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What a TOP NOTCH company! Wish I would have found this company years ago! My son goes to CSU and his car flat out died! We had his car towed to Scott'd during a huge snow storm and days before Thanksgiving and they had his car fixed in one day! I was kept informed of of every issued, received a report with photos and I could not have asked for better customer service...Amazing! I Highly recommend this company to everyone who has car problems!

Laura Ward Avatar
Laura Ward

Scott's was able to change my transaxel fluid on my Hyundai when most places sent me to the dealership. Saved me a trip to Loveland and the dealership. Thanks

John Knaff Avatar
John Knaff

I have been a patron of Scott's for several months, and in that short time they have completely blown away my expectations. My last experience began as dead battery (Not holding charge) and an alternator replacement. The tech I worked with was Austin, and he discovered an (extremely)Worn water pump pulley. All in all, they replaced the alternator, water pump, timing belt and a second serpentine belt. He somehow managed to lower the price several hundred dollars to keep it within my stated budget. A loaner car is always provided and the customer service is stellar. Very highly recommended. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars

gltmthy Avatar

Scott's Auto is great! They always listen to the customer and are very respectful. As a woman I have dealt with many auto shops and dealerships treating me like I am stupid, Scott's Auto has never done that. I actually grew up in a mechanic shop so I know about cars and having a reliable mechanic that listens to me and I trust is priceless. I would recommend they to everyone!

Kelli Patterson Avatar
Kelli Patterson

Great mechanics, christie is the best!

Sean Alexander Avatar
Sean Alexander

When I took my car here back in October Scott's was very professional and helpful! We ended up needing to get the car salvage, and they gave a a bunch of places that would help us with moving the car. Would definitely would recommend Scott's to anyone!

Space Jab Avatar
Space Jab

great service!!!

Barbara brooks Avatar
Barbara brooks

Scott’s in Loveland takes the pain out of auto repair. The staff is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. They are very up front about any issues they find, and offer solutions in clear, easy to understand language. Their pricing is competitive, and usually way under the cost of work at a dealership. You really can’t go wrong bringing your car to Scott’s. HIGHLY recommend!

Tracey Gottlieb Avatar
Tracey Gottlieb

I have taken a couple of my vehicles to Scotts over the years and they have exceeded all expectations and am glad to have found my go to place in town for all my car service needs. Very friendly team to deal with and have confidence when bringing my vehicles in that it will be done right and also at a fair price. Thank you everyone at Scotts automotive for doing a great job for us.

Paul Edwards Avatar
Paul Edwards

I had a severe pull to the right while driving. The folks at Scott's checked my car and performed an alignment. Now my car drives nice and straight.

Greg Parks Avatar
Greg Parks

Very courteous and helpful. Recommended!

John Kliewer Avatar
John Kliewer

Pretty good first experience with Scott’s. They were pretty busy so it took them an entire day to look at my vehicle which was a bit of a bummer, but they gave me an extremely in-depth breakdown of potential issues and solutions for those problems. Could have used more communication through out the day as well. But overall they were very hospitable and extremely kind.

Jordan Clay Avatar
Jordan Clay

Scott’s takes care of people, plain and simple. When they discovered significant mechanical issues with my Jeep, David and the team offered an honest assessment even though it meant they wouldn’t make any money. They then went above and beyond to help me - from offering a loaner vehicle to new car advice and inspection of a new vehicle. They made a bad situation a super positive experience for me and I am grateful. Fan forever!

Valerie Bouchard Avatar
Valerie Bouchard

Thanks Scott’s Auto for fixing my car. You did the repair in the time you said, the cost was very reasonable. Thank you!

Edward Kissam Avatar
Edward Kissam

This place is great, they explain every issue very well providing documentation and pictures. Very quick and efficient with no surprise charges.

Audrey McDonald Avatar
Audrey McDonald

I've taken my Toyota Sienna in a few times now to Scott's Auto. The customer service and work done over there is always top notch! The crew is very friendly and knowledgeable and does a great job getting the work done right and timely. I've mostly talked with Austin and Curtis and they are always very nice, helpful and understanding. I recommend Scott's to anyone looking for a professional mechanic shop you can trust!

MQ Carey Borocz Avatar
MQ Carey Borocz

Absolutely excellent service! They go above and beyond what would be expected to make the job right. Billy and the rest of the staff are extremely helpful. I have been a customer of Scott’s for many years and I recommend them to all my friends.

jamie hahn Avatar
jamie hahn

Derek was great to work with! Great Advisor all around which is getting more and more rare these days! Great experience

David Erickson Avatar
David Erickson

If I could give Scott’s 10 Stars, I would. AC went down on our RV as we were traveling. Scott’s scheduled us in and fixed the AC in abt 1.5 hrs. The professionalism and dedication by the staff, from the initial pho call to the completion of the service was beyond expectations.
HIGHLY recommend Scott’s

Edmond Okla.

Steve Dowling Avatar
Steve Dowling

I had an excellent experience with Dennis and the staff at Scott's Fort Collins. The service is outstanding and timely. I received updates and cost estimates frequently, and was pleased with the work that was done on my vehicle. As a budget-limited grad student at CSU, I thought the cost was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Scott's to someone looking for quality service at a reasonable price.

Ali Hogeboom Avatar
Ali Hogeboom

These guys are top of the line I am very happy they got to service my car even though it was short lived

Darius Smith Avatar
Darius Smith

I’m always able to get quick appointments at Scott’s. They are very kind and straight to the point when it comes to repairs for my vehicle. Despite being a half hour from my home, I continue going to Scott’s for the small town feel I get from doing business with them. Highly recommend!!

Taylor Wienkes Avatar
Taylor Wienkes

Excellent Fort Collins facility, people and service. They towed my car and fixed the engine problem within a day. The engine now feels better than ever! They even followed up a couple days later to check on the car. Highly recommended repair shop!

