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Air Conditioning Repair

Those warm summer months are always just around the corner and it can get smokin’ hot!  Don’t get caught in a car without air conditioning.  Here at Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair, your vehicle will be treated by trained and certified A/C experts, regardless of make and model.  We know how to keep you comfortable by routine check-ups for early detection of problematic parts and leaks.

Scott’s can also provide evacuation and recharge service for your A/C system, if necessary.  This involves visual inspection of the belt and other accessible part for damage, functionality evaluation of the system as a whole, evacuation of refrigerant, vacuum test and recharge.

If you think your A/C might not be functioning properly or you just want to be pro-active and get a quick check-up, stop by our shop.  We want you to be cool and comfortable so you can enjoy your summer!

Scott’s Fort Collins Auto & Repair is located at 1900 E. Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524.  You may also reach us by phone at (970) 682-4202.  We proudly serve Colorado residents in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland, as well as Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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