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Use Valentine’s Day to Show Your Car Some Love

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Valentine’s Day is all about love. Though it’s a holiday to show your family and friends love, we also think you can take this opportunity to show your car a little love too! Here are 4 ways you can show love and appreciation to your car through car maintenance:

Check Your Tire Pressure

Consumer Report suggests that you should be sure to check the air pressure in your tires at least once a month. It’s equally as important to make sure you check these levels if you’e about to head out on a long road trip. When it gets cold out, it’s not abnormal for your tires to lose a little air pressure, however if you notice a big drop or can’t seem to keep air in the tires, you could have a bigger problem.

Check Your Oil Level

Each month you should check your engine’s oil to verify that it is sitting at an appropriate level. If you have a car in good condition, then checking once a month will suffice. However, if your car is older or you’ve had problems like a leak before, keep a closer eye on your oil level and bring it in to us if you ever notice a problem. 

Wash Your Car 

When life gets busy we think washing our cars can wait, however, we recommend that you wash your car at least twice a month to protect your car’s longevity. Be mindful of these conditions from Big Splash Carwash when trying to decide if it’s time for a carwash or not:

  • Where you live or have been driving: if you are near places like the beach, construction sites, or other places where your car gets dirty more quickly, it’s a good idea to wash often.
  • How often you drive: the longer your commute the each day the more dirt and debris your car is exposed to. This poses threats to your car’s finish, which is why you should remember to wash your car frequently.
  • Weather: if you’re living and driving in a location with weather conditions where it rains, snows, or has heavy wind frequently, you should wash often. 
  • Where you park: if you’re not parking in a closed garage then it’s more exposed to elements that can affect it.
  • Appearance: if you’re able to write “Wash Me!” in the dirt, you probably need a car wash. 

Washing your car will help protect it from the environmental stress it’s placed in and from premature discoloration, fading, or rusting. 

Detail the Inside

Another way to show your car a little extra love is by deep cleaning the interior of your car. Your daily activities can make your car a mess fast: from hauling the kids to and from school to extracurricular activities — to taking yourself to work and the gym —  and everything in between, it’s no surprise your car takes on a lot. You’ll feel more comfortable in your car and it will help keep your car’s value up. A win/win. 

No matter how you choose to show your car some love this Valentine’s Day – whether you do one of these tips or all – keep them in mind throughout the year to make sure you’re taking care of your car properly so it lasts years beyond what you need it to. 

If Something’s Not Right, Come See Us

At-home car maintenance can help you keep a close eye on your car. If you ever notice something isn’t quite right with your car, stop by one of our convenient locations in Fort Collins or Loveland, or make an appointment online to have us evaluate the problem. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us – (970)-682-4204. We’re here to help make sure you drive away happily every time.

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