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Repairing Hail Damage On Your Car

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A large hail stone on top of a roof

Getting the car of your dreams can be an amazing experience. It takes time, long hours working and sacrifices to be able to afford a nice car. Even simply having a car that runs may be a great advantage and comfort for you. However, the elements can take that hard-earned car away from you or damage it in such a way that it’s not economical to repair. One of the worst elements to damage a car is hail. The dread you feel for hail damage to your car can happen instantly as you see hail start to come down. However, you can repair your auto like new with our help and these helpful preventative tips!


Holy Hail!

Did you know that the largest reported hailstone on record was 7 inches in diameter? That’s about the size of a book! That behemoth of a hailstone came down in Aurora, Nebraska on June 22, 2003. And sadly, it may not be the last giant hailstone of its size. There are at least 5000 major hail storms in the United States each year. The National Weather Service reports that hail becomes “severe” when it starts to reach 1 inch in diameter. That is the point at which hail begins to cause damage to cars, homes, signs and more.


Close-up of a hand holding large hail stones.

The First Steps of Repair

There are several steps you need to take if you have sustained hail damage to your car:

  • First, realize that if a hailstorm has happened, then there are probably many cars that have sustained hail damage. Many people in the community will want to get their hail damage repaired as quickly as possible. Make sure to call us right away to schedule your appointment.
  • In many cases, you have to file an insurance claim first before the auto repair can be done, if you want it to be covered. The process of fixing your car runs much more smoothly if you’ve already filed a claim.
  • Get an estimate when you schedule. Take the guesswork out of making room in your budget for hail damage repair. Hopefully, all of your insurance will cover it. If not, you can always call ahead and see what—if any—costs there are. At Scott Fort Collins Auto, we strive for zero out-of-pocket expenses. You won’t get that at most places!
  • Schedule your transportation before dropping off your vehicle. Some places offer loaner cars, but these are also on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you need to drop the car off on the weekend or were late to schedule an appointment, there could be a wait time. It’s always best to make plans for transportation or have activities planned if you have to wait.
  • Take measures to prevent future hail damage from happening.


Car hood with many hail stone dents.

Should You Repair Hail Damage?

You want to get your hail damage repaired the first time it happens. Some clients would say, “why would I do that when it could storm again?” It is actually cheaper to fix hail damage from one event instead of many. This is because you run the risk of having your car slowly totaled by every storm if you wait for hail damage to compound. Trying to fix a totaled car can be very expensive and simply not worth it. It’s similar to getting dental cleanings. If you keep up on them, you never have to do the lengthy, expensive procedures. It works the same with hail damage.


What Can You Do Next Time?

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about preventing hail damage. Many people don’t have garages or carports that they can store their car in during a storm. There may not even be trees in your area to shield your car from hail and other elements. This is especially true during the work week, where many people park in large parking lots that are unprotected. Here are some tips for what you can do to limit hail damage:

  • If you live in an area prone to storms, pack several blankets (especially thick ones) in your car. These can be placed over a car windshield and other vital areas. To avoid soaked blankets, you can place a tarp over them as well.
  • Even if there is only one tree or covered area, try to move your car underneath something that can provide your car some protection.
  • Cardboard can be used to cover a car to protect it from some hail damage, as well as rugs (such as the ones found in most cars in the front seat foot area).
  • Make sure you get auto insurance. Not only will this help protect you in the even of hail damage happening to you, but car insurance can save you tons of money in the long run if anything major ever happens.
  • Find facilities that have covered parking and keep them listed with you, even if you have them listed in your actual car. Then, in a bind, you can quickly move your car to that area for protection.


Man working on dents on a car.

Say No to Hail Damage

At Scott Fort Collins Auto, we only provide the best materials to our clients. Many repair centers use fillers, drill holes and retouch paint. We restore your car to the shape it was in before—especially the paint job. Our trained technicians use special tools and machines to lift the dents out of your car instead of filling an area with new material, restoring it once more.


The next time a hail storm happens, don’t fret. You know that if hail damage does happen to your car, we can fix it. Fixing hail damage is not difficult if you go the right technicians with extensive training. Hail damage has been happening for many years and will continue to happen as long as weather exists (which is always). When you notice hail damage on your family, work, or dream car, give Scott Fort Collins Auto a call at (970) 682-4202 and we’ll get it back to the car you love!


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