Nick Kaperonis Avatar
Nick Kaperonis

They are awesome. Im a repeat customer and if something goes wrong after you take it they will fix it. Go to scotts.

Terry Crowley Avatar
Terry Crowley

They fixed my car for free in 15 minutes...I thought I was going to be in the hole $500+ and they could have easily taken advantage of that.Good people!

Bunk Police Avatar
Bunk Police

Really friendly and helpful staff! Reassured me that my check engine light was not anything to worry about. I will definitely be back to have them service my MINI!!!! Thank you!

Kelly Bass Avatar
Kelly Bass

They were incredibly helpful on the phone and fit me into their schedule at the last minute! Our AC broke right before a big road trip. Thankfully we didn’t have to ride in the heat!

Kristyn Schauer Avatar
Kristyn Schauer

Brenden in the office worked with my budget and was very professional. Being a mechanic myself I was impressed with their service and price.

Bryan Stoddard Avatar
Bryan Stoddard

Great people and service. They effectively diagnosed and repaired my cherokee. Highly recommend this local business

Matt Price Avatar
Matt Price

Came here when my car had a sudden issue and I needed to bring it in right away. I looked online and these guys had the highest reviews - and I can now see why! They were able to get me in right away and were awesome to work with the whole time. They have a waiting area with beverages, which is a nice bonus. They send you your repairs via a website link that shows pictures of your engine and other parts, so you can see for yourself if you want them fixed. They also never tried to upsell me anything, which is honestly the number one thing for me at an auto place. They even had a loaner car available for no cost that I could use while mine was in the shop. I will need a tune up for some other car issues in the next few months and I 100% will be coming here for that.

Brianna Staubo Avatar
Brianna Staubo

Scott's is a great company! Through these tough times they have been open and willing to help. I am a healthcare worker and they were offering free oil changes and they made it super easy and were very welcoming. I will be taking my car to Scott's from now on for any car repair or oil change. They were super fast with the work so I wasn't without a car for very long. Scott's values their customers!

Jenna Spencer Avatar
Jenna Spencer

I was traveling through Grand Junctiom and needed an unexpected oil change. I called the shop up and they got me in right away, finished the oil change and inspection in a timely and professional manner, and communicated with me throughout the process. Austin (I believe!) was very helpful in making suggestions for future maintenance and repairs, while being conscious of the fact that I was a traveler just passing through. I was so impressed with the service in Grand Junction I will be checking out and utilizing the Scott's Auto Loveland from now on!

John Angermayr Avatar
John Angermayr

First time I have used Scott’s auto and it was a great experience. I’d much rather use a local company than go back to the dealer and I’ve found the place! Great communication, convenient shuttle service, work was done for the exact price quoted. I’m a happy customer.

Cindy Coyle Avatar
Cindy Coyle

Always good service and quality work. Glad to recommend Scott’s to friends and family members.

Kent Olander Avatar
Kent Olander

The team at Scott's truly cares about you and provides outstanding customer service. I always brought my car to them all throughout my time in CO, and was constantly pleased with their communication, service, and care for me. And, they even helped me while out of state! David and Christine both assisted me with some confusing car troubles, and they ensured to always make me feel valued during the process. I highly recommend using their services!

Ruby Charney Avatar
Ruby Charney

Scott's Auto came highly recommended by both the internet at large as well as my boss and another friend, so I felt good about going there in the first place. They figured out the multiple issues with my old car and allowed me to prioritize what I needed done while documenting everything in my file. The main thing I needed fixed was an O2 sensor that was making my "check engine" light stay on. They gave me a loaner and fixed my car in a day, then didn't complain when my schedule kept me from returning their loaner and picking up my car the following day. The price wasn't bad, either. Unfortunately, some old wiring and a computer relay (I think) made the light come back on after only a few days. They gave me a loaner again while they diagnosed these issues, and then ordered the part I needed and gave me my car back. When my part was in, they again gave me a loaner and again got me all fixed up quickly - this time in a half a day. The best part is that they did not charge me for the second fix because they said they should have caught the issues when they fixed my sensors, which were still under warranty! They were communicative and friendly and they took care of me and my old lady of a car because they are a decent company who takes care of their customers. Highly recommended. *thumbs up*

Andrea Colleen Avatar
Andrea Colleen

Mike did an incredible job working on our van when we had troubles while traveling. He understood our need for a quick inspection and repair. He and his team worked with us to get our van fixed quickly so that we could continue to enjoy our vacation! I am thankful to have had Scott's Loveland Auto taking care of our van and family during our travel mishap! Thank you, Mike and crew!!!

Bryan Voracek Avatar
Bryan Voracek

I have experienced high quality, professional service at Scott’s for years. They are always willing to assist, explain, and offer expert advice for my vehicles. I appreciate their kind and knowledgeable employees! I recommend the next time you need car support that you call Scott’s Automotive.

Lori Hatchell Avatar
Lori Hatchell

Decent car repair.

Mark Barber Avatar
Mark Barber

For first experience with Scott’s, I found them to be very professional- courteous, transparent, and prompt.

Jill Oropeza Avatar
Jill Oropeza

Mac is a very profound person, very polite, very detailed and absolute amazing “mechanic”!! Keep up the good work Mac!!! I’ll see you soon 😉

Tyrel Brady Avatar
Tyrel Brady

William was very helpful with finding a solution to my blown engine. He gave great advice and service.

