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What is an Engine Overhaul?

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September 9, 2020
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September 23, 2020
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If you have an old car, it might need an engine overhaul. An overhaul is what it’s called when you have to have most of the major parts of your car’s engine replaced. This can be more cost-friendly than just buying a new car, but it needs to be done by someone experienced, like our professional team here at Scott’s Auto! 

The Engine 

Your car’s engine is the center of life for your car. It’s an intricate machine that works to convert heat from burning gas into the force that turns your car’s wheels. How A Car Works explains that the engine has a chain of reactions that allows it to do this, all set in motion by a spark. The spark ignites a mixture of petrol vapor and compressed air inside a momentarily sealed cylinder, which causes it to rapidly burn. As the mixture burns, power is provided to the car so you can drive it. 

Signs an Engine is Failing

If you notice any of these signs, your vehicle’s engine could be having problems:

  • The warning lights come on. If you notice a warning light come on that you haven’t seen lit up before, you could be having problems. These lights are connected to sensors that pay attention to everything your car does. If something doesn’t seem right, these lights signal to you what part of the car is having issues. The ‘check engine’ light is troubling when it appears because it could mean a wide array of things. 
  • You notice rough jerks. When you drive, you should never be feeling any sort of jerking, surging, or stalling. Your trip should be smooth and easy, but if your car is beginning to make these rough movements, it’s often a sign of engine trouble. This could be caused by bad spark plugs, clogged fuel lines, the main computer reading the driving situation wrong, or a number of other issues.
  • There are loud noises. If you hear a popping or tapping sound while you’re on the road, it could be your car trying to tell you that there’s a problem with the engine’s cylinders. This problem occurs when gas ignites too soon in the combustion chamber of the cylinders. If you hear noises that are not normal for your vehicle, it’s time to bring it into Scott’s. 
  • You smell things. When you begin to smell things within your car while you’re driving, that’s a sign of trouble. Different smells could mean there’s a leak of some sort, exhaust coming in where it shouldn’t, and more. If the inside of your car smells like it does when you stand right behind it, you should exit the vehicle immediately and get it inspected. Cars can release carbon monoxide, which is toxic and can be deadly. If you smell rubber, you could have issues with the belts or hoses. No matter the smell, if it’s new, act on it and take your car in to be inspected. 
  • There’s smoke. Smoke can come from both the front and back of the car. However, no matter where it comes from, it’s never good. Smoke could mean your car is overheating, oil is escaping, or something else. If you see smoke, bring your car in.

An Engine Overhaul 

If you notice any of the problems above, it may be time for an engine overhaul. An engine overhaul. Every make and model is unique and, beyond that, each individual vehicle’s needs will vary depending on how well it was maintained by current and previous owners, the driving conditions it has performed under, and so on. Repairs can be costly and time consuming. Here at Scott’s Auto & Repair, our team of experts will examine your vehicle and provide a maintenance or repair plan customized to keep you safe and comfortable and on the road with as few problems as possible. 

An engine overhaul can bring your engine back to life. Essentially, it is the process of deconstructing the current engine and having new internal pieces placed. This involves new cylinders, valves, springs, and more. If you think you are having engine problems, don’t wait to bring your car in. Waiting could mean you have to replace the engine altogether, which will not only leave you without your car for a good chunk of time, but it will cost you a good chunk of change too. 

Rely on Scott’s Professional Team

Stop by Scott’s for a consultation if you think you’re having problems. Simply make an appointment or just stop on by. We’re here for you! 

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