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Subaru Maintenance and Repair

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Subaru Maintenance and Repair

Are you the proud owner of a Subaru Outback, Impreza, or Forester? These reliable cars require routine maintenance and occasional repairs to remain in good working order. If it’s time to schedule Subaru maintenance or repair in Northern Colorado, come to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto. We offer comprehensive Subaru services you can depend on.

Benefits of Keeping Up with Subaru Maintenance

You could always wait until your car breaks down to bring it to a mechanic, but you’ll miss out on some important benefits if you do. Here’s why we recommend routine Subaru maintenance:

  • Save time: It’s much easier and less time-consuming to schedule a convenient appointment rather than deal with a car that won’t start or leaves you stranded on the side of the road.
  • Stay safe: Driving an unreliable car is dangerous. Routine visits to a mechanic ensure everything is in good shape to keep you safe on the road.
  • Save money: If you think you’re saving money by skipping oil changes or other critical maintenance steps, think again. The cost to fix a broken down car is much higher than keeping a running vehicle in good operating condition.
  • Keep all vehicle components in good repair: While the engine is a primary focus of Subaru maintenance, your mechanic also checks the brakes, tires, axles, and other elements that are critical to the safety and reliability of your vehicle.
  • Retain your car’s value: If you ever plan on selling your car, you might be able to ask for a higher price if you have the paperwork that proves you kept up with maintenance over the years.

Aspects of Subaru Repair & Maintenance

At Scott’s Fort Collins Auto, we offer a full array of Subaru services to keep your car running smoothly. Take a look:

  • Brake repair: As the single most critical safety feature of any car, your brakes need routine inspections to check whether they’re wearing out. If they are, we can replace the pads promptly to ensure your vehicle always comes to a safe stop.
  • Clutch repair: If your Subaru has a manual transmission, you may need clutch repair if the pedal ever starts to feel “soft” and sinks to the floor with almost no resistance.
  • Shock and strut replacement: Shocks and struts are responsible for making your ride smooth and comfortable. They also ensure safe steering. We recommend replacing your shocks and struts every 50,000 to 60,000 miles before they wear out completely.
  • Air conditioning recharge and repair: When the heat of summer starts making your drive uncomfortable, come to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto for an air conditioning recharge. If that doesn’t get the cold air blowing, we can repair any damaged components of your car’s AC.
  • Transmission services: If your Subaru is having trouble shifting, or the engine is overheating, you may need transmission services. Often, flushing or replacing the transmission fluid is all you need. If something deeper is going on, we also offer major transmission repair.
  • Axle repair: Listen for popping noises when you turn the steering wheel. This is a sign that your Subaru needs a front or rear axle repair.
  • Wheel alignment: The tires must be aligned properly to keep you in full control of your vehicle. The wheel alignment services at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto ensure each wheel’s camber, caster, and toe angle are correct.
  • Timing belt replacement: It’s wise to change the timing belt in your Subaru at regular intervals to prevent it from snapping, which could damage the engine significantly. Have the timing belt checked at 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles.
  • Engine overhaul: The engine is the heart and soul of your Subaru. If it needs a rebuild or replacement, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto is the place to go!

Schedule Subaru Maintenance & Repair in Fort Collins

The team at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto has been servicing Subaru cars, truck, and SUVs in Northern Colorado since 1993. Our goal is to help you maintain a reliable vehicle or get your broken down Subaru back on the road as soon as possible with repairs that last.

For a free service estimate, please call us at (970) 682-4202. You can also set an appointment online or stop by one of our Fort Collins or Loveland locations for more information. Remember, we offer free loaner cars for qualifying repairs, so you won’t be left without a ride while we work on your Subaru.

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