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When it comes to top features for a commuting vehicle or family sedan, safety and reliability usually win out. This has led to the purchase of hundreds of thousands of Saab vehicles over the decades, due to the Swedish automaker’s sterling reputation for having both qualities. As one of the finest imported automotive brands, Saab has survived through bankruptcy and other issues to keep bringing out a range of passenger cars. Anyone relying on a vehicle from this manufacturer should head to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto to keep it on the road for as many years as possible.

Drivers that stop in for maintenance and repairs will extend the life of their Saab, sometimes dramatically. An owner turned in a 1989 Saab 900 during 2006 that was verified to have over one million road miles on it. Even if you just picked up a 2014 9-3 from the dealer, you can stop by for a quick inspection from one of our ASE certified technicians. Partner with us to keep your favorite European vehicles on the road and running smoothly.


Caring for your Saab means servicing all the systems it relies on for stellar performance. Scotts can help you with these repairs and more.


Top up the interior cooling system for cab comfort with a timely AC recharge. While Saab switched to CFC-free coolants all the way back in 1991 to help reverse damage to the ozone layer, even the newest models will eventually need a recharge to ensure cold air keeps coming. Our modern A/C service prevents refrigerant from escaping, reducing the impact on the environment. Cranking the air conditioning too high will just use up your gas, so keep the system running efficiently for a less expensive commute in the summer months. Don’t wait until you are stuck sweltering in the heat to stop by Scotts for an A/C system makeover, which could take a few hours if repairs are needed.


Saab is known for subjecting their cars to sudden stopping and swerving tests because drivers in Sweden commonly face these challenges due to elk and moose on the roadways. If you invested in this brand because of that steering and control, maintain it by caring for the car’s alignment. Road vibration and age wears out even the stoutest suspension parts and tires. When the alignment goes off, that set of touring tires you upgraded to will wear out unevenly and far too early. Keeping the tires running straight reduces wear and tear on the entire car from the ground up. Our technicians will use laser-guided leveling systems to get the perfect alignment the first time, eliminating the need to come back for realignment. We also balance tires on a quarterly schedule to keep uneven wear from causing alignment issues as well.

Axel & CV Joints

Damage to the front or rear axle usually leaves you stranded by the side of the road. If this happens to you, just ask your towing company to bring you by Scotts Fort Collins Auto. Our free loaner car program will get you back on schedule while our European car experts tackle the repairs. Whether it’s the CV joints wearing out or the bolts holding everything together, you will notice a definite difference in handling as the axle wears out. Stop by for an inspection as soon as you feeling popping or hear high pitched noises as you turn back and forth on the road. Waiting too long for repairs reduces safety, especially in bad weather conditions that put strain on the steering and braking components.


True Saab lovers often go through the trouble of converting 900 series models into manual transmission systems because the automatic equipment for those cars was less than efficient. Whether your Saab came from the factory as a manual or you converted it, we can keep it running smoothly by replacing the clutch every 150,000 miles. The clutch does take a few hours to replace, so we recommend borrowing our free loaner car if you need to run errands or get to work on time while your car is in the shop. Keep your transmission fluids in good condition as well if you don’t want to burn out your clutch before its time. We can service all parts of the transmission system in one visit.


Many of the most sought after Saab models, including the 9-3 and 9-5, haven’t been on the market for almost a decade now. Even the latest versions are reaching the high mileage marks, so investing in a brand new engine makes sense for drivers who don’t want to give up their classic Saab. Our ASE certified team will help you decide which OEM or aftermarket engine package is best, then take care of the entire installation process while you wait. Swapping a broken or seized engine for a replacement still costs far less than taking out a loan for a brand new European import. Drivers looking to put off engine replacement as long as possible should stop in to have their timing chain inspected, which can destroy a lot of crucial parts when it snaps.

Oil Changes

When it comes to car maintenance, prompt oil changes act as an affordable form of insurance against unusual wear and tear in the engine. If you go more than 5,000 miles on even the best synthetic oil, you run the risk of sand blasting the internal cavities as metal shavings accumulate in the oil. Let us keep your oil in top shape to lubricate the engine during the most demanding driving scenarios. Consider backing up your regular maintenance efforts with the occasional testing from an oil analysis lab to ensure you have the right schedule. Testing samples of the old oil before a change will show if you are getting refilled while the oil is still effective, or if you are waiting long enough for it to breakdown and cause damage.

Shocks & Suspension

Each shock on a Saab works hard to create a smooth and even driving experience, something the brand is known for across the world. When you start to feel the bumps and jars of the road surface interrupting your comfortable ride, have the shocks tested at Scotts. A quick inspection will tell us if the problem lies within your suspension or another part of the undercarriage. These parts tend to last only about 100,000 to 150,000 miles before reaching the end of their lifespan. As with most parts on a Saab, letting the shocks go until they are bouncy and squealing transfers more damage onto the rest of the suspension.

Timing Chain

Appropriate to its name, the timing chain on a Saab car keeps everything work in unison within the engine. Without this chain, it’d be impossible for the pistons to fire at the right intervals and keep you going forward. Some Saab models sport a durable chain that needs no regular replacement, while variations within the same name will feature a belt instead. For example, a Saab Arc Wagon could have either depending on if the engine has four or six cylinders. Our technicians need to inspect the timing component every 50,000 miles regardless of its format. A timing chain that has wear on it still need replacement, even if it was intended to run for over 200,000 miles without breaking.


You don’t need to spend a ton at a specialty tire chain just to get a set of road worthy wheels. We specialize in pairing drivers and their cars with long lasting tires that match their driving habits. It’s recommended that you stop by before any big trips to make sure your tires can handle all the miles you plan to put on them. Heading out with bald tread or a deep cut that you haven’t noticed is a surefire way to face a blow out while on a road trip or family vacation. Of course, don’t neglect that spare hidden away in your trunk either. It’s no use to you unless it’s filled and ready to go on the car.


Is your Saab starting to hesitate or grind as you shift gears to climb a steep hill? Stop by to discuss your options with Scotts technicians as soon as possible. Transmission repairs get progressively more expensive with each mile you put on a troubled vehicle. Once you have the transmission shifting smoothly and transferring power like it’s new again, our simple warranty will help you keep it that way. The costs associated with transmission replacement can be astronomical, so protecting it from harm is far more fiscally responsible than just planning to replace it later. Our warranty is included with all major repairs and covers both parts and labor for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Tune Ups

Saabs are built for performance, but it’s hard to keep purring when the spark plugs are crusted with deposits and the fuel filter is clogged. A tune up is like a spring cleaning for the engine and transmission. Pair a service visit with all of your basic fluid changes and you have the ideal gift to give a loved one or friend as well. Talk to Scotts to find out exactly what is included for each vehicle’s tune up package. The sporty handling and response of a Saab is best managed with regular adjustments to the fuel mixture and idling settings. As your car ages, you can enjoy a continued high level of performance by keeping it finely tuned with our expert help.


With a 12 month warranty backing you up, there’s no reason not to stick with Scotts Fort Collins Auto for all of your car repair needs. We work hard to keep Saabs and other European imports on the road because we know how passionate drivers get about these cars. Attention to detail and care throughout the life of the car will help it last a decade or longer. Car repairs shouldn’t interrupt your daily life, so pick up our free loaner vehicle as soon as you detect issues with your daily driver and get back to business. Give us a call at (970) 692-5313 to let us know when you’re coming in for maintenance on your Saab.


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