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Make a Resolution for Better Car Care

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How often do you clean your car? How about taking it in to get maintenance checks and inspections? Are your car parts new? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to see if your car is in good working shape or if it could need a bit more TLC. The more you take care of your car, the longer it can last you. Use these tips to have better car care in 2019!


Resolutions, Resolutions!

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on health and fitness, but what about the health of things you use on an everyday basis? You have to maintain your own health to function properly, but maintaining the health of things you own can help you as well. We’re talking about electronics, appliances, your home, and possessions such as your car. Keeping everything you own in good shape can help ensure that they last longer, which means less stress for you in the long run.


So what do people make resolutions for? Studies show that eating healthier and exercising more are the two most popular resolutions. However, being more social and saving money are also way up there as well. How do you stay social if you have no way to get around? When will you ever save money if you are constantly having to repair the things you own? You can’t! That’s why you should add goals like better car care to your list of resolutions this year.


A driver cleaning his black car by hand.

Better Car Care: Maintenance

Most drivers want their car to last them 1-2 decades or more. You can do that best through proper car care inside and out. In the past, good car care was taking your car in for a maintenance check every 5,000 miles. Now, the recommendation is about every 7,500. Based off of that, most drivers should take their cars in for a check 1-2 times a year.


At those maintenance checks, we will change your oils and filters, can change additional filters if they are full and can check for broken car parts. We check your brakes, calipers, alignment and how the tires are working on your car. When parts are starting to wear, we can change them or you can be aware so you can change them at the appropriate time. Maintenance checks are similar to visiting a dentist. When you find and fix small areas of damage, the rest stays good.


Those simple checks will prevent major parts from breaking down and can correct issues that would lead to major problems. Some problems may even make it dangerous to be on the road. Batteries should be replaced every 2-6 years. Cylinders are about every 100,000 miles. Tires will last 20,000-30,000 miles. Better car care at home, plus maintenance checks are great resolutions you can make that will save you money in the long run.


Keep It Clean!

Want a simple car care tip? Keep your car clean! That means keeping it clean on both the inside and outside. Some people use their cars as a storage unit, stuffing as much inside as possible. Too much junk in your car can make it dangerous to drive (if you can’t see well), and the interior will wear down. When the inside starts to wear down, the outside can follow suit. Have one small bag or trash can for your garbage, and keep the rest of the car free of debris.


If you leave your car outside in the sun often, you may want to invest in a car cover. Damage from the elements can wear your car down and will affect the resale value. There are covers for the sun, rain, and even hail that can help protect your car through the years. Always invest in car insurance to cover unexpected expenses.


An overhead view of a white convertible car that is being professionally cleaned inside and out at an auto shop.


Know Your Car

When was the last time your oil was changed? How old is your car battery? Do you keep track of how much gas is in your tank? You can have better car care by thinking about the little things ahead of time. Make a conscious effort to never go down below 1/4th tank of gas, and especially avoid “running on fumes” when driving. Having barely any fuel in your car can strain car parts and will make the car harder to run.


It’s always smart to keep a record of when you had car maintenance done or when specific car parts were changed on your car. For oil changes, the date is usually located on a sticker somewhere on your dashboard. For car parts, you can know something is wrong with your car if your records show you’re getting the brakes (or other parts) fixed every year. A running log of all the work your car has can help you know what car part replacements to plan on, if you need to invest in a new car, or if you need to devote more effort to better car care.


Improved Car Care in 2019

Want a car that lasts longer? Take care of it with the few simple steps we mentioned! Keep your car clean, protect it from the elements and stay up-to-date on maintenance checks. We do countless checks at our shop such as:

  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Alignment check and repair
  • Alternators and starters
  • Belts and hoses
  • Car batteries
  • Complete engine diagnostics and repair
  • Cooling system repair and service
  • Electrical systems
  • Emissions repair
  • Fuel Pumps and lines
  • Fuel system injector cleaning
  • Oil change, filters and lube
  • Radiator repair and service
  • Timing belts and chains
  • Transmission service and repair
  • Tune ups

If your car is due for a maintenance check, and if you want more care care tips, call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto today at (970) 682-4202!

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