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Your alternator sends power to the electrical parts of your vehicle and creates the current that recharges your battery.  A loose belt can result in lower output which will slowly run down your battery.  At Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair, we will check your belt as part of our oil change service.  Ideally, your electrical system should be checked every spring.  Watch for poor light functionality or frequent bulb replacement, that beloved “Check Engine” service alert or, of course, a week battery, all which could indicate poor alternator productivity.


Your battery powers the starter and ignition and pretty much anything else the alternator can’t sufficiently supply.  Scott’s will check your battery during every oil change service.  We seriously recommend replacing your battery approximately every three years, just to play it safe.  For your convenience, we stock most name brand batteries.


When prompted by the ignition switch, your starter will force the internal parts of your engine into motion, then rests until the next time you start your car.  Along with your alternator, Scott’s recommends you have your starter checked each spring.

Other electrical components of your vehicle include, but certainly are not limited to: power windows, power steering, headlights and other exterior lights, windshield wipers and your defroster.

Here at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair, we value your safety.  Stop by Scott’s where our team of trained experts can examine your entire electrical system.  Click on the Appointment tab and let us know when you plan to stop by or simply drop in.  We’re available from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.


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