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Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is your best full service auto repair facility in Northern Colorado. Our ASE certified technicians offer comprehensive knowledge in all phases of Honda repair and have vast experience working on all Honda models including the Honda Civic, Accord, CR/CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Prelude and Element.

Established in 1993, our highly skilled certified technicians offer comprehensive knowledge and experience for all your Honda repair needs. You can be sure that your will be handled with the latest diagnostics equipment and that everything done to your car will be explained to you in terms you will understand.

To lengthen the life of your Honda and keep it running in top shape here are some recommended checkups and repairs available for your car at Scotts.

  • Have your brakes checked regularly to catch problems before they turn into expensive repair jobs and your family safe.
  • When the clutch starts slipping, grinding and getting soft and mushy have your clutch checked for needed repairs.
  • Worn shocks and struts  can prevent your car from having the right contact with the road preventing safe steering and braking. Scott’s recommends replacing your shocks every 50,000 to 60,000 miles.
  • Recharge & Maintain your A/C when it will not blow cold air, there is a stale smelling air or the fan will not run or makes strange noises.
  • A fluid flush could save you thousands in transmission repairs. If your Honda is having trouble shifting into gear, making grinding noises or having problems with overheating, it is time to get your transmission checked.
  • Popping noises or clicking when turning is a big indicator that you are in need of front & rear axle repair.
  • Timing belts should be checked every 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles
  • Oil changes, fluid flushes, fuel injection cleanings, tune-ups to replace air filters, fuel filters and spark plugs at the recommended intervals will help prevent major engine failure.
  • While not every engine problem can be prevented, Scott’s can help with repairs that do occur with your car’s ignition systems, ignition wires, crank case, fuel pump, water pump, sensors, distributor cap and rotor and more.
  • Sometimes an engine’s problem may be as simple as needing a software change, a battery cable hooked back up or replaced, or the installation of a new alternator or starter. Diagnosing communication problems in the electrical system is a simple matter of hooking to certified diagnostic tools.

Contact Scott’s today for all your Honda Repair Needs. For expert service on your Honda in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and Cheyenne call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto to schedule an appointment at 970-682-4202.


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