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The Most Popular Car Colors

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Studies show that your car color can tell a lot about your personality. Some car colors are sold more often than others, while others are only sold very little (like green). Some car colors tend to look dated overtime more than others, while others always stay in style. Your color of car may even indicate if you have a higher risk for getting pulled over than other car colors. Find out what your car color says about you and how popular that color is!


Car Colors: What Is the Most Popular?

If you try to guess what the most popular car color is that drivers have, you may not expect it to be white. Forbes report that white is the most popular color drivers choose, even though this color can get dirty quick depending on weather and road conditions. The top 4 colors for drivers for at least the last two years have been white first, black second and then gray and red. However, statistics show that white has been a driver favorite for the last 20 years. Silver cars come just after the top 4 colors, and even had a popularity streak in the 2000s (about 2001 to 2006).


Drivers can have any color of car that they want. However, it may not be manufactured by the specific maker of a car you want. Often, less-popular colors like neons, pastels and sparkly shades are custom-made or they are specially-made for luxury vehicles. To make luxury vehicles stand out, the car may be made in bright orange, flashy maroon or bright, pastel blue. Some vehicles (generally luxury) have a limited amount made, making the car much more expensive and special. Statistics show that car color popularity can follow trends in electronics and shades of home items consumers are buying. If a specific cell phone color is popular (like silver), cars in that color may also be popular.


How Do You Get a Custom Car Color?

Did you know that you can customize your car to be any color you want? That includes any bright, sparkly, or flashy colors you want. However, most auto places only sell cars in colors that are the most likely to sell. If you want a specific color of car, you will likely have to have it custom-made by a company that specifically does car colors. With some dealerships for new cars, you can have a new car custom-colored. However, not all dealerships offer the specific car color you may want.


For used cars, you will have to go through a car painting company instead of the dealer in many cases. Ask your local dealership about changing your car color to see what they can offer you. Because we live in the digital age, you can digitally see how your custom color will look on your car digitally to decide if you really want that color. Quality paint jobs can cost in the hundreds of dollars or the thousands, so definitely look around for the best quality at the best price. Keep in mind that the color you choose may compromise how easy it is to sell your car if you plan on doing that in the future.


A view of several car hoods that are cars of all different colors. The colors are deeper blue, yellow, silver and red.

What Color Is Best?

Auto colors come in common shades such as white, black, gray, silver, red, blue, green, brown, and tan. Reportedly, white, silver, black and gray make up 76% of the cars sold. Green only accounts for 1-2% of cars sold to drivers. What you choose will not really determine if you made a great car purchase or not. You should always buy for quality and choose trusted brands of cars. Buying new may be your best option, as you know the car hasn’t had other drivers who didn’t take care of the car.

Black car colors tend to portray power, elegance and class. White suggests purity. Red cars can exude sophistication if you choose more burgundy or maroon shades. Red in general says that you are seeking attention, sexiness, or that you are high-energy. Choosing a deeper shade will have those same connotations, but with a level of sophistication. Silver is associated more with technology, futuristic ideals and elegance. Yellow is associated with joyfulness or friendliness, while a more gold shade will show those qualities plus more sophistication. Bright greens or oranges may show that you are lively, trendy or you like fun. Blue is generally associated with dependability, confidence or calm. In all cases, a darker shade of your car color suggests sophistication.


Keep Your Car in Good Shape

No matter what car color you choose, you want to protect your car from wear and fading. The sun can definitely fade your car color over time if you don’t take measures to protect it. Easy ways to protect your car from temperature and heat that would fade and wear it is to get a car cover. These are often less than $100 and can protect your car for years from damage to the interior and exterior. There is generally a cover for any element, that you may want to consider investing in. If not, make sure you park your car in the shade and out of direct sunlight, if possible.


You can keep your car in good shape through proper auto care. The more you take care of your car, the better it will look and the longer it will last. The recommendation is to have your car maintenanced about every 5,000-7,500 miles. Batteries need to be replaced every 4-6 years, while other car parts may last longer or shorter than that. Keeping up on inspections and maintenance services such as oil and filter changes, brake realignment and engine checks can help your car last for many years. Car colors, models and brands can say a lot about the driver. We hope one of those things is that you take care of your car. You can do that by calling Scott’s Fort Collins Auto at (970) 682-4202!


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