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Keeping a Car Clean Inside and Out

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Back windshield of a car that says "wash me".

If you use your car every single day, then you might notice it slowly becoming dirty both inside and out over time. Is keeping your car really that important if it’s not dirty on the outside? Keeping your car in good condition is always best, as you never know if you will need to resell it later. Here are some tips for keeping a clean car inside and out!


Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

The best way to have a clean car inside is to simply keep it clean right from the start. That means emptying the trash that you have every single time you get out of the car. You also don’t want to make your car a storage unit of sorts. First, no one can sit in it if you have to drive people somewhere and second, it will start to smell over time. A car is meant to travel, and you can’t travel very well when there is junk falling everywhere. That also makes for a dirty car.


Keep a clean car inside with these tips:

  • Keep a small trash bag somewhere in the car where you put all your trash. This is better than cramming the trash somewhere or throwing it on the floor.
  • Use silicone cup liners in your cup holders to catch all the dirt and grime that comes off food and other items you put there.
  • Use a toothbrush to get dirt and other particles out of the lines in your seat cushions and tiny cracks and crevices.
  • If you have a good protectant for your leather seats, you can keep them clean and longer-lasting for years.
  • Use a stain repellant for your carpet and upholstery. Everyone thinks they won’t spill in their car (especially when it’s new), but it always ends up happening. Stain repellents will help food and liquids to not set in.
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows can be tricky. Use microfiber cloths with your cleaning, especially ones made for car cleaning.
  • Buy a cloth guard if you plan on having pets in your vehicle. There are also pet seat belts that have been invented to help keep pets in place if you don’t use a cage.
  • If you use cheap products, you’ll get cheap results.


A person that is cleaning the dashboard of their car.

Cleaning the Exterior

Some people wash their cars every week, while others do it maybe once a year. Dirt that builds up over time can end up wearing down your paint job, so be aware of that. Rain can be useful for getting dirt of your car, but it also leaves lots of raindrop marks. Having a clean car on the outside can not only get you excited once more to drive a nice-looking car, but it can help keep the paint good for years to come. If you want a clean car on the outside without damaging your paint job, you need to:

  • Invest in a car-washing product. Using water and soap will still leave marks. Plus, hand soap, shampoos, dish soap and other cleaners were not made for cars. These can strip off a car’s protective wax over time.
  • Rinse off your car before starting, so small particles don’t get scrubbed into the paint job, scratching it.
  • Buy a large, soft sponge for your car (like the large yellow ones with holes). Use separate sponges for the car’s exterior and the car tires. Your tires could have dirt, rocks and other materials on them that can scratch your paint job if you use the same sponge for both.
  • When sponging, don’t do it in circular motion, which creates fine scratches. Scrub across the car doors and hood in a single direction.
  • Use two water buckets for cleaning. One with the soap in it and one to rinse off the sponge with. Why? Dirt particles you’ve already cleaned can scratch your car.
  • Clean the dead bugs off the front of your car with a dryer sheet, being very gentle to not create scratches. Using windshield cleaners at gas stations helps as well.


Close-up view of a person washing their car with a big yellow sponge.

Clean as a Whistle

Parting of having a clean car is also making sure all the parts are good and in working order. You never want rusted parts or ones that don’t work, because the entire integrity of your car will be compromised. You should bring your car in for oil changes 1-2 times a year, or about every 7,500 miles. That oil change, plus a full service on all your parts will ensure they are all working as they are supposed to. Those small checks over time can save you lots of money in the long run and can make your car last much longer. With a car clean on the inside and outside, you’ll enjoy a much easier ride.


Why a Professional?

Always take your car to professionals. When you take all the time you do to keep your car clean inside and out, you don’t want all that work to be undone. Our highly-skilled ASE-certified technicians offer comprehensive knowledge and experience. We can give you tips for keeping your car clean and in the best shape possible. We want your car to last for as many years as possible, and it can depending on the car you give it. For all your servicing and tire needs, or to simply ask for car help, call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto at (970) 682-4202!

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