Meuurrr Vieon Avatar
Meuurrr Vieon

Easy folks to deal with. Love being able to request appointment online. They always get back to me. They also send reminders. The prices are fair, and they do the work agreed upon.

lynn ambrosi Avatar
lynn ambrosi

HOLY COW!!!!! From the VERY START these guys were IMPRESSIVE! Impressive for ANY type of company! I didn't expect this level of service or professionalism from an auto shop in any way, shape or form! What a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!So I talked to Curtis. Let's see... IMMEDIATELY upon calling, I could tell this was different. He was courteous, knew how to talk to a customer on the phone, and took immediate care of me. I wanted a pre-purchase exam on a vehicle I am trying to buy. He immediately went into what they do in a pre-purchase, how much it would cost, etc. My biz partner and I (I had speaker phone on) were SO IMPRESSED we told him as much.Awesome! So the car was dropped off the next day (today). I called this morning to see if they needed me to pay, how they were gonna let me know results etc, but the connection was horrible. I couldn't hear him. I said I would call back. I called back but the call dropped within 2 seconds. I was about to try again when they called ME back!!Who does that????!!!!!He explained what all would happen, and that they would call me after done, sometime after 11.Well, first I got a text from them. It contained a link to the results! (What? An auto shop that is up on technology??? WOW!)The link pulled up the MOST comprehensive results sheet I have ever seen. It included photos and COMPLETE results on every little aspect of the results. It was SO good.Then they called. We were just finishing up looking at the results. He went over the entire thing with us. AMAZING.It cost $130. I am so amazed by the thoroughness, competency, and customer support of this place, I am going to have them do the repairs needed. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOP HIGHLY ENOUGH!If they are that good with customer support, their repairs have to be just as amazing. I don't even have to read the other reviews. I have full confidence that they know their stuff.Can't recommend any harder. Oh, I'd like to move here JUST so I know I have a trusted, great business to take care of my auto needs, LOL!!!

kelly beasley Avatar
kelly beasley

We had our 2004 BMW repaired for a coolant leak by a local dealership and they replaced a defective coolant pump, thermostat and ruptured reservoir . . A day later the radiator started steaming and we had the car towed back to the dealership. They said we had a hairline crack in the radiator and that it would be over $1300 to fix it.We lost confidence in them and had the car towed Scott's that a co-worker recommended. Scott's tested the coolant system twice and told us that when the system is initially filled with coolant, one must get the air out or it can create an airlock that simulates a leak. Why the dealership was unaware of this, I have no idea. I just know the bill was well under $100 (not the $1300 estimate!)Scott's was timely , friendly, professional , very reasonable prices, and just great all around. They also give a clear time line on future maintenance and repairs.And if you have time to read more, our youngest driver was there at Scott's when we dropped off the car and he depleted the shop's bowl of courtesy taffy (even filling his pockets) When we came to pick up the car, they filled a cup full of taffy for him remembering his love for it. I really laughed at that one!I now bring my Lexus to Scott's also

Gayle Close Avatar
Gayle Close

William took care of me in such a friendly yet professional manner. I did not have any other interactions with the mechanics. Whatever William told me was gold.

Jean Soderling Avatar
Jean Soderling

Scott's Automotive was able to look at my vehicle on short notice. They were very professional and friendly. I would recommend them.

Kevin Romero Avatar
Kevin Romero

I've been going to Scott's for over two years and never had a problem with their work on my cars.

Larry Freyer Avatar
Larry Freyer

Scott's is always on time and they are super trustworthy. They tell you what is wrong, give you options, and stand behind the work they do.

Leland Leachman Avatar
Leland Leachman

After learning of a fuel leak, I scrambled to find a reliable shop to bring in the Tahoe for repair. We were in town for a few days, and needed to get on the road the next day. Derek and Michael were understanding of the need, and got me in the same day.
Customer service was great! They offer free loaner cars while yours is getting work done. Prices were reasonable. Definitely recommend!

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

Scott's Montrose Automotive Repair exceed our every expectation. We were passing through Montrose when a serpentine belt pulley broke off from the engine. Scott's provided us a loaner car while they completed the repairs the same day. Their mechanical knowledge and execution was beyond professional. In addition, their authentic concern and caring was evident from the moment we called to when they handed us back our keys after completion of the job. We could not possibly recommend Scott's Automotive Repair enough. 5 stars just does not truly represent the service provided by Scott's Automotive. 1 million stars is a more accurate rating!

Sean Simpson Avatar
Sean Simpson

Took my daughters Toyota 4Runner in for oil change and tire rotation. Quick, friendly and accommodating service. Will definitely use again.

LeAnne Brumbelow Avatar
LeAnne Brumbelow

I had a leaking water pump on my 1998 Toyota Tacoma that I knew about for several weeks before I took it into Scott's Auto. Upon dropping it off, and allowing them to them to diagnose it, they confirmed the water pump was indeed leaking. I requested they also do the thermostat while having the timing cover off, and they advised me to do the timing belt, crankshaft seal, and camshaft seal at the same time, again because the timing cover would be off and the front of the motor would be accessible. I won't go into great detail here...but after two attempts to repair the water pump, it was still leaking. I was quite frustrated at that point, but owner Scott Milan personally ensured that the 3rd time the truck was fixed correctly, and he made it right with me. He went out of his way to do everything he could to make sure I was satisfied at the end of the ordeal, and that I would feel comfortable returning for business in the future.

Brian Avatar

I’m not usually one to write reviews or rate the quality of a business- but I had to after the great experience I had here. I thought I heard my Honda making a weird noise when I reached high rpms so I gave the store a call. Mike was very knowledgeable on the phone and I really liked how he took time to listen to me. The following day, I walked in and was instantly greeted by Billy. He was extremely friendly and was already up to date with what was going on with my vehicle. A mechanic drove my vehicle around with/without me to inspect the noise. Thankfully, nothing was wrong with my Honda. To put this in perspective, they DEFINITELY value you, your car, and your opinion oppose to making a profit. I can’t stress this enough when I say this is the best auto repair shop in Fort Collins. These guys have my trust and I’ll be back for oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Thanks guys!

Andre Romero Avatar
Andre Romero

My dad owns an automotive shop in Grand junction (too far to drive for an oil change), so I have high expectations for auto repair shops. They were very kind and professional. They also sent me a detailed description of what they found with my car after the oil change. Great experience!

