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What is ADAS?

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What is ADASAn advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is a feature that automates difficult or repetitive driving tasks and alerts the driver of vital information, with the goal of improving safety on the road for everyone. ADAS is becoming more common with each new model year. If you’re car shopping soon, look for these advanced driver assistance systems that make driving easier and safer.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is a lifesaver on the highway. When you’re in busy I-25 traffic, adaptive cruise control automatically slows down and speeds up your car in response to other vehicles around you.

Adaptive Light Control

Swiveling and rotating headlights help you see better in the dark. This feature is especially useful on winding canyon roads west of Fort Collins.

Automatic Braking

While cars with this advanced driver assistance system still rely on human input for the majority of braking, an automatic braking response can prevent collisions – or least lessen the damage – if your attention lapses behind the wheel.

Parking Assist & Automatic Parking

An ADAS that assists with parking may simply provide a view of the rear and sides of your vehicle on a dashboard display. Other systems perform the entire parking process automatically.

Blind Spot Detection

A variety of cameras and sensors help you detect cars in your blind spots. Some advanced driver assistance systems sound an alarm if you start to change lanes while something’s in your blind spot. Others turn on a dashboard display when you engage the blinker so you can check your blind spot without craning your neck.

Collision Avoidance

A radar sensor monitors your car’s speed and the distance from the front of your vehicle to any objects in your path. If the system detects the possibility of a collision, it sounds a warning. If the driver doesn’t act, the system may take control of the steering wheel and brakes.

Drowsiness Detection

Cameras and facial recognition software measure your muscle movements, blinking patterns, head angle, and other warning signs that you’re becoming drowsy. It issues an alarm and flashes lights encouraging you to pull over. If the ADAS thinks you’re no longer awake, it can even pull the car over for you.

Hill Descent Control

When coming home down Poudre Canyon, this advanced driver assistance system makes the drive easier. Automatic braking keeps you at the proper speed as you navigate the winding roads back into town.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation

This system monitors how fast you’re driving and helps you obey the legal speed limit.

Lane Departure Warning & Lane-Keep Assistance

Sensors can tell where the white dotted lines are, indicating your lane. If you start to veer out of your lane, the system issues a warning to help you stay on the road. Lane-keep assistance goes one step further by adjusting the wheel automatically to keep you in your lane.

Night Vision

Night vision systems help you see things better in the dark. Active systems illuminate objects beyond your headlights with infrared light, displaying the image on a dashboard screen. Passive systems pick up thermal radiation from cars, pedestrians, and animals ahead of you. Both systems help you avoid collisions at night.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

This convenient feature alerts you when the tire pressure drops below the recommended level. This way, you don’t have to get down on the ground with a tire pressure gauge to find out how full your tires are.

Keep Your Car Going Strong with Maintenance at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto

Clearly, ADAS is the future of auto safety. But a new car doesn’t stay that way for long if you neglect it. Help your ride last longer and deliver the performance you expect with routine maintenance at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto. When the time comes for a repair, ask us about our free loaner cars!

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