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Pretty good first experience with Scott’s. They were pretty busy so it took them an entire day to look at my vehicle which was a bit of a bummer, but they gave me an extremely in-depth breakdown of potential issues and solutions for those problems. Could have used more communication through out the day as well. But overall they were very hospitable and extremely kind.

Jordan Clay Avatar
Jordan Clay

Called a few places inquiring whether they were proficient in German cars. Scott’s was so professional and reassuring over the phone I decided to take my car in to them. They were no less professional and transparent throughout the process letting me know what it needed and allowing me to approve of repairs prior to moving forward. Great results; would recommend them based on my experience.

Adrian Romano Avatar
Adrian Romano

First time I have used Scott’s auto and it was a great experience. I’d much rather use a local company than go back to the dealer and I’ve found the place! Great communication, convenient shuttle service, work was done for the exact price quoted. I’m a happy customer.

Cindy Coyle Avatar
Cindy Coyle

I recently had service work performed on my Lexus. Replaced spark plugs

and tried to resolve the check engine light. I honestly feel they tried to resolve this issue to the best of their ability. Sean and Greg were extremely helpful , they answer any questions I had. I was also provided a loaner car. I will definitely recommend Scott's Auto to all my family and friends.

Larry Freyer Avatar
Larry Freyer

Got referred to Scott's by a family member who recommend them over Bear Alignment, saying they had the best service and prices in Loveland. Dominic did an excellent job helping me with all my questions, and Mackenzie dialed in my vehicle (used and abused) so that it drives better than it ever has during my time ownership! As a former Ford Kia VW dealership service employee, I would definitely recommend Scott's to friends and family.

TenseBeastGaming Avatar

I have been going to Scott's for a few years. I first went to them after the guy I bought my used SUV for suggested I go to them. They had been working on the car and knew the vehicle. When I went back to them for repairs, they printed me off all the records of services the previous owner had had done by them. This level of transparency and honesty is something I highly value in a shop. They have done lots of work on my car, and I trust the quality of their work. I know some people in reviews have complained about price of the work, but honestly you get what you pay for. They charge a fair rate for labor and parts, and they have helped me track down used parts to save on costs. It also helps that all of their work is backed by a warranty. The staff is skilled and super friendly, and they have loaner vehicles! I highly recommend this shop.

Lauren Smith Avatar
Lauren Smith

Great service! Went in for an alignment, but the tech took the time to inspect everything to make sure I was in good shape. I really liked the electronic inspection report they sent to me with pictures and descriptions of what they found. I plan on going back and would definitely recommend them to others.

Mike Guerassio Avatar
Mike Guerassio

I've been using Scott's for a few years now for oil changes and regular maintenance. Most recently my alternator went out. They were able to order the replacement from Texas and have my car up and running within 36 hours. I am consistently impressed with their level of professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. I would highly recommend this business and I am inherently skeptical of shops.

Joshua McClure Avatar
Joshua McClure

These guys are AWESOME. I’ve been bringing my vehicles to them for years (at their FoCo location and now in Loveland). Recently they had to do a big job that required hoisting the engine out. During the process they accidentally damaged the radiator. But here’s the deal - they replaced the entire radiator with a brand new one before I even knew anything had happened. They apologized for the accident but had already fixed it! AMAZING. Big thanks to Robert who is always professional, and also Greg who has always been great.

Nolan Brown Avatar
Nolan Brown

I was very impressed with the customer service. Did a great job with my alignment and I really appreciated the loaner car so I could make it work in Greeley while they took care of even the simple fix. I will definitely come back.

Katey Gray Avatar
Katey Gray

Very friendly and helpful team at Scott's, they even gave me a free shuttle ride while my vehicle was in the shop. They were very professional and worked to get me the best price for the work I needed done .would definitely use Scott's again.

John McNealy Avatar
John McNealy

First time customer today... alignment job on a CR-V. Very nice folks, knowledgeable techs that were willing to work with me on the specs I was wanting to get. The price was right too. Glad I found this place... will be back.