Melody Jacobsen Avatar
Melody Jacobsen

I'm a longtime customer of Scott's in Fort Collins. They've done great work on my 2010 Equinox and also on a 1990 C4 that I had for a while. Scott's has friendly, attentive staff and do grade A work at a considerable discount from dealership prices.

Also thanks Austin, who took care of me at my recent visit.


I just took the Equinox back for an oil change before a holiday road trip. Again, the quality folks at Scott's did a great job at a reasonable rate. 120,000 miles and going strong.

Mat Morton Avatar
Mat Morton

I had to have my head gasket replaced, and Scott's Auto was fabulous. They are honest and courteous. The loaner car is really helpful. I moved to the mountains and 2 years later my new mechanic found some leaking gaskets. I called Scott and they fixed it for free, right at the end of the warranty period. Then, I left my jacket in the back of the loaner car and they over-nighted it to me so I could have my keys for work.

Jessica Foulis Avatar
Jessica Foulis

Scott's is #1 in auto service! They are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and deliver an excellent value.

Connie Demercurio Avatar
Connie Demercurio

Mike did an incredible job working on our van when we had troubles while traveling. He understood our need for a quick inspection and repair. He and his team worked with us to get our van fixed quickly so that we could continue to enjoy our vacation! I am thankful to have had Scott's Loveland Auto taking care of our van and family during our travel mishap! Thank you, Mike and crew!!!

Bryan Voracek Avatar
Bryan Voracek

The Scott's Auto team did a fantastic job caring for our vehicle. My truck has never ridden this smooth!Jason

Jason Eger Avatar
Jason Eger

I cannot rave about this place enough! All the staff is wonderful, especially David VanderVeer who goes above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service and just makes the whole process seamless and easy! David was transparent throughout the process and the workmanship was timely and thorough, plus just an all around great guy! I will continue to recommend this place to everyone.

Aiko Link Avatar
Aiko Link

This is perhaps the only auto repair shop that I’ve genuinely trusted to help me with the best of their ability. Everyone I’ve spoken to has shown me nothing but kindness and professionalism! Their interactions with customers prove that their goal is to develop a trusting relationship with customers rather than a one time sale. Thank you for being so helpful and reliable!

Sydney Correll Avatar
Sydney Correll

I always keep coming back because of their amazing customer service and feeling like they let me know of what’s going on with my car with each visit and are honest with me

DoVay Perry Avatar
DoVay Perry

Scott’s Auto was everything I look for when taking my car to an auto shop: they were quick, reliable, and honest. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and the waiting area is exceptionally nice! They helped to assure me that the car I was looking at purchasing was reliable and mechanically sound, and even emailed me the entire inspection report with pictures and a few recommendations. Once I purchased the car, I took it back to get one of the recommended items fixed. I will never go anywhere else to have my vehicle worked on!

shilah k Avatar
shilah k

We took one of our vehicles here for service and were so pleased with the staff and their attention to detail that now we take all the vehicles in our family here. We are happy working with them and know that they will help us keep our cars in good working order for a long time.

Marilu DeLeon Avatar
Marilu DeLeon

I've been going to Scott's for years now and they've kept my 20-year old car running smoothly. I've always, ALWAYS felt like they go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. Whatever has been wrong with the car they explain it all to me in detail and give me options: what has to be fixed now, what should be fixed soon, what will need to be fixed someday... and they never pressure me into spending money I don't need to spend. As a single-car family, I also love the loaner cars they have which make it easier to get by on days when the car is in the shop. I can't say enough good about these guys. The day will come soon when I will have to get a new car, and when that happens you can bet the new car will be taken care of by Scott's too.

Mary Dolce Avatar
Mary Dolce

Polite, clean, caring. They did an outstanding job. Communication was great. They handled the job well and prompt.

Janet Manchester Avatar
Janet Manchester

I have taken my Jeep Wrangler here 2 times for an alignment, they are the best in Northern Colorado! I have been all around Loveland and no one compares to them! They listen to all your problems and have amazing staff and technicians! They also print out papers showing before and after the alignment, which no one does! Keep up the good work!

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

I already have a mechanic that I take my car for service, however my car needed an alignment and my mechanic does not have the equipment to do an alignment. My friend recommended Scott's so I took my car to Scott's for an alignment. Staff was friendly and patient. They recommended an engine oil flush (where they put this product into the oil and run the car for a certain amount of time and then flush out the oil). My mechanic gave me the same product to use and I poured it in before going to an oil change. It was the same service, except Scott's was going to cost more money. They wanted to perform the same service on my car that my mechanic wanted to do except it is cheaper with my mechanic. I wanted to pick up my car on the day of the big snow storm, and their shuttle service was not running, but one of the staff members picked me up in his personal car. It was great customer service. If my mechanic cannot do the work on my car for whatever reason, I am bringing my car to Scott's- it is expensive, but they are professional, friendly, honest, and trustworthy.

Mara Vinton Avatar
Mara Vinton

Very Honest. These people are the real deal
Thank you Scotts Automotive

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

I went to Scott's for an oil change and an inspection to make sure everything was ok before I drive across country. All the staff here are very friendly, accomidating, professional, and informative. They took the time to go over what they recommended for repair and why they recommended it. I really appreciate that because I have been to other repair shops that will "repair" something that wasn't necessary or I didn't approve of prior to the work being done. I would highly recommend Scott's to anyone with big or small fixes!

Anna Dennhardt Avatar
Anna Dennhardt

Top notch service providing excellent high tech diagnostic and communications. Emails include detailed pictures of parts and procedures so you know exactly what the mechanics are repairing.

Wanda Bower Avatar
Wanda Bower

Came in for an oil change today and had a chance to relax and read the newspaper in their oversized comfy chair while drinking a coffe! When’s the last time you can say you’ve done that?! Friendly staff, thanks guys!

