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What You Need to Know About Transmission Repairs

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August 24, 2020
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As you age, your car does too. Over a period of time, your car’s transmission can begin acting up. Yearly inspections can help catch transmission problems early on. However, if you wait until there’s a problem you’ll begin experiencing signs that you’re in need of a transmission repair. Here’s what you need to know about costly transmission repairs and what you can do to try and avoid them. 

What Does the Transmission Do? 

The transmission is essentially your car’s gearbox. Haynes notes that this gearbox is the component that turns the engine’s power into something the car can use to run on. Without it, you would sit in your car with the engine running, but you wouldn’t actually be able to get from point A to point B. 

Haynes further details that there are different types of transmissions found in cars:

  • Manual – This is the most common version. You need gears to run a car, because if you didn’t have them, your car’s engine would run so quickly it would destroy itself. The gearbox contains gears that are all different sizes and multiply the engine’s pulling power, which prevents that loud revving sound. By placing the car in the right gear, you’re guaranteeing that it will run to the best of its ability. 
  • Semi-automatic -this type of transmission has an automatic clutch that allows you to change gears without having to use a clutch pedal. Sensors, actuators, and processors do the job of operating the clutch as you change gear at the exact time it needs to, so there’s no gear crunching happening. 
  • Dual-clutch automatic – this is a variation of the automated manual transmission. It’s a little better because it doesn’t just look after the operation of the clutch, but also the gear changes. 
  • Fully automatic – instead of a mechanical clutch, the automatic gearbox uses fluid to connect the engine to the gearbox. However, the fluid only works appropriately when it’s being spun by the engine. When under pressure, the fluid acts on a series of brakes and clutches. The gears are always engaged here, so gear selection is smooth. 
  • Constantly variable – with most automatic gearboxes, there are only a few gears, so performance and economy can be compromised. On this type, there’s almost an infinite number. 

Problems with the Transmission

As you probably realize, the transmission is an intricate mechanical system. Due to this, it can experience more wear and problems over time because of the heat and friction caused by all of the moving parts. When it comes to transmission issues, there are common problems. These problems include: 

  • Lack of response
  • whining, clunking, or humming
  • Leaking/low fluid
  • Grinding or shaking
  • Burning smell
  • Refuses to go into gear 
  • Check engine light is on
  • Transmission noisy in neutral
  • Gears slipping
  • Dragging clutch
  • Trouble codes 

Why is a Transmission Repair so Costly? 

The final cost of a transmission repair depends on the severity of the problem and the type of car you drive. If your transmission has to be completely rebuilt or have most of the parts replaced, the repair will be expensive. However, some transmission repairs are minor, like just needing the fluid changed, which doesn’t cost as much. You can prevent costly repairs by bringing your car in for preventative maintenance. 

Count on Scott’s 

Transmission repair and replacement are among the costliest and most time consuming services to need for your car.  Getting routine maintenance on your transmission is the best way to avoid that bump in the road. Bring your car to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair and our team of experts will give the system a careful inspection and change your transmission fluid. 

Don’t wait! Stop by now and let us ensure your travel comfort and safety.  Click on the Appointment tab to let us know when you plan to swing by or just drop in any time between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.  We’re ready to help!

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair is located at 1900 E. Lincoln Ave Fort Collins, Colorado.  You may also reach us by phone at (970) 682-4202.  We proudly serve Colorado residents in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland, as well as Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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