K Avatar

Scott's was very thorough and professional when I recently took my car in. Their records and explanation were extremely detailed and there were no surprises, ulterior motives, or scams going on here. Highly recommend Scott's. Incredible Customer service. Thanks guys.

Marcy Dolezal Avatar
Marcy Dolezal

Hands down the best service and most thorough vehicle inspection I’ve ever had. The price was absolutely reasonable for the product they sell. The staff even went out of their way after I had left from my service appointment to find a hard to find part for my older vehicle that I had no luck finding before. The recommended future repairs/ service was very useful in determining what to have worked on next as well as the price to expect. All of their work is backed by a 3 year warranty which is awesome. Top notch all around.

Brian Ervin Avatar
Brian Ervin

My experiences have been that Scott’s offers professional and polite service in a well equipped, multi-bay garage. They took the time to diagnose possible issues and ruled out several unnecessary and costly repairs at no charge for their time in doing so. I am grateful for their assistance and brought my vehicle back for needed work. I’d recommend others give them a try. Who knows, you may find a conveniently located, professional auto shop to handle all your vehicles’ service needs right here in the heart of Loveland.

Sean Harrell Avatar
Sean Harrell

Did a free inspection of my Mini and looked it over for like two hours. Very in depth, and I was happy that they said no major issues when they easily could have made stuff up. When I do have car trouble I will take it to them. They know their stuff with European cars.

Andy K Avatar
Andy K

Wow!! Great experience! Scott’s Automotive were extremely nice! Great customer service! They also took time to explain to me detail what I should have worked on in the future for my car. They were not pushy and very honest. They performed a thorough exam on my vehicle - took pictures, wrote a detail report and documented it all!

Best of all is they are were truly nice and made me feel super welcomed!

Thank you guys for everything! Wish I would of found out about them sooner!

Mariah Kerr Avatar
Mariah Kerr

Had a great experience today. Another shop evaluated my overheating and said I needed an $8500 new engine (more than the vehicle was worth). Scott's determined I actually needed new timing belt and thermometer for only $1100. They really seem to know Honda's. And easy access to talk directly with the mechanics is a bonus compare to larger shops.

Fabian Family Avatar
Fabian Family

Excellent Fort Collins facility, people and service. They towed my car and fixed the engine problem within a day. The engine now feels better than ever! They even followed up a couple days later to check on the car. Highly recommended repair shop!

Nick Kaperonis Avatar
Nick Kaperonis

Scott's Auto is honestly the best auto shop I have ever dealt with, hands down. I initially found them out of necessity, when I was faced with a major car issue after 5 pm on a weekday while I was commuting for my job. They helped me out immediately AND stayed late to do so, and because of the service I received, I have continued to use them as my primary auto care shop.

From the high quality, transparent service (they provide detailed reports during service identifying each issue/potential issue), to the warm dispositions and service-oriented attitude of the employees, I have always felt taken care of and valued by this shop. I can't recommend this shop enough! Billy, Dave, and everyone else... You are awesome. Keep it up!

Jaymee Binion Avatar
Jaymee Binion

Amazing customer service, extremely knowledgeable and professional, very trustworthy. Robert went above and beyond in making my experience a great one! Will never go anywhere else again. 10/10

Amanda Bartels Avatar
Amanda Bartels

Thanks. I have used Scott's since 2000. They are reliable and fair-priced for the required work. Of course every shop would like you to get all of the work done that they recommend. Their new system of informing the customer or suggested and needed repairs is very educational and transparent. Scott's even offers through a third-party no interest payments options on high dollar repairs. I recently brought my car in for a repair and I appreciate the fact that they didn't throw my money at the noise and guess what the problem was. It was only after bringing it back some months later that they were able to pinpoint it as the noise continued increasingly.

At Scott's, like most shops, of course there is a fee for diagnosing your car. If you decide not to do the recommended work and save money depending on your needs the staff doesn't try to give you a guilt trip and strike fear in you that your car will become a death trap of a fireball if you don't get the work done there.. I've seen it at the fast lube and brake shops. They really are predatory towards women also.

