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Subaru Alignment

If you’re a Subaru owner in need of alignment service and repair, you can always turn to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto in Northern Colorado. With our expert team of ASE Certified technicians on hand, as well as the latest in modern alignment tools available, it’s easy to have your car taken care of quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about getting around while your Subaru is in our shop – we offer a fleet of free loaner cars for our customers who have a qualifying minimum repair.

Alignment is absolutely important when it comes to a car’s steering feel, as well as tire wear. Over time, the rigors of the daily commute can throw your Subaru’s alignment out of whack, creating a number of issues that easily result in excessive wear and tear on your car’s components.

Irregular tire wear, a steering wheel that seems crooked and handling problems are often surefire signs of wheel alignment errors. One of the most common indicators you can see is excessive wear on the tire’s shoulder. One reason for that is usually due to the wheel’s camber, or the amount of inward or outward tilt set. If the camber is set too far outward, the outside shoulder will start showing excessive wear. If the camber is set too far inward, then you’ll see excessive wear on the inside shoulder.

Excessive wear can also be caused by the wheel’s toe angle, or the amount the wheels are pointed towards or away from one another. You’ll see excessive wear on the outside of the tread if the toe is set too far inward. Likewise, you’ll see rapid wear on the outer tread if the toe is set too far outward. Keeping your Subaru’s camber and toe settings at stock is the best way to get the most life from your wheel tread.

Another sign of misalignment is a pull to the left or the right, depending on how the camber and toe are currently set. Caster, or the front-to-rear tilt of the steering axis, can also cause pull problems. If the front wheels are tilted too far to the left, the car will want to steer to the left without any significant steering input from the driver. Likewise, if the front wheels are leaning too far to the right, the same result will occur. The best way to deal with these is to make sure the front-to-rear tilt is the same on each side.

It takes specialized alignment equipment and the technical know-how to use it before getting your Subaru Outback, Impreza or BR-Z’s wheels pointed in the right direction. Getting the job done right the first time means getting your car looked at by the professionals. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has the right tools and excellent service for a hassle-free automotive repair experience. Not only that, you’ll also get access to free loaner cars and the reassurance that comes from a job well-done. If you’re in Windsor, Greeley, Cheyenne or Loveland, dial (970) 682-4202 to arrange for an appointment today.


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