Cassandra Harrington Avatar
Cassandra Harrington

My daughter called to say there was a loud clanking noise coming from under the car. I live a couple hours away and didn't want to have it towed to my local mechanic, so after some research, I had her take it to Scott's. They couldn't have been better or nicer either over the phone with me or in person with my daughter. It's an older car and there is a list of items that could/should be done, but Scott's was clear about what absolutely needed to be done, what could wait, and what I should ignore. It's nice to have a trustworthy and responsive mechanic in Fort Collins -- means less worry for me and my daughter.

Bill Garden Avatar
Bill Garden

I have used Scott's for several years and will continue to go back. They are always upfront with costs, and are good about saying what needs done now versus what can wait. They do not pad the estimates or recommend unnecessary work. Trustworthy.

Shannon Fewell Avatar
Shannon Fewell

I was having issues with my car and called around and Scott's was great, I dropped off my car the next day, and Kaleb called me later that day and he was amazing walked me though everything they needed to do to help me fix my car. It was done in about 2 days and through every step Kaleb called to keep me updated and make sure I was aware of all things happening. I will continue to take my vehicles there to be serviced and I would 100% recommend Scott's to anyone looking.

Shelby Dawes Avatar
Shelby Dawes

I truly appreciated Todd's upfront communication and Todd and Christy's help with my family's transportation situation while my vehicle was being fixed. As far as having to get your car worked on (ha), they are amazing!!

Jesy Andreen Avatar
Jesy Andreen

Great and speedy service, with a friendly staff! Would definitely recommend.

Maddie Zitzmann Avatar
Maddie Zitzmann

They took me in on short notice. Did an inspection and gave me a call to let me know what was going on and asked me if they could precede to fix the problem. They got my Xterra in and out in a few hours. Thanks!

Shiba Inu Avatar
Shiba Inu

I went in to see if I could compare prices with a quote from a big chain that told me to replace both front wheel bearings. David a worker at scotts informed me I only needed one replaced even though they could have replaced both and easily convinced me it was necessary. I appreciated the honesty and sincere work on my vehicle and I'd come back here.

Jasmine Winters Avatar
Jasmine Winters

Very professional folk. Would recommend to anyone in a jam.

Marcos Garza Avatar
Marcos Garza

These people are experts at what they do. AND THEY are very nice too. Highly recommend them!

Cheryl Olson Avatar
Cheryl Olson

Friendly service! These folks are great to work with.

David Sutter Avatar
David Sutter

They were helpful and finished on time I took a second vehicle back and received the same service very pleased ..

Just Friends Avatar
Just Friends

Good work, excellent service.

Erik Jorgensen Avatar
Erik Jorgensen

Very helpful with diagnosis and chose not to repair due to complexity of the make of auto.They did not charge and also provided a maintenance list.

Tim Strong Avatar
Tim Strong

I was very impressed with the customer service. Did a great job with my alignment and I really appreciated the loaner car so I could make it work in Greeley while they took care of even the simple fix. I will definitely come back.

Katey Gray Avatar
Katey Gray

I needed to be sure my car would be ok to Oregón and back. After getting things done that were recommended, I felt good about it. I am now enjoying my trip.

Dean Johnson Avatar
Dean Johnson

Good shop.

Matt Simpson Avatar
Matt Simpson

Had a great experience. Car is running perfect now and the personnel were very professional.

mary Rock Avatar
mary Rock

Got my BMW X5 worked on last week. Was a little skeptical since you're advised to go to a BMW dealership. However the customer service was amazing, the pricing was phenomenal and vehicle knowledge very impressive. They got my truck back to me in a very timely manner and everything fixed to my satisfaction. I have no complaints and WILL be using them again. You have the feeling that most mechanics try to cheat you but it's the opposite feeling with this place. Highly recommend.

Malcolm Thomas Avatar
Malcolm Thomas

The BEST shop you’ll find!!

Jordan Wentz Avatar
Jordan Wentz

The Loveland guys and gals are amazing. Great customer service and great work. Dropped the vehicle of for TPMS problems and rotate and balance. They drove me to work and even picked me back up. Great price and again their customer service is amazing. Great to know there are shops out there that value you as a customer and a person. Thank you

joe fournier Avatar
joe fournier

Timely and honest communication. Had two cars breakdown within a few days of each other and they go us back up and running. Offered a loaner vehicle at no charge.

Charlie Atkinson Avatar
Charlie Atkinson

Very thorough pre-sale inspection, detailed photos & the service manager Austin took his time explaining all the findings. Would definitely recommend!

Backpacking Gear Avatar
Backpacking Gear

I have taken my Jeep Wrangler here 2 times for an alignment, they are the best in Northern Colorado! I have been all around Loveland and no one compares to them! They listen to all your problems and have amazing staff and technicians! They also print out papers showing before and after the alignment, which no one does! Keep up the good work!

Jesse K. Avatar
Jesse K.

I had such a great experience at this new shop! I worked with Aaron and Austin, and they were so helpful in giving me all of the details I needed to know about my car! It was also really cool that they sent me a digital review of other recommended things I should be aware of for my vehicle.
I felt so comfortable in their opinions, and I will definitely be back!

Ashlyn Henderson Avatar
Ashlyn Henderson

Scott's is a great place - professional and competent. They were able to get me in same day, and communicated my vehicle's issues clearly.

I was not over-charged at all, and Mike was available every step of the way to field my questions and concerns.

Super comfy waiting room, stocked with cold and hot beverages, well trained and friendly staff.

This was my first of many visits to this fine establishment; i'm lucky to have found them!

Thanks guys !!!