Shakir Muhammad Avatar
Shakir Muhammad

This place is Really good overall, amazing customer service they did a great job on the work. Pricing is fair, unless you have them change a light bulb, that’s overpriced. But at least they’re transparent about how they price everything. I just really wish I could’ve gotten a loaner car but I understand for insurance purposes I couldn’t. I would definitely come here again and recommend this place to a friend! Even though my first time here wasn’t perfect, mostly due to emotional distraught over my low bank account and high repair cost.

I can tell the owner Scott really takes care of his shop, crew and customers. That’s in short supply theses days. Definitely a premium experience lead by a great leader.

scottjgmiller Avatar

I'm a longtime customer of Scott's in Fort Collins. They've done great work on my 2010 Equinox and also on a 1990 C4 that I had for a while. Scott's has friendly, attentive staff and do grade A work at a considerable discount from dealership prices.

Also thanks Austin, who took care of me at my recent visit.


I just took the Equinox back for an oil change before a holiday road trip. Again, the quality folks at Scott's did a great job at a reasonable rate. 120,000 miles and going strong.

Mat Morton Avatar
Mat Morton

Scott’s takes care of people, plain and simple. When they discovered significant mechanical issues with my Jeep, David and the team offered an honest assessment even though it meant they wouldn’t make any money. They then went above and beyond to help me - from offering a loaner vehicle to new car advice and inspection of a new vehicle. They made a bad situation a super positive experience for me and I am grateful. Fan forever!

Valerie Bouchard Avatar
Valerie Bouchard

Awesome team of people. They are all very friendly and helpful at Scotts. I gave them 5 stars right off the bat. Not only do they give you photos and a detailed quote, but they give free car rentals! I was dreading to deal with my car issues for so long, mostly because I wasn't sure how to get to and from work. I finally took my car into Scott's and that was the best idea I have made in a while. Car rental ready to drive right when I arrived at Scott's, I could use it as long as needed until my car is fixed or I choose to take it. They saved me from a ton of stress. I wish I took my car to them way sooner. They are honest and they care. Even if their prices are slightly higher then a cheap car repair company's would be, they do good quality and are so hospitable & caring! Definately recommend. Top notch service. I will be going to Scott's for major repairs and auto care for a long time!!!

Ashley Parsons Avatar
Ashley Parsons

Customer service is fantastic! I love that they email a summary - with photos - of everything that's both right and wrong with my vehicle. They break it down by what needs to be repaired right away and what needs eventual attention. But my most favorite part about Scott's is that they provide a free loaner vehicle while they've got your car. As a one-car family, this service is so appreciated by me.

Jennifer King Avatar
Jennifer King

I was in town visiting on a Friday and my car window came off of it's track. I called everywhere else and town and no one could get me in but David at Scotty's was amazing and got me in that day and got my car all taken care of. Excellent customer service and great prices!! I am so grateful for these guys! Will definitely be recommending to all my friends in Fort Collins!

Natalie Ricks Avatar
Natalie Ricks

I've been using this truly customer focused service since moving here three years ago for all my automotive services and still feel the same way. Repairing older to newer vehicles for my CJ-7, 4-Runner, and Lexus. (Some parts are hard to find on older vehicles, but they continue to find the needed parts). The front office and staff are extremely knowledgeable, honest. They also back up their work and products. I have also had to use their auto body shop when rear ended. I appreciate their attention to detail and quality of all work performed at this full automotive service! Top notch.

Lars Ambrose Avatar
Lars Ambrose

I took my old van in to Scott's get brakes replaced, after there assessment they let me know that no new brakes were needed just need to be adjusted. If you are looking for a shop that are knowledgeable and honest and has good rates Scott's Automotive will be your place. Their shop is well organized and clean. I'm looking forward to having a ongoing relationship with this shop for all my vehicles.


Shaun Margheim Avatar
Shaun Margheim

I had them take a look at my old car that was damaged. They did an amazing job of showing in detail the damages including pictures. When we decided to get a new used car Scott's did a great inspection of the whole car so I knew exactly what I was getting. Highly recommend

Jon Gaiter Avatar
Jon Gaiter

Not only was Scott’s the best pricing I could find for the service I needed, it was by far the friendliest service and quality work I’ve ever experienced with an auto mechanic shop. Even though I read great reviews before I choose them, I was still pleasantly surprised. Thanks Scott’s for your excellent service, pricing and quality. I’ll be back if I ever need service on anything else.

