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Porsche Services & Repairs

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto wants to be your first choice when it comes to car repairs for all makes and models. We are especially excited to help Porsche owners who don’t know where to turn to keep their sports cars or luxury sedans at the peak of performance. A well-tuned Cayman or 911 provides a driving experience unlike any other, but an older car can only keep running smoothly when serviced according to the manufacturer’s schedule. You don’t have to hunt down a dealership in the area when Scott’s has a full team of ASE certified experts ready to do the work.

These German roadsters and coupes have been a part of the American dream for decades now. Porsche started out making tanks, so it is no surprise that many of the oldest models released to the public are still on the roads. We have the experience and sources to located replacement parts for vintage vehicles. Let our experience keep your Cayenne or Panamera running for decades. Collisions can greatly reduce the value of your collectible or classic car, but our comprehensive body team know how to restore your car to its original look in as little time as possible.

Shocks & Struts

On the most popular Porsche models, the bouncing shocks are supported by static struts. If you let your shocks wear out over time without prompt replacement, the struts themselves can fracture and require replacement. A number of front end problems start up when the shocks and struts age. Most drivers experience decreasing fine steering control, which really takes the fun out of zooming around in a 911. Fully cushioned shocks give you a smooth connection with the road. Maintain fine steering control and avoid rim or joint damage with front end servicing in Fort Collins from technicians that know their way around the interior and exterior of a Porsche.

Tune Ups

Don’t let slow engine wear and tear change your daily driving experience. Our comprehensive tune ups include inspections of crucial points throughout the engine to ensure fluid levels, electrical components, and filters are all in good condition. A new fuel filter and a reconnected vacuum hose could make noticeable changes in the power you receive when pushing the gas pedal. Let our technicians design a custom tune up package for your car after a quick check of common problems. Why pay for repairs you don’t need? Fill in any gaps in the maintenance schedule with a full follow up and performance tuning appointment with our team.

AC Recharge

No road trip is complete without the support of an efficient air conditioner. Since many components of the A/C run along the bottom of the car, they can develop leaks that allow freon to slowly fade away. The Scott’s technicians will hunt down any cracks in the lines or disconnected hoses before attempting to pump new refrigerant in the system. You may also need a system check up to determine why your A/C is emitting musty odors. In most cases, a quick removal of the dash allows for the change of the cabin air filter. A clean HEPA filter keeps the interior cleaner and fresher. Enjoy your air system again, even if you are relying on the heating right now instead of the A/C.


Give your engine the respect it deserves. Nearly all Porsche models feature rear mounted engines, giving them quite a bit of push for climbing mountain curves or navigating narrow roads. These space saving engines need plenty of attention every 50,000 miles. Allowing your 911 to run along for over 100,000 miles without water pump inspection and a new timing belt is just asking for trouble. It is also important to have your engine inspected and tested after a collision, even if you only think it suffered from exterior damage. Shocks to the frame or front end can knock components loose or break supports, leading to a crash when you’re going down the road and the engine drops.

Axle Inspection

Since the suspension of the Porsche has to flex and turn every time you cling to a curve, you need to keep your entire undercarriage well inspected. If you ever indulge in a little legal racing at a local track, consider having your axles upgraded to racing models designed by the manufacturer. Heat treated steel alloys improve your resistance to heat and friction during high demand driving. While these aftermarket installations are designed primarily for performance, they may be a worthwhile investment for people with demanding daily commutes around Fort Collins. Our technicians get underneath the car to get up close and personal for inspection of each joint and axle.


The Porsche 911 includes an impressive complicated clutch system. Powerful engagement and control over the transmission provides the backbone of the car’s handling. Hard shifting can force you to slow down and plan your changes accordingly, especially if you keep slipping in and out of gear. Your problem may just be a frayed or snapped clutch cable, which is a repair that takes just a few minutes. Sealing the clutch to the rest of the system ensures that seamless shifting is restored. The technicians at Scott’s may also discover that the problem lies with the flywheel rather than the clutch, leading to a completely different repair.


Try to stick with your seasonal changes and keep two sets of Porsche tires on hand at all times. Swapping between winter and summer tires does take a little time, but it also gives you the ideal opportunity for checking on the condition of the tires. There will be no surprise sidewall collapses or blow outs when you have the tires rotated or swapped out every six months or so. Your winter tires should be designed to handle icy spots on the roads, while summer tires need hydroplane prevention. Proper tread patterns and regular pressure checks prevent damage to the wheels. Stop by Scott’s for a test and a fill up if you are a little low on air.

Oil Changes

Every driver rushes to get an oil change and an engine check when the vacation season starts. If you have forgotten to get your crucial preparations completed well in advance, sign up for our Free Loaner Car programs while your vehicle is waiting in line for the work. You can stay mobile and don’t have to sacrifice an entire day just to waiting for repairs in our shop. Do a little shopping or get back to the office after dropping off your Porsche for its routine maintenance. We make oil changes easy to schedule because we don’t leave you stranded and waiting for our schedule to clear up.

Wheel Alignment & Balance

If you first fell in love with a Porsche because of how it sticks to the roads, you need to follow a strict alignment and balancing schedule to maintain that feeling. Just a few degrees of tilt on a front wheel could compromise your control in sharp turns. Our team can reset your alignment to the factory specifications. Imagine restoring the precise control you first experienced the day you picked up your 911. Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has the equipment and experience with these high end sports cars to get them tuned up within very strict parameters. Pairing an alignment with a new set of tires is always a helpful way to readjust your wear patterns as well.

Timing Belt

Due to the powerful engines that back up every vehicle from this brand, the timing belt in a Porsche is not designed to last. Many manufacturers only say to replace the belt every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, but a Porsche needs a new one every 30,000 miles. Even if the belt itself is still in good shape, it may need tension adjustment once a year due to expansion in the engine. We have the specific tools produced by the manufacturer for adjustment of cam belt and timing belt tension, so there are no wear issues due to over-tightening when we do the repairs. Discover if that engine noise is your timing belt wearing out or another component that is a little easier to replace.

Transmission Repairs

With the newest models from 2013 featuring dual clutches, Porsche vehicles need specialist care when it comes to the transmission. Don’t let inexperienced technicians work on your system if you want reliable results. Scott’s can help you with an affordable rebuild of an older transmission or a full replacement with a brand new unit directly from the company. Transmission repairs are also a good opportunity for upgrading your vehicle for even greater performance. Of course, seeking servicing and preventative care before problems set in is always recommended for high performance vehicles. It is helpful to stop in prior to a challenging trip or a leisurely drive in the mountains.

Pick up your phone and give Scott’s Fort Collins Auto at (970) 692-5313 to learn more about our focus on repairs for Porsche and other imported brands. Our in depth training programs ensure each technician knows the ins and outs of these special cars. For complete protection, consider getting our comprehensive warranty to protect the vehicle for an additional year. New water pumps, regular transmission flushes, and brake pad replacement all drastically increase your chances of staying on the road with just one car. Spend less time worrying about the condition of your Porsche and more time enjoying its steady purr by keeping it in top shape.


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