Cade Leach Avatar
Cade Leach

The staff here are all so friendly they did a print out of everything I needed showed me pictures of everything they were talking about. This was the best service I have ever gotten in an auto repair shop. Keep up the good work

Julia Doyle Avatar
Julia Doyle

Mike did an incredible job working on our van when we had troubles while traveling. He understood our need for a quick inspection and repair. He and his team worked with us to get our van fixed quickly so that we could continue to enjoy our vacation! I am thankful to have had Scott's Loveland Auto taking care of our van and family during our travel mishap! Thank you, Mike and crew!!!

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

Scott's Auto is honestly the best auto shop I have ever dealt with, hands down. I initially found them out of necessity, when I was faced with a major car issue after 5 pm on a weekday while I was commuting for my job. They helped me out immediately AND stayed late to do so, and because of the service I received, I have continued to use them as my primary auto care shop.

From the high quality, transparent service (they provide detailed reports during service identifying each issue/potential issue), to the warm dispositions and service-oriented attitude of the employees, I have always felt taken care of and valued by this shop. I can't recommend this shop enough! Billy, Dave, and everyone else... You are awesome. Keep it up!

Jaymee Binion Avatar
Jaymee Binion

I took my car that broken down to Scott's and the service was great and they have a very knowledgeable staff who went above and beyond, highly recommend.

jacob owens Avatar
jacob owens

I cannot express enough that this company and the men who work at this shop are absolutely amazing! Not only did they fix my problem they had the perfect opportunity to scam me but their honesty and integrity was more important than a quick dollar. They are my go to guys from now on!!! Thank you Austin and the mechanics who got me back on the road!!!

Roxie2506 Avatar

Before Scotts, I had yet to find a mechanic that was not out to rip me off. I have never had such wonderful customer service experience like I did here at Scott's. I mostly worked with David. He was respectful, accommodating, patient, and answered any questions that I had, and just a nice guy overall. I came in knowing nothing about cars, and they did not take that for granted or try to rip me off in any way. They were patient and made sure to give me all the best options, even if that did not include their service. They fixed my transmission in a timely manner and made sure to stay in communication with me during the time. I will be using these guys from now on for any car issues that come up, and I recommend for others to do the same!

Ruby Charney Avatar
Ruby Charney

These guys went the extra mile for me, twice. I am very happy with the service and Greg was really helpful finding parts as quickly as possible.

Jason Macmillan Avatar
Jason Macmillan

Friendly knowledgeable service

Tim Peak Avatar
Tim Peak

We're pretty good at fixing things ourselves, but fuel injectors are out of our league. We're glad to have Scott's available so we didn't have to go to the dealership.

David Hoffman Avatar
David Hoffman

All the employees at Scott’s was extremely friendly and super helpful. They went above and beyond for me. Thank you!

Laura Burgdorf Avatar
Laura Burgdorf

I have used Scott's for both of my cars and I will always trust them to do great work!

Jim Shattuck Avatar
Jim Shattuck

Scott Fort Collins Auto was very professional and did a great job in fixing my vehicle! I highly recommend them! I have already recommended that my niece use them for her automobile needs (she has recently moved to Ft.C)!!

Judith Parker Avatar
Judith Parker

1st place!!! Best experience ever.

Austin Lamb Avatar
Austin Lamb

My dad flew into town a 2 weeks before xmas and noticed something wonky with my car. My dad is a go getter and loves taking care of others so he immediately starting researching auto shops in Fort Collins. He's a master of research and tenaciously reads reviews but only the places that have been reviewed the most. He doesn't bother with places that have 5/5 star reviews. So he noticed Scott's Auto had a whopping 170+ mostly 5 star reviews. After reading the reviews, Dad called up Scott's and spoke to Tony (I think) who told Dad if he could bring the car in the next hour he could test drive the car to analyze the issue. So Dad took the car right then and came back telling me how impressed he was with this place and the service and the analyzation of the car lined up with what he thought might be the problem. Scott's scheduled us for an appointment early the next morning. They even drove us to the Back Porch so we could have breakfast while waiting for the car to be done. 4 hours later the car was done and cost about $350 for a front axle repair...I have no idea if that is a good price but my dad seemed to think so. The staff were very friendly, explained things so I could understand, and the quick and efficient service was wonderful. My dad couldn't stop talking about how pleased he was and felt proud of himself for finding his daughter a trustworthy, quality, friendly service I could take my car to. I have a 2001 Suburu Forester so it is getting to that place of needing work to keep it driving safely. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable was when we were checking out, they mentioned their monetary incentive program for writing 5 star reviews, stating that customers would be rewarded for writing 5 star reviews on various platforms (FB, Yelp, Google maps, etc). The monetary reward was a discount on your next service. I think it was $10 or $20 per review. I know this creates bias and now I wonder how many of those 170+ 5 star reviews were accurate or if they were embellished at all so someone could get 10-20 bucks off their next oil change..I mean, I can’t complain about the service. My car is running great and there’s no more shuddering of the front wheels...which I was told could cause a major accident and total destruction of my engine if the axle had come off. I would have gladly written a 5 star review if it hadn’t been for this slightly unethical ask of writing 5 star reviews for monetary incentive. I know Yelp is asking businesses not to do this as it creates bias amongst the reviews. I think if a business provides monetary incentive no matter the number of stars given that would be more ethical and even better would be no monetary incentive and just ask customers to write a review of their services. This would cause a business to be more accountable to the services they provide and would keep them motivated to always provide great customer service. I also understand that most people won’t take the time to write a positive review and I keep that in mind when I see a lot of positive reviews and a few bad ones. Even better is seeing how management responds to those negative reviews which gives me a good picture of a business’ character.I will be returning to Scott's for any of my automotive needs, but I will stay true to myself and my feelings regarding their 5 star incentive program.

Ean McCrystal Avatar
Ean McCrystal

Expensive but great service.

