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Why You Should Rebalance Your Tires

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If you’re a driver, you’ve heard that you need to rebalance your tires, but why? For many people, it seems like another mundane task to add to already busy schedules. However, if you don’t take time to rebalance your tires, you could be subjecting yourself to unsafe driving conditions, more expenses, and other unwanted problems.


What Is Tire Rebalancing? 

As you drive and put more mile on your car and tires, weight begins to shift around the tires and causes them to be unbalanced. Tire rebalancing helps evenly distribute the weight to keep your drive smooth. Additionally, it helps that tires are worn evenly so they last longer. 


How Do You Know If Your Tires Are Unbalanced?

If you notice that your steering wheel or other parts of your car begin to vibrate while you are driving at higher speeds, it is time to take your car in to have the tires balanced. The vibration and shakiness means that weight is not properly distributed, and a mechanic should take a look at it.


It’s yet another thing to add to a list of your to-dos, but by balancing your tires you can save yourself from wear and tear that can’t be repaired without replacing the tires. 


Below are 4 reasons you should rebalance your tires often according to Driving Life:

You’ll increase the longevity of your tires 

By properly taking care of your tires, you’ll be able to make them last longer. When you get your tires rebalanced, you help make sure that they don’t wear out prematurely. This will help save you money in the long run, as the average set of new tires is around $600. It is worth your time to make sure your tires are balanced often. 

A smoother, more comfortable drive 

When your tires are out of balance it can cause uncomfortable riding circumstances, like having your car vibrate or shake. Rebalancing your tires gives you a more smooth ride, that way you can be comfortable your entire trip. In worst case scenarios, the vibrating can affect your ability to drive and steer. If you notice vibration in your vehicle, see a mechanic immediately. 

You’ll reduce chances of an accident due to skidding, wobbling, or hopping 

Uneven tires can cause uneven tread wear. This means that you’re more likely to have unneeded stress on your tires that will cause them to give you more problems: like accidents due to skidding or sudden blow outs. 

Less maintenance cost of retreading tires 

You save money when you regularly rebalance your tires. According to Auto Service Costs, the average cost of rebalancing your tires is $40. When you have to repair the tires, you will spend far more money than you would by rebalancing the tires in the first place. Another perk? You’ll save money on gas. When your tires are not balanced, your engine uses more gas. 

How Do You Rebalance Tires?

When your tires are balanced, the mechanic will use a machine to evaluate the weight of the tires and see if it needs to be balanced or not. If they aren’t balanced, the mechanic will attached small lead weights to the tire’s rim to help even out the weight. This makes them even all across the tire, helping get rid of the annoying unbalanced symptoms, like the vibration.


Our tip: Balance your tires every 6,000-7,000 miles. It’s a good idea to see if you need them rotated and balanced when you go to get your oil changed. 


Overall, rebalancing your tires is necessary to make sure you remain safe on the road. If you don’t rebalance the tires, you can have uncomfortable driving conditions, have a hard time steering, or even find yourself in avoidable situations like a tire blowing out or an accident caused by skidding. If you want to make your tires last longer and remain safe on the streets, ask us about tire rebalancing today. 


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