J S Avatar

I recently took my vehicle to Scott’s in Fort Collins. I dealt with David, who provided excellent service. He thoroughly noted the work I desired done, upfront gave me the quotes, and called me promptly with their evaluation. Service was completed same day. Excellent service!!

Pamela King Avatar
Pamela King

This is a great shop. Great service, great people. Brought my truck in for exhaust, spark plugs and engine light codes.. Truck runs great. Austin is the man.. Thanks to everyone at Scott's.. Definitely my go to shop.. I'd recommend them to everyone.

Billy Boff Avatar
Billy Boff

The best thing about Scott's is that their honest. I went to brakes plus and they wanted to charge me 1,000 for new brakes they said I needed because my brake pads were broken in half. Scott's was honest about if I needed new brakes or not and what they recommended for safety. They did an awesome job taking care of my car. Wont go anywhere else but Scotts.

jackie frazee Avatar
jackie frazee

I've taken two of my vehicles to Scott's on two separate occasions. The level of customer service I received is unparalleled. The staff is helpful, professional, understanding, and generally top-notch. They were able to perform the requested repair on my vehicles quickly, suggested any additional services (which were actually necessary), and notified me of the completed work faster than expected. During the repair, they actively maintained communication with me, confirmed any changes to the scope of work, and seemed to go the extra mile to ensure that I was satisfied with the service offered. The guys at the front desk are the face of the company and they represent the company well. I give Scott's Auto my highest possible recommendation.

Nathan Hildebrandt Avatar
Nathan Hildebrandt

This has been a great experience, from the time we stopped in and introduced ourselves, and asked questions. Todd & Greg were both so helpful. We had our truck serviced today, and we are blessed

to have been guided to Scott's Auto Service in Loveland.

We believe we now have a competent

auto service to care for our truck.

We recommend Scott's Auto Service of Loveland, to help with many services in the maintaining of your vehicle.

Thank you for all your help,kindness, encouragement.

With Much Appreciation,

JD & Judy Lichty

Ja L Avatar
Ja L

I decided on taking my car to Scott’s based on their online reviews and was very happy with the service. They gave me a detailed breakdown of the work that was needed along with the estimate. My car was ready when they said it would be and has been running great ever since.

Steve G Avatar
Steve G

As a female, I’m often skeptical of auto repair shops ripping me off/being untrustworthy, but Scott’s Auto is the opposite of that! They are so kind, knowledgeable, and have superb customer service. I cannot speak highly enough of David. There’s nothing fun about needing repairs on your car, but he went above and beyond to help me out and made the whole process painless. I will most definitely be recommending Scott’s to my friends/coworkers who are in need of auto repairs.

Haley Nelsen Avatar
Haley Nelsen

Scott’s Auto was everything I look for when taking my car to an auto shop: they were quick, reliable, and honest. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and the waiting area is exceptionally nice! They helped to assure me that the car I was looking at purchasing was reliable and mechanically sound, and even emailed me the entire inspection report with pictures and a few recommendations. Once I purchased the car, I took it back to get one of the recommended items fixed. I will never go anywhere else to have my vehicle worked on!

shilah k Avatar
shilah k

I've been using this truly customer focused service since moving here three years ago for all my automotive services and still feel the same way. Repairing older to newer vehicles for my CJ-7, 4-Runner, and Lexus. (Some parts are hard to find on older vehicles, but they continue to find the needed parts). The front office and staff are extremely knowledgeable, honest. They also back up their work and products. I have also had to use their auto body shop when rear ended. I appreciate their attention to detail and quality of all work performed at this full automotive service! Top notch.

Lars Ambrose Avatar
Lars Ambrose

I was not looking forward to replacing my struts and shocks! Scott’s Loveland Auto made this experience as painless as possible by being so friendly and lending me a car while my car was in their shop! I would highly recommend them for those not so pleasant car things!!! Thanks Scott’s Loveland Auto❣️❣️

jeanie cole Avatar
jeanie cole

Waited a bit longer than I had expected since I had an appointment, but stellar customer service and very helpful staff! Definitely will be returning!

