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Nissan Repairs & Services

With dozens of top selling models released in just a few decades, Nissan remains one of the top car brands in America today. Few other brands we specialize in offer so many affordable options for drivers with a limited budget. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is dedicated to providing certified service for all Nissan models. Repairing your vehicle immediately after an accident ensures it is roadworthy and won’t fall apart on a crucial day when you need it the most. Only genuine parts will go into your vehicle, unless you choose aftermarket parts to improve its performance.

Nissan is setting sales records each year, with models like the Altima, Pathfinder, and Sentra leading the pack. Few other manufacturers offer such a wide range of options for drivers with different needs. Pick up a heavy duty truck with plenty of hauling and towing ability, or go for the economy coupe with industry leading fuel economy. We provide maintenance and repairs for all Nissan cars. If you have a multi-car household, visit Scott’s Auto for help with automobile problems regardless of the make or model. Stop losing sleep over the idea of facing a stalled Rogue when you know a problem is developing under the hood.

Shocks & Struts

How long has it been since you have inspected the condition of your front or rear shocks? For older models, a basic push test can give you a heads up on weakening components. Just put your weight down on the corner of the hood and see how much the end bounces when you release it again. This only works for models with hydraulic shocks, which are no longer used on brand new Nissan vehicles. These models rely on gas filled tubes instead. Only our state of the art diagnostic tools can tell if these shocks are nearing or past the end of their service life. We test the pressure and response of all four shocks and only replace them in sets as needed.

Tune Ups

While hybrid and electric engines rely on a different process, the average gasoline or diesel Nissan still has an internal combustion system. When the delicate balance of fuel and oxygen is interrupted, it’s impossible for your engine to run smoothly without chugging, stuttering, or sluggish responses. Scott’s team of technicians will replace your fuel filter, keeping the liquid flowing smoothly right into the combustion chamber. Putting up with a misfiring engine or a car that keeps dying every time you idle at a stop light is a mistake when we can put an end to those kinds of problems relatively quickly.

AC Recharge

Air conditioning isn’t a luxury feature anymore, but so many drivers let it fade away as their Nissan gets older. A little recharging of the high pressure R-134 refrigerant restores the cooling effect internally, putting a long term end to lukewarm air. Vehicles older than 1994 also need an immediate air conditioning repair visit so you can switch from the unsafe R-12 gases used in the oldest cars. Self-repair kits don’t contain more than just a little freon, so trying to do it yourself will only lead to A/C that needs recharging again in just a few months. You also won’t be able to repair leaks or loose hoses like our team can with one trip.

Axle Care

Your drive-train sends power from the interaction of the pistons in the engine down to rotate the wheels and tires. When that solid metal shaft gets damaged or loose in its fittings, you can experience a loss of power or control. Damage to the axle trickles down to affect the CV joints, grease fittings, and wheels with time. Bolts often shear that keep suspension parts together, leading to a rattling driving experience or a dangerous loss of control. Take good care of those axles and all of their components for a reliable commute without any unpleasant and sudden surprises. We may need to grease or replace certain parts of the system to prevent damage to the tires as well.


Issues with the suspension, alignment, axles, or rims can all leave your tires in poor condition. Swap in a new set of durable rubber tires for safety any time you spot signs of damage and age. Treads grow progressively shorter as the miles go past. When you only have about half an inch left of tread depth, it is time for replacements. Most modern tires also feature wear indicators, which may appear as white bars that show up as the model reaches the end of its recommended life. You should also visit Scott’s for tire service if your car has been sitting for months on end while you waited for repairs or paperwork problems. Most used car buyers will need to stop by for new tires, along with a tune up and inspection.


Squeals, smoke issuing from below the hood, and poor performance can all mean your Nissan is having engine troubles. Try and take a proactive approach to car care with our affordable repair services. In addition to our fair estimates, we save customers money by offering a Free Loaner Car. You can use it to rent a car or just enjoy it until your repairs are complete. Many fairly inexpensive components fail at any time after the 100,000 mile mark, such as the alternator, starter, or water pump. Installing new Nissan specified parts means your vehicle can run another 100,000 miles without too many concerns.

Oil Changes

Many Nissan vehicles have run for upward of two decades when given proper oil changes and other routine care. You can have all of the fluids changed at once to improve the transmission’s condition, or just make sure that your antifreeze levels are appropriate for the season. Our technicians add only the best lubricants and coolants to prevent damage to delicate engine parts. When heat is an issue, tough motor oil holds up the best. Stop by every time your odometer rolls over to a multiple of 3,000. Waiting any longer increases the chances that your engine is damaged by daily errands and trips out of town.

Timing Belt

Bad tires and fuel efficiency problems won’t stop you from starting your car, but a broken timing belt might. Let our ASE certified technicians inspect your timing belt for common signs of damage, such as a fractured surface or fraying along the edges. It is not recommended that you drive more than 100,000 miles without replacing your Nissan’s timing belt. Most of the compact and utility models benefit from timing belt replacement at just 75,000 miles. Allowing the timing belt to break could fracture the pistons due to a complete loss of control. This leads to a costly engine rebuild or a new car and another loan payment to add to your monthly expenses.

Transmission Repairs

The newest Nissan models, such as the Altima, feature an innovative system known as the continuous variable transmission. This system provides extremely smooth shifting between the gears, but it also needs expert repair when the chains or pulleys break down. The automatic system makes the car extremely fuel efficient. However, small problems with timing can ruin that efficiency. You also need to keep up with transmission maintenance if you use one of the Nissan trucks for towing. The Scott’s team is happy to upgrade your brakes, install a towing hitch, or perform heavy duty transmission care on a custom schedule. Manual drivers also need to visit our shop a little more often than others, especially if the flywheel seems to be slipping.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

If you aren’t sure if you need an alignment or a tire balance, bring your car in for our expert opinion. Even new tires need balancing. Each tire is weighed to determine if there are any heavy spots due to manufacturing changes. Arranging the tires regularly means they wear evenly. When the rubber fades away on just one edge of the tire, they can become badly imbalanced and cause an uncomfortable shaking sensation. Visit us for an alignment and balancing when you’re already scheduled for new tires so that they don’t develop the same annoying habits you are trying to stop.


Most truck drivers choose manual transmissions for their trucks, especially if they invest in a heavy duty model. This gives them better control over the speed and power of the engine as they tow or drive in difficult conditions. However, all that extra work also grinds down the clutch and flywheel. These two components work together to engage and disengage the transmission as you drive. Most Nissan clutches are quite inexpensive, making our repairs quite affordable for the average driver. Solve slipping gears as soon as possible with a brand new clutch package and professional installation from our team. We are also happy to tow your vehicle if driving has become risky due to the transmission problems or clutch damage.

For prompt service and plenty of help with the process of car repair, call our office at (970) 692-5313. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has lots of resources to offer the frazzled or anxious driver who isn’t sure what is wrong with their vehicle. Complimentary towing services prevent further damage to your car when you detect early signs of engine damage. Nissan vehicles are a reliable platform for families and individuals alike, but only when maintained. Turn obstacles into opportunities for improvement by visiting our shop when something is just not right with your car.


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