Anthony Delon Avatar
Anthony Delon

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING service! My daughter broke down on a road trip with her friends in Montrose, and they went above and beyond to help her. Highly recommend this company. It was so nice to have someone trustworthy when I was not able to be there with my daughter.. They are top notch!! Highly highly recommend!!

Adam Weingardt Avatar
Adam Weingardt

best service ever don't waste your time anywhere else.

Jacob Lebsack Avatar
Jacob Lebsack

Got me in and out fast, great service

Daniel Rodriguez Avatar
Daniel Rodriguez

Scott’s automotive went above and beyond to make sure that we were well taken care of. Very courteous and professional. We recommend them highly.

ken jones Avatar
ken jones

I have been struggling with trust and transparency with several different automotive shops around the NoCo area. I had always felt that I was being taken advantage of due to my lack of car knowledge. This was not the case at all with Scott’s Loveland Auto. From the moment I walked through the door I was met with a group of people I knew I could trust. Mike was very helpful in finding out exactly what I needed, and Chris was amazing at updating me on where the car was at and just very pleasant overall. They absolutely went the extra mile for me and even found a part I needed for much lower than expected cost. They won’t rush what needs to be done because quality definitely shines here. I absolutely recommend this place if you too haven’t found your “go to shop”.

Tristan Feilinger Avatar
Tristan Feilinger

Amazing service and pricing!!! Robert is very professional and efficient. Will definitely recommend to others. It's so hard to find great mechanics. Thank you so much Scott's Loveland

Deb Lockard Avatar
Deb Lockard

Update 24FEB2017 (because Google won't let me leave multiple reviews):Another great experience! I took my vehicle in to have a wheel bearing replaced. In the process, they first received a defective bearing from their distributor. I expected that I would have to at least pay partial labor cost, but they covered it 100%. Upon installing the second bearing, the CV axle was damaged due to parts not coming apart like they should have. On an 11-year-old vehicle, I certainly would have called that an expected issue at no fault of Scott's Auto, but they replaced the part at no cost (including labor) without me even asking to be comp'd.Reliable, responsive and above all: honest. You won't regret working with Scott's Auto!

T McTet Avatar
T McTet

I'm a longtime customer of Scott's in Fort Collins. They've done great work on my 2010 Equinox and also on a 1990 C4 that I had for a while. Scott's has friendly, attentive staff and do grade A work at a considerable discount from dealership prices. Also thanks Austin, who took care of me at my recent visit.-----I just took the Equinox back for an oil change before a holiday road trip. Again, the quality folks at Scott's did a great job at a reasonable rate. 120,000 miles and going strong.

Mat Morton Avatar
Mat Morton

Will be using them again for any future repairs. Great Customer services

laurie Davis Avatar
laurie Davis

My dad owns an automotive shop in Grand junction (too far to drive for an oil change), so I have high expectations for auto repair shops. They were very kind and professional. They also sent me a detailed description of what they found with my car after the oil change. Great experience!

Melody Jacobsen Avatar
Melody Jacobsen

I went in to see if I could compare prices with a quote from a big chain that told me to replace both front wheel bearings. David a worker at scotts informed me I only needed one replaced even though they could have replaced both and easily convinced me it was necessary. I appreciated the honesty and sincere work on my vehicle and I'd come back here.

Jasmine Winters Avatar
Jasmine Winters

Thanks for the prompt service on my car. Friendly staff. Efficient and fair

Ka P Avatar
Ka P

Quick turnaround friendly staff. Prices were fair and consistent.

Tom Klepac Avatar
Tom Klepac

Scott’s Auto is the most wonderful place I have ever taken my car to. Curtis & David helped me out to get my tire fixed & they helped me out tremendously! My car had to get a lot of work done a few weeks ago & they took amazing care of it & fixed it perfectly. Great customer service, very sincere & caring, as well as incredible work! Highly recommend!

Jordyn St. Vrain Avatar
Jordyn St. Vrain

Great place to have cars serviced

Michelle Reese Avatar
Michelle Reese

I thought that I needed new brakes but after the technicians at Scott's took a look at my truck - and three technicians drove it - they convinced me that the brakes were fine and good for many miles more. They could have easily just installed new brakes and charged me for unnecessary work. Instead they did what honest people do. Did nothing when it was the right thing to do.

This is an honest and knowledgeable shop.

Steve Pierson Avatar
Steve Pierson

Hands down the best service and most thorough vehicle inspection I’ve ever had. The price was absolutely reasonable for the product they sell. The staff even went out of their way after I had left from my service appointment to find a hard to find part for my older vehicle that I had no luck finding before. The recommended future repairs/ service was very useful in determining what to have worked on next as well as the price to expect. All of their work is backed by a 3 year warranty which is awesome. Top notch all around.

Brian Ervin Avatar
Brian Ervin

I had an alignment done yesterday on my truck but had an issue with the truck wanting to pull so I brought it back the next day where they rechecked and re-calibrated everything in order to make sure it was correct. They did a quick check of other components and found that a license plate bulb was burnt out so they fixed that free of charge so little things like that count. Dennis at the front was a pleasure to work with and have general discussion with.

Aaron V Avatar
Aaron V

Scott's and their whole crew is amazing. Top notch!!!

Jason Tanner Avatar
Jason Tanner

Awesome team of people. They are all very friendly and helpful at Scotts. I gave them 5 stars right off the bat. Not only do they give you photos and a detailed quote, but they give free car rentals! I was dreading to deal with my car issues for so long, mostly because I wasn't sure how to get to and from work. I finally took my car into Scott's and that was the best idea I have made in a while. Car rental ready to drive right when I arrived at Scott's, I could use it as long as needed until my car is fixed or I choose to take it. They saved me from a ton of stress. I wish I took my car to them way sooner. They are honest and they care. Even if their prices are slightly higher then a cheap car repair company's would be, they do good quality and are so hospitable & caring! Definately recommend. Top notch service. I will be going to Scott's for major repairs and auto care for a long time!!!