Amy Sheflet Avatar
Amy Sheflet

They were able to get my F350 in for an alignment the same day and did it while I waited. David, the service advisor was very helpful and the tech came out and explained to me exactly what he did. Nice clean waiting room and friendly people!

John Almanrode Avatar
John Almanrode

We're pretty good at fixing things ourselves, but fuel injectors are out of our league. We're glad to have Scott's available so we didn't have to go to the dealership.

David Hoffman Avatar
David Hoffman

Free inspection! Very detailed and thorough. I needed breaks but also wanted to go see my parents out of state same day, so they squeezed me in! Friendly staff that does great work

Sarah Bonnette Avatar
Sarah Bonnette

Scott's has absolutely great customer service. They will make sure that you understand exactly what's going on with your vehicle. I was working directly with Billy, and he was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I definitely would recommend working with Scott's for any of your vehicle's needs.

Chris Castells Avatar
Chris Castells

Great place with even better staff! I moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania and they treated me like family. Fair pricing for excellent work, 10/10 would recommend

Scott Neff II Avatar
Scott Neff II

We took one of our vehicles here for service and were so pleased with the staff and their attention to detail that now we take all the vehicles in our family here. We are happy working with them and know that they will help us keep our cars in good working order for a long time.

Marilu DeLeon Avatar
Marilu DeLeon

My daughter called to say there was a loud clanking noise coming from under the car. I live a couple hours away and didn't want to have it towed to my local mechanic, so after some research, I had her take it to Scott's. They couldn't have been better or nicer either over the phone with me or in person with my daughter. It's an older car and there is a list of items that could/should be done, but Scott's was clear about what absolutely needed to be done, what could wait, and what I should ignore. It's nice to have a trustworthy and responsive mechanic in Fort Collins -- means less worry for me and my daughter.

Bill Garden Avatar
Bill Garden

Scott’s auto is filled with friendly staff who are very knowledgeable. I have made them my number one shop and they’ve been able to help me with every one of my trucks issues except one intermittent “ghost” issue. I also appreciate that they’ll take the time to talk to you thoroughly and what they see needs immediate attention and what can wait.

E. S. Avatar
E. S.

Scott's automotive has the friendliest and

most trustworthy service techs in town. Unlike some of the larger dealers in the area (who seem intent on squeezing me for every last service dollar they can get), these guys and gals really do have the customer's best interest at heart. I'll continue to trust them with my Subaru Forrester and Hyundai SantaFe.

David Starkweather Avatar
David Starkweather

The whole team is super friendly and forthright about any repairs your vehicle needs. They are great about helping you prioritize repairs or needs based on your budget and I love the text/email delivery of your vehicle assessment as well. I got a ride home in the courtesy shuttle even though I was the only customer there who needed one and really appreciated it. I highly recommend Scott's for their quality of service, excellent and friendly employees, and ability to explain service needs to their customers.

Jennifer Tucker Avatar
Jennifer Tucker

We brought my son's car to Scott's for brake repair 2 days before moving back to California! David was great, he helped us understand what the process would be. They do a full auto inspection overview and send it to you for review. They have loaner vehicles if you have insurance. They even finished early for us!! The whole process was great. I highly recommend them. Billy was great too!

Sherry .Brancaccio Avatar
Sherry .Brancaccio

Awesome team of people. They are all very friendly and helpful at Scotts. I gave them 5 stars right off the bat. Not only do they give you photos and a detailed quote, but they give free car rentals! I was dreading to deal with my car issues for so long, mostly because I wasn't sure how to get to and from work. I finally took my car into Scott's and that was the best idea I have made in a while. Car rental ready to drive right when I arrived at Scott's, I could use it as long as needed until my car is fixed or I choose to take it. They saved me from a ton of stress. I wish I took my car to them way sooner. They are honest and they care. Even if their prices are slightly higher then a cheap car repair company's would be, they do good quality and are so hospitable & caring! Definately recommend. Top notch service. I will be going to Scott's for major repairs and auto care for a long time!!!

