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What Car Body Style Does Your Family Need?

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September 4, 2019
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Car Body Style

Car shopping is an exciting though sometimes overwhelming experience. With hundreds of new models to choose from—thousands if you count all the used car choices—you may struggle to narrow down your options. Before you even consider a specific make or model, you must decide what car body style will work best for your family. Use this guide to help you make the right choice.


This car body style has two doors and a low, fixed roof. It’s an eye-catching, sporty design for singles and couples. A coupe might be right for you if you prioritize performance and style over seating room and storage space. Some coupes have a backseat, allowing you to give rides to friends and family, but restricted access requires passengers to climb in behind the front seat.


If you’re attracted to the sporty look and feel of a coupe, a convertible might also appeal to you. The biggest difference is that convertibles have a cloth roof that can be removed or folded down. This makes it a great summertime or vacation car. However, convertibles usually ride low, making them less ideal for winter conditions.


If you have kids or are thinking of starting a family soon, a four-door sedan is a better option than a sporty coupe or convertible. This versatile quality makes sedans the most popular car body style in the world. Sedans are comfortable, fuel-efficient, and more affordable than larger SUVs. For a practical commuter car with room for up to three or four passengers, a sedan will likely meet your needs.

Hatchback and Station Wagon

Add a fifth door to the back of your sedan, and you get a hatchback or station wagon. This gives you more storage space than a four-door car without the higher fuel consumption of an SUV. While these car body styles have historically been less popular in the US market, design improvements have made for more stylish hatchbacks and station wagons in recent years, making them a possible contender for your family’s needs.


Raise the ground clearance of a hatchback or station wagon, and you have an SUV, or sport utility vehicle. The higher seating position affords a more commanding view of the road that many people enjoy. Cargo space is also abundant, and the ease of exit and entry is convenient for all passengers. Just be prepared for more frequent trips to the pump since SUVs are not nearly as efficient as lighter, smaller body styles.


A cross between a sedan and an SUV is called a crossover. This gives you the best of both worlds—more storage space and higher seat positions of an SUV with a lighter body and better fuel economy of a sedan. Just be aware that crossovers can’t off-road the way full-size SUVs can.


If your family consists of four or five kids, a minivan may be your best bet. These make the most practical family cars, with sliding doors, captain’s chairs, and individual air vents for each person. Find the right model, and you can enjoy all the comforts and pleasures of smaller body styles in this large family-hauler.

Pickup Truck

Pickups aren’t usually considered family vehicles, but they’re great if you often have things to haul around, or you need a way to tow your boat up to Horsetooth Reservoir. Trucks are also great for tailgating at CSU football games, going camping with the family, or watching movies at the drive-in. Just remember that trucks have the lowest fuel economy of any car body style, and you’ll probably be the first person your friends and neighbors call on moving day.

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