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How You Can Get the Best Trade-In Price For Your Car 

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If you’re thinking about trading your car in, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in the best shape possible so you get the most out of your trade. Before you trade your car in, read these tips to make sure you can get the best trade-in price. 

Car Value 

Your car’s value is what it will sell for. As of October 2020, used car values are up 15% compared to 2019 with low interest rates and an increased demand, it’s a good time to consider trading in or selling your car if that is something you’re interested in. 

How to Get the Best Trade-In Value 

As soon as you drive your car off the dealership lot, how you care for it will determine what it’s worth overtime. If you’re not diligent in making sure it’s always running efficiently, keeping it clean, and taking it in for tune ups regularly, you risk not getting a good trade-in price when you think it’s time for your next vehicle. If you want to get the best trade-in value for your vehicle, follow these tips from Consumer Reports

Exterior curb appeal

You wouldn’t try to sell your house with the yard overgrown and paint chipped on the exterior because curb appeal matters. When it comes to your car, when you’re ready to try and sell, make sure that you give the car a good wash and wax. If there is any paint chipped or small dents on the exterior, there are tips you can find online to easily touch those up and make them look their best when you go to sell. 

Clean the interior 

Make sure you remove all of your personal items from the interior of your car before you head to trade it in. Further, you should make sure that the carpet, seats, and dash are all free of dust, dirt, and crumbs. If any of the floor mats are worn out, throw them out and replace them. To finish, clean your windows with an auto-glass cleaner and microfiber towel. 

Repair problems 

For problems happening that are easy to fix, do