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Audi Service and Repair

If you take care of your Audi, it will support you for years of daily driving. These cars are known for handling tough commutes well. Whether you have invested in a sporty A4 sedan or a spacious A6, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto can help you keep it running as efficiently as possible. Audi vehicles combine the best features of German engineering and American innovations. Even drivers who are still using their vintage Cabriolets on a regular basis will appreciate the skills and experience levels offered by the crew at Scott’s. Few other auto shops in the region can offer both body and engine care for these stylish vehicles.

Many families rely on the Q Series from Audi to provide them with plenty of power and seating options. The full-size Q7 and the crossover Q3 both need fluid changes and check up multiple times per year. Follow the maintenance schedule provided in your owner’s manual by arranging for reminders and appointments in advance with our office. Skipping even a few filter changes and tune ups can put a lot of extra wear and tear on the engine. Protect your investment in transportation with a little professional help.

Audi AC Service & Recharge

Keep the cool air pumping out all summer with a timely A/C recharge. Audi vehicles need air filter changes every 15,000 miles, so have your freon levels checked at those intervals at well. Keeping the refrigerant levels up and the filters clean will ensure your car stays cool without reducing your fuel efficiency as you travel down the hot roads. The recharge may also include numerous repairs if some parts of your air system have gone out over the winter. Repairing loose wires or damaged blowers can restore the climate control in one quick visit. The Scott’s Fort Collins Auto Repair team are so experienced with these repairs that they can complete them quite quickly.

Wheel Alignments

Since some Audi models include four wheel drive options, you may give your suspension quite a bit of wear over the years. Even rough gravel driveways do a number on your joints and struts. If you have noticed some uneven or unusual wear on your tires, you may have an alignment issue. Try a simple laser guided process to set the angle of each tire for optimal contact with the road. You will enjoy better control over the steering. You may even save money on tires, especially when poor alignment has been damaging the side wall and causing tires to wear out surprisingly fast. Don’t forget about having your tires balanced at the same time to reduce the risks of bubbles or holes wearing into the rubber.

Front & Rear Axle Service & Repair

Clicking, popping, and grinding noises all indicate serious problems in the axles. When signs of front and rear axle damage appear, take advantage of Scott’s Free Loaner Car program and send your beloved Audi to the repair shop. Each extra mile of driving after you discover potential problems could exacerbate the issue. Simple tie rod end replacements could turn into complete suspension and axle overhauls if you don’t stop while the damage is still minor. We lend you a car to keep you on the road and sticking to your schedule as your main vehicle is repaired. When the work is done, you just roll in with the loaner car and roll out in your good-as-new car.

Oil Changes

Few regular maintenance tasks are quite as important as the humble oil change. Motor oil is the main lubricant of the engine. When it becomes full of grit or metal shavings, dozens of engine components suffer from extreme friction. Oil can transform into a grinding sludge if you forget to replace it on a regular schedule. It can be tricky to get the very last dregs of contaminated oil out of an engine on your own. Even if you regularly handle your oil changes on your own, turn to Scott’s now for a flush and engine diagnostic to ensure no damage has been done over the years.

Audi Clutch Replacement & Repair

Numerous Audi models are used in various vehicle racing sports because of their powerful and responsive transmissions. The best transmission in the world can’t help you get around if the clutch goes out. Drivers who prefer manual cars will definitely need to stop by our shop in Fort Collins for regular inspections. There is no reason to wait until you notice signs of damage to the clutch and flywheel like burning, slipping, or noisy grinding when switching gears. Stop by more often if you regularly tow with your Audi Q4 SUV, which can wear down the clutch substantially. Hard shifting can leave you struggling in heavy traffic, so preserve your responsiveness with transmission care.

Audi Transmission Service

As a car ages, the transmission often takes the brunt force of stop and go driving. Allowing the transmission fluid levels to drop will also put your entire car at risk. Unfortunately, just a few days or weeks of driving without proper fluid pressure could lead to irreversible damage to the various gaskets and seals throughout the transmission. There is good news – a tear down and rebuild of the system by Scott’s will cost a lot less than a new transmission or a new car. You won’t have to worry about dealing with the costs of a rental car for the repair work either when you use our free loaner vehicle.

Engine Repair and Replacements for Audi Vehicles

It only takes one broken part in the engine for the entire car to stop responding one morning. Don’t panic – pick up the phone and call for free towing when turning your key simply does nothing. Within a short time, your car will be in the shop and our team can tell you where the problem lies. Simple replacements of components like the starter or alternator could have you back on the road in just a few hours. Why deal with the hassle of hiring an expensive tow service when Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is ready to roll by and pick up any unresponsive Audi?

Audi Shocks & Struts

Has your ride been getting progressively bumpier and bouncier each day? It might be the roads, but it is also likely related to damage to your shocks and struts. Pressurized rods are used to give your tires the bounce needed to keep you from grinding out when the road rises or falls. As the suspension in your Audi becomes worn, you will need to swap the canisters out for new units. This restores the compression ability and translates into better handling and steering as well. Some Audi models have shocks, while others include struts as well for extra support during four wheel drive usage or evasive steering.


When your car is zipping down I-25 at 75 miles per hour, the only contact you have with the asphalt is through your tires. You need to have absolute trust in those sturdy rubber tubes. A ruptured or leaking tire puts a stop to your travel plans. Even if you have a spare, you can only drive on it for a few miles to find a replacement. Let Scott’s take care of your tire needs as they reach the end of their lifespan. Check all four regularly to ensure the tread is still deeply than half of the diameter of a penny. Once wear indicators start showing around the edges, don’t push your luck by waiting another 10,000 miles to replace the tires.


Investing in an Audi for fuel efficiency is only worthwhile if you keep the vehicle running smoothly for years. Letting the efficiency fall after just a few months of driving will just use up all of those savings. Give your primary car a full tune up at least once every two years by scheduling a quick afternoon visit at Scott’s. Swapping the spark plugs, checking the fuel balance, and adjusting the vacuum hoses can go a long way to promote full power and effective use of each drop of gasoline. Climbing fuel costs make tune ups an investment that you simply can’t afford to avoid.

Audi Timing Belt

A simple rubber timing belt is responsible for managing nearly every major component of the engine, so protecting this component is obviously paramount. Drivers nearing or just past the 100,000 mile anniversary need to head in for a timing belt replacement. This process does involve the disassembly of the engine, so you will need to take a day or two out of your schedule to come in. Our loaner car will ensure you can accomplish everything you normally would while our team completes the timing belt swap. Letting the belt run around for hundreds of thousands of miles will leave it frayed and weak, ready to snap at any time and leave you on the side of the road.

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