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Safe Driving Tips to Share With Your High School Grads 

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May 19, 2021
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Did you know that only 51% of high school students reported always wearing a seatbelt? If you have a child that just graduated from high school and is getting ready to go to college or enter the workforce, now is an important time to make sure they’re prepared for the road. This is where safe driving tips come in!

We know you want your child to be safe as they leave the nest. The best way to make sure they’re safe is to educate them on what to do in the event different driving scenarios take place. Read on to learn how you can educate your child to make sure they’re driving safely when you’re not around. 

Safe Driving Tips to Share With Your High School Grads 

The best drivers are those who drive defensively. As your child begins to drive more and more on their own, they will need to learn just what it means to be a defensive driver. You might get a few eye rolls as most teens think they all drive well, however, some drive way too fast or just fail to pay good attention to what they’re doing. Here are some defensive driving tips from Nemours. We hope you’ll share these with your teens to keep them safe as they embark on this next journey in their lives.

1. Stay focused

Driving involves a lot of focus and thinking to do properly. For example, when you’re behind the wheel, you need to be focusing on the road conditions, your speed, traffic laws, signals, road markings, and more all while following directions and paying attention to other drivers on the road. Teach your teens that staying focused while driving is one of the most critical aspects to staying safe on the streets. 

2. Drive alert

We all hope our teens know better than to drive under the influence or overly tired, but it is important to reiterate. Alcohol and drugs affect how drivers react to things that happen while driving — like stopping in time if someone in front of you slams on their brakes, or braking on time when you get to a red light. Driving while sleepy also affects these reaction times. Rest up, and be smart — tell your teens not to drive under the influence or overly tired. 

3. Watch out for the other guy 

Another part of staying in control on the road is paying attention to the drivers around you. Your teen will be less likely to be caught off guard if they’re paying attention to other people on the road. Being a defensive driver includes anticipating what you think other drivers on the road will do. Anticipating what other drivers may do and making appropriate adjustments helps reduce your risk of an accident. 

Other tips to give your teens to keep them safe include teaching them to follow the speed limit and slow down, stay 4 seconds behind the car in front of them, and cut out distractions, like their cell phones, while driving. 

Help from Scott’s Auto

Another way to help make sure that your child goes off to this next step in life safely, is by making sure their car is properly functioning for them. At Scott’s Auto, we’re here to thoroughly inspect your car and catch any potential issues that could cause your teen trouble while they’re driving. 

At Scott’s the safety of you and your children on the road is our top priority. Head over to our appointment page to let us know when you’d like to swing by, or just drop in at any time during our hours of operation. We’re ready to help! 


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