Ashley Parsons Avatar
Ashley Parsons

These guys are do thorough but not pushy about work that needs done! Been here a couple times now and utilized their loaner vehicle this last time. It was so helpful to have so I could make it to work while my car was in the shop!

Kayla Schultz Avatar
Kayla Schultz

Easy going staff, friendly and honest. Explained a complex problem in layman's terms. Competitive pricing compared to the other guys. The "check engine" light will now be known as "running"! Vroom....Darn, that "thing" that wasn't supposed to happen this soon happened, now I'm in Oregon and my car, with a broken engine, is in Boise awaiting repair....

Jim May Avatar
Jim May

Best place ever !! Take all my work trucks and personal vehicles aswell.

danielbazaldua09 Avatar

Everyone I encountered at Scott's auto was very pleasant! My experience was quick and efficient! Brendan was exceptionally helpful letting me know what my car will need for further repairs... I will definitely be back!

James Weaver Avatar
James Weaver

I was having issues with my car and called around and Scott's was great, I dropped off my car the next day, and Kaleb called me later that day and he was amazing walked me though everything they needed to do to help me fix my car. It was done in about 2 days and through every step Kaleb called to keep me updated and make sure I was aware of all things happening. I will continue to take my vehicles there to be serviced and I would 100% recommend Scott's to anyone looking.

Shelby Dawes Avatar
Shelby Dawes

This was the best automotive care experience I have ever, and maybe will ever have in my life. Going on a roadtrip from Minnesota to Utah with a stop in Monterose, I had the unfortunate occurrence of an oil leak and coolant leak at the same time. I had to leave town on Tuesday and didn’t get them the car til Monday afternoon. Tuesday, none of the parts came in in time but these wonderful folks did everything they could to get all of the parts needed the day of and their workers were willing to stay after close to get it done for me. Not only that but I couldn’t stay in my hotel all day and they not only shuttled me to their shop but kept me wonderful company, I felt right at home with everyone at the shop! Long story short, these are amazing people and I’m so great full to do business with them, car is running great and I left with high spirits because these are people who truest care. I came looking for car help and left feeling as though I made some friends.

Mike P Avatar
Mike P

I had an amazing experience with Scott's Auto in Fort Collins. I needed an oil change and a tire rotation and wasn't sure where to go. I tried calling the Pedersen Toyota dealership for my RAV4 and had terrible customer experience. When I called Scott's I got through to someone right away and they answered all my questions politely. They got me a shuttle to work and paid for my Uber ride to pick up my car after work. Everyone was friendly and the price was amazing. I'm so happy I found this place, believe all of the good reviews, this place is the best!

Maddie Goettsch Avatar
Maddie Goettsch

I moved to Grand Jct a couple years ago. Other than oil changes, I had not had my 2013 Town & Country serviced. I received a $25 gift card from Scott’s Automotive. I dropped by the shop and initially impressed by the appearance of the shop. It looked quite neat and orderly. I met David, he was quite helpful. I told him I was going on a long trip and needed a general check up of the vehicle. After the inspection, David went over with me what was discovered. We agreed on what needed to be done right way and what could be deferred for later date. I felt the cost was fair considering the work that accomplished. Thanks for job well done.

Kenneth Zortman Avatar
Kenneth Zortman

Being very new to the area, and my car needing quick reliable service for an emissions failure I had, I was recommended this service center. I could not be happier with the service, quality, pricing, or amenities of Scott’s!. The shuttle service, which was a major deciding factor, as my family only has one vehicle, was a free service. My service advisor, Brendon, made sure that I got all that I could for every penny I was going to spend! And boy did he do a great job! I will most definitely make this my “new hometown service center”! Reliability and getting your money worth is all of my decision- and at no point did I think they ever let me down!! Great Job!! I also wanted to point out that this service happened during the coronavirus pandemic and they took extra care and caution with cleaning and safety! Thank you!

Kate Judd Avatar
Kate Judd

Honest place, they do awesome work at a fair price, awesome service

Glenn Kreber Avatar
Glenn Kreber

I was very impressed with Scott’s Auto. They inspected, repaired the necessary issues and they were not pushy about other non-emergency issues. I really appreciate that. The people that I interacted with were super helpful, friendly, made me feel like I was family. I will go back, if I need to.

Leanne Allen Avatar
Leanne Allen

Wow!! Great experience! Scott’s Automotive were extremely nice! Great customer service! They also took time to explain to me detail what I should have worked on in the future for my car. They were not pushy and very honest. They performed a thorough exam on my vehicle - took pictures, wrote a detail report and documented it all!

Best of all is they are were truly nice and made me feel super welcomed!

Thank you guys for everything! Wish I would of found out about them sooner!

Mariah Kerr Avatar
Mariah Kerr

Car runs smooth after they replaced spark plugs and wires

Logan Stagg Avatar
Logan Stagg

This place is Really good overall, amazing customer service they did a great job on the work. Pricing is fair, unless you have them change a light bulb, that’s overpriced. But at least they’re transparent about how they price everything. I just really wish I could’ve gotten a loaner car but I understand for insurance purposes I couldn’t. I would definitely come here again and recommend this place to a friend! Even though my first time here wasn’t perfect, mostly due to emotional distraught over my low bank account and high repair cost. I can tell the owner Scott really takes care of his shop, crew and customers. That’s in short supply theses days. Definitely a premium experience lead by a great leader.

scottjgmiller Avatar

Great place 👌 Great staff and very helpful. Prices are very good. Printed out the report on my BMW X5, and told me what was the most important thing to fix.
Great experience 👍

Devlin Clark Avatar
Devlin Clark

Awesome service and friendly people.

AJ Jurgens Avatar
AJ Jurgens

🙂 great service and even helped cut us a deal ! thanks david !

Kalia Jones Avatar
Kalia Jones

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