Ashley Parsons Avatar
Ashley Parsons

My 1st time to stop in after driving by often also receiving promotions in the local coupon books. Being knowledgeable about cars, I really would like to simply deal with someone who is straight, fairly priced, and technically competent. I am impressed. I will be going back.

Larry Leonard Avatar
Larry Leonard

I was surprised and extremely happy with the level of service that received. Not only was everyone super nice and helpful but the amount of information I received about my car was amazing, clear, and easy to understand! I have never seen another shop so organized, honest, and friendly! They have made me a customer for life!

Luke Grossaint Avatar
Luke Grossaint

Scott's is the best auto shop I have ever worked with. All the employees are very friendly, thorough, and knowledgable. Prices are fair and the work is spectacular. They are a pleasure to work with and turn a stressful situation into an easily manageable one. Highly recommend to anyone!!!

Nicole D Avatar
Nicole D

Honest, down to earth and super friendly. It’s nice to finally find a mechanic that can help me understand what is wrong with my car and not just what it costs. Love the mechanic report that was emailed after my visit, very informative and a nice perk. I will definitely be coming back.

Tanya Thornton Avatar
Tanya Thornton

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Billy and Dave are amazing to deal with. I needed to purchase a used pick- up, I know nothing about cars. I was referred by a friend who is a single woman, she told me they had always treated her exceptionally well. I called, spoke to Billy. He asked what I needed in a truck, he told me exactly what truck to look for. When I found the truck I called and Dave got me right in. From the moment I walked in they treated me like I was their best customer, although I had never been there. They did a VERY thorough inspection (2 hours). Didn't try to sell me anything, just told me it had been well maintained and gave me a print out of items that could use some attention in the future. My wife and I sat there in the recliners and listened to them treat each and every customer the exact same way we were treated... like FAMILY! I see no reason to look further, I found my auto repair shop.

Kevin Mallouf Avatar
Kevin Mallouf

Honest, exceptional pricing, friendly and knowledgable car experts. Not the usual up sale tactics. This place gets you in on short notice, does the job they said they would and have you out in the time frame they promise at the price they quoted. Truly Loveland’s best auto repair shop! I’m glad Scott’s opened the Loveland shop.

Troy Krenning Avatar
Troy Krenning

Thanks Scott’s Auto for fixing my car. You did the repair in the time you said, the cost was very reasonable. Thank you!

Edward Kissam Avatar
Edward Kissam

Scott’s auto gets 5 stars for many reasons. They have OUTSTANDING customer service. Mike helped me! He helped me understand what was wrong with my car. He let me know what should be fixed right away and what could wait. He sent me a report I could easily pull up on my phone and it showed everything... including pictures of my car and what needed to be fixed. The price was super reasonable. I highly recommend them. I just moved here from out of state and I’m blessed I found someone I can trust with my car! Thank you mike and Scott’s auto. You guys rock!

kiley stafford Avatar
kiley stafford

Best experience I’ve ever had getting tires and service. I’ve needed tires for a while, but with a bent rim I’ve been putting it off. I walked into Scott’s in Loveland to inquire and was taken care of right away. Sean the general manager looked at my car and said they could fix the rim and put new tires on my car with an alignment ( I thought I needed one). And they loaned me a nice car for the day to drive. Turns out I didn’t need an alignment and was not charged for one. The shop is clean and the service was impeccable. I will be taking my car there from now on for whatever it needs. Highly highly recommended!!!!

Patty Brown Avatar
Patty Brown

These guys have fixed my vehicle for free twice now while coming through foco. Excellent service, and very much appreciated. Maybe I'll have a problem that you gentleman can actually make money on some day!

Tim Becker Avatar
Tim Becker

The technology used by Scott's Fort Collins Auto was phenomenal! I live out of state and I was able to use their app to view the problem with my truck. It was cool to see the photos of my vehicle by licence plate number when I was not there to find out the results of why I broke down in the middle of the night.

Berta Monroe Avatar
Berta Monroe

This is perhaps the only auto repair shop that I’ve genuinely trusted to help me with the best of their ability. Everyone I’ve spoken to has shown me nothing but kindness and professionalism! Their interactions with customers prove that their goal is to develop a trusting relationship with customers rather than a one time sale. Thank you for being so helpful and reliable!

Sydney Correll Avatar
Sydney Correll

Back for round 2 at Scott’s! Did a great job yet again and this time I got a loaner car from them which was SO nice and convenient! Like I said the first time (below) I will definitely be returning! Thanks guys!

Waited a bit longer than I had expected since I had an appointment, but stellar customer service and very helpful staff! Definitely will be returning!

Amy Sheflet Avatar
Amy Sheflet

The Loveland location has a fantastic waiting room with comfortable chairs and refreshments. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and transparent as they walked me through the issues with my car and gave advice about how to fix them. I had a great experience and will be returning.

Ryan Haunfelder Avatar
Ryan Haunfelder

From the moment I stepped into Scott’s Fort Collins Auto I was treated with the utmost respect by William Maslow. He was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. He was understanding, compassionate, patient, open, and warm. He was timely in finding the answers and resolutions in regards to my vehicles needs. He was clear and to the point, and was ready to educate me with photos of my vehicles problems and offered many solutions . The mechanics who fixed the vehicle did an absolutely amazing job!! My vehicle now runs smoothly and is once again operational!!!! Hats off to your crew, and may your company have much prosperity!!!!!! Great job guys!!!!! And thanks again!!!!!! 😌

paulette martinez Avatar
paulette martinez

Had my 2008 BMW repaired by Scott’s Fort Collins location. They even came and towed my vehicle when it broke down the way to their shop. Friendly, honest and prompt service! Definitely, my new go to for repairs and service.

Sheryl Brake Avatar
Sheryl Brake

They seemed to give my car a thorough inspection and did the work I knew was needed for a fair price. Would recommend.

Patrick Howard Avatar
Patrick Howard

The gang at Scott's was awesome! My car needed a lot of work and they made sure to explain every bit of work they were doing. The service was excellent! I'll be using them for future maintenance. Thanks again Scott's!

Chris Horner Avatar
Chris Horner

I already have a mechanic that I take my car for service, however my car needed an alignment and my mechanic does not have the equipment to do an alignment. My friend recommended Scott's so I took my car to Scott's for an alignment. Staff was friendly and patient. They recommended an engine oil flush (where they put this product into the oil and run the car for a certain amount of time and then flush out the oil). My mechanic gave me the same product to use and I poured it in before going to an oil change. It was the same service, except Scott's was going to cost more money. They wanted to perform the same service on my car that my mechanic wanted to do except it is cheaper with my mechanic. I wanted to pick up my car on the day of the big snow storm, and their shuttle service was not running, but one of the staff members picked me up in his personal car. It was great customer service. If my mechanic cannot do the work on my car for whatever reason, I am bringing my car to Scott's- it is expensive, but they are professional, friendly, honest, and trustworthy.

Mara Vinton Avatar
Mara Vinton

Friendly place. Efficient service. They got my tires mounted in a timely manner and got me on my way. I would recommend Scott's tire and automotive. Thanks guys.

Sal D'Ambrosia Avatar
Sal D'Ambrosia

I had my head gaskets replaced on my 07 Impreza and they took great care of my car. Everyone I spoke with at Scott’s was very friendly, helpful and patient with my multiple questions and phone calls. The pricing was also fair. These guys are great!

Cassandra D Avatar
Cassandra D

I received amazing customer service at Scott's! They take the time to educate you on their service and repairs that are needed. They go way above and beyond to create a great and trustworthy experience! I recommend them to everyone!

Joshua Enright Avatar
Joshua Enright

I have had to take my vehicle to Scott’s a few times. I trust them with my vehicle and they are always willing to work with me, no matter how silly my questions are.

When I first took my vehicle in, it was in rough shape. They did a comprehensive review and were able to pinpoint the issue. They guarantee their work and were able to provide a loaner vehicle, which was incredibly helpful.

Scott’s is fantastic! I won’t take our vehicles anywhere else!

Christina VanderBeek Avatar
Christina VanderBeek

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