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The fuel pump generates pressure in the fuel lines to propel the gasoline from your gas tank into your engine.  Any unused gas is then propelled back into the tank.  The flow should be constant but should that consistency lessen, your car would seem increasingly sluggish.  Contamination and overheating can cause this behavior in your fuel pump, and over time your gears will wear out.

One way you can avoid this is by keeping your gas tank filled above the quarter mark.  On average, ten times the amount of fuel your pump directs to your engine is then returned, which helps keep the fluid cool.  Driving on a low tank can result in overheated fuel.

If you think your car might be dragging a bit, stop by Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair and let our team of trained experts examine your fuel system.  Click on the Appointment tab and let us know when you plan to stop by or simply drop in.  We’re available from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair is located at 1900 E. Lincoln Ave Fort Collins, Colorado.  You may also reach us by phone at (970) 682-4202.  We proudly serve Colorado residents in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland, as well as Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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