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What Paperwork Do I Really Need to Keep in My Car?

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What-Paperwork-Do-I-Really-Need-to-Keep-In-My Car?

If you opened your glove compartment right now, what would you find? This storage area in your car is a great place to keep all the files you might need if you get pulled over or in an accident. However, most of the time we fill it with junk we accumulate and it’s hard to find the papers you need when you need them. Here’s what paperwork you should keep and what you shouldn’t to help you keep that glove box clear of clutter. 

Paperwork to Keep in Car

Knowing what to keep in your car can help you prevent clutter and the accumulation of  unnecessary papers. When you get pulled over, keeping less clutter in your glovebox can help you easily find what you need. In addition, it can also prevent panic from wondering if what you need is in there or not. 

It’s also important to not stuff napkins, unused fast food sauces, and junk that you hide from other passengers in your glovebox. Here is what you should keep in your glovebox. 

  • Proof of insurance: when you get car insurance, the insurance provider will give you a proof that you need to keep in your car at all times. This is one of the most important items to keep in your car especially when pulled over. 
  • Medical information: in case of an accident, you should have a list of your medical history in your car. You should include any allergies or medical conditions you have that emergency first responders should know about in case you can’t give them that information yourself. 
  • Pens and paper: this comes in handy if you are ever in a car accident and need to write down the other party’s information or things of that nature. 
  • Owner’s manual: the owner’s manual will be a handy tool if you need to understand what flashing lights on your dash mean or if your car needs maintenance. 

Other things that are nice to have if you need are things like eyeglasses for driving, flashlight, a map incase technology fails, tape, a first aid kit and some quick snacks. 

The Reason Behind the Paperwork

Your proof of insurance details your auto policy which is what first responders like police officers need in case of an accident or being pulled over.

A proof of insurance is proof that your car insurance is up to date and valid, according to Policy Genius. They suggest thinking of it much like your insurance card, where it shows you have an active policy and gives details to whoever is looking at it so they can validate the information on your account. 

Other than policy information, Policy Genius lists the other things listed on the card to be:

  • The name of the insured
  • Address 
  • Vehicle information
  • Policy effective and expiration dates
  • Policy number 
  • Coverage amount 

When Do I Need to Show Proof?

In some states, there’s a minimum amount to the coverage you buy. Additionally, almost all states require drivers to have car insurance. This is most important when you’re involved in an accident so you can show the others involved that you’re covered, and give them details to share with their respective insurance providers. 

Another scenario is if you’re pulled over. Oftentimes, when you’re pulled over, the police officer will ask for your proof of insurance. If you can’t provide it at the time, they’re able to issue a citation. If you had insurance but not the proof at the time of being pulled over, you can take your proof to court. While at court, if you can show you had coverage when you were pulled over, the citation many times will be removed. 

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