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Service & Repair for European Vehicles

You can find a mechanic on practically any corner of a busy city like Fort Collins, but you don’t want an inexperienced or poorly trained technician banging around under the hood of a European car. While domestic vehicles are so common that any good mechanic is familiar with them, vehicles from brands like Land Rover, Saab, and Volvo are less likely to show up on a daily basis. Stick with a team that has been working on the finest European automobiles for decades by only trusting Scotts Fort Collins Auto to handle your four-wheeled pride and joy.

From the smallest adjustments to major body and engine work, we do it all. Building a well rounded team allows Scotts to rise to the challenge when a customer comes in with something unusual. Even if other mechanics have failed to find the cause behind a noise or troubling loss of steering control, we will get to the heart of the issue and discuss what we find with you for informed decision making. Being a European car owner means getting involved, but you don’t have to become a mechanic yourself just to keep it in good shape. Our ASE I-1 Euro Tech was brought on the team specifically to handle the best in European engineering, so bring those German and Swedish automobiles to us.

Servicing Audi Cars

With sleek exteriors and powerful engines, Audi compacts and sedans make great daily commuter vehicles. You get the thrills of the chase while arriving in time for the morning meeting. Of course, that will only happen in an Audi Quattro or TTS that stays tuned with regular visits to Scotts. Signs of age like corroded spark plugs and worn out wires mean we need to perform a full tune up for the electrical system. Cars that are only a few years old may still need plenty of minor repairs if you haven’t stuck to a strict maintenance and inspection schedule. We can wrap up all of those loose ends stealing power from the engine while you continue with your plans in a free loaner car.

BMW Care

Muscular SUVs and high tech electric cars are expanding the line up available from Germany’s BMW brand. Whether you prefer the classic luxury sedan or one of the more unusual offerings, we’ll keep it maintained for you. Our technicians have passed the rigorous testing standards of the Automotive Service Excellence group, bestowing upon them ASE certification. We’ve even added an ASE I-1 Euro Tech specialist to the group to ensure every repair we make on a BMW is done correctly the first time. This confidence in our work has inspired a limited warranty for repairs, protecting you and your car for the first 12 months or 12,000 miles. Put off the big and costly repairs with timely oil changes and inspections at Scotts.


Jaguar has been producing luxury sports cars since the end of World War II, and some of those original releases are still on the road today thanks to the hard work of collectors and restorers. Convertible F-Type and XK models often need the frame or cover repaired when a small rip starts compromising the material. Our stock of OEM repair parts will ensure that we can get you in and out for repairs without a long wait. If a specialty part is needed, you can avoid the hassles of arranging for a rental car by using our free loaner program instead. Making an appointment and scheduling your repairs ensures we have a car available for you to borrow as the work is completed.

Land Rovers

Not all great European cars from the continent. The United Kingdom is also well represented in our service line up with top selling brands like Land Rover. Being designed for military and farm use made the first designs sturdy and safe, and the newest Land Rover rolling off of the line continues that tradition. We can outfit your Rover with a set of mud tires or shocks designed for heavy duty use if you prefer to take it off road for fun on the weekends. Club members are encouraged to make appointments before big local events to ensure we have plenty of time to work on your Range Rover to get it ready for the race, tour, or other outing.

Mercedes Benz

With the newest S-Class sedans receiving top praise, many Mercedes Benz owners are patting themselves on the back for making such a good investment. Of course, a Benz only retains value and stays a valuable asset when it’s in good condition. Allowing the oil to become dark and thick could burn the seals and leave your engine smoking. If you prefer a purring engine to one that stalls and stutters, make Scotts your home for European car repair. Minor engine troubles quickly add up to big problems with equally large price tags. We’ll fill up your vehicle with appropriate oil and transmission fluid blends so that you maintain the same level of performance and control as when the car first rolled off of the dealer’s lot.

Mini Cooper

Once you get used to the handling of a Mini Cooper, spending even one day without going for a spin in it becomes difficult. Get your fix of speed and fun by keeping your MC out of the garage and on the road with routine maintenance. A new belt here and a replaced distributor cap there reduces the chances of needing to call for roadside assistance. When you choose Scotts Fort Collins Auto for your car repairs, you’re getting the peace of mind that only a warranty can provide. Even used cars qualify for the protection that lasts 12,000 miles or 12 months on the work we do for you. Why choose anyone else to maintain your Mini Cooper?


Some drivers avoid European imports like the mighty Porsche because they associate these cars with higher maintenance and repair costs. While it is true that top quality engines require attention on a regular basis, you end up saving money in the long run when you have a car that can last two to three decades. Classic car collectors know that a Porsche is worth repairing when transmission issues start to pop up. We can source the perfect replacement and have it in the car as quickly as possible. Front axle and cooling issues are just as easy for us to fix, and usually require shorter wait times. We’ll give you an estimate of the time needed as soon as an initial inspection is completed.


With a background in aerospace engineering, the Saab manufacturing plants in Sweden produce cars fit for the future. Choosing the 9-3 or 9-2 as your main vehicle is a good way to save on gas without giving up your sporty driving experience. Transmission issues are not uncommon with some production years and models, so come in every 50,000 miles to make sure your fluids and seals are still in good condition. Prompt replacement of a damaged part can protect the rest of the transmission from damage, especially in the case of the clutch in manual vehicles. Let our ASE I-1 Euro Tech expert tackle your most pressing vehicle problems, then come back for a second check up to see if the repairs are holding.


When was the last time your Volvo had its cabin air filter or fuel filter changed? If you can’t recall, you’re overdue for a visit to Scotts. Stopping by every time the odometer rolls over another 30,000 miles is the best way to spend less time worrying about the possibility of big problems under the hood. We catch mechanical issues early and solve them immediately to prevent you from spending all day sitting in our waiting room. If you’ve spotted fluids on the driveway under your car, call for an appointment rather than trying to play car detective and spot the leak yourself. A few minutes of testing from one of our technicians will have the problem pinpointed and ready for repair.


It’s rare that one car brand manages to capture devoted buyers from both college students and mature adults enjoying retirement, but Volkswagen has a wide appeal with drivers looking for a safe ride. A Jetta or Golf can only go so many thousands of miles before it needs a new timing belt and some new spark plugs. Busy drivers should arrange to drop in during a lull so we can get them back on the roads as quickly as possible. If we can’t speed up the work, we’ll match you up with an available loaner car for free. There’s no need to miss classes or call off from work to arrange for the car repairs you need.

Scotts Fort Collins Auto is always working hard to improve our pool of experience and knowledge with new members. With an ASE I-1 Euro Tech on staff, we truly are the best service center in this region of Colorado for dealing with European imports. There is no reason to roll the dice with mechanics lacking in certification when our bays are open and ready to receive you. Stop by for a quick inspection anytime you suspect a problem and watch as your annual repair costs shrink. You can contact us at (970) 692-5313 to make an appointment today.


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