well worth the cost of our affordable 12 month long warranty plan.


BMW maintenance is easy to manage when you start up a partnership with Scott’s Fort Collins Auto. Reduce stress over routine chores and unexpected repairs by finding a reliable source for auto repair. Our training programs prepare all technicians for the specialties of BMW repair. Your car is always in good hands when it is in our care. With a free loaner program to mitigate the costs of renting a replacement vehicle, we make it easier to budget for those much needed car expenses. Give us a call at (970) 692-5313 to make your appointment now for a full consultation and inspection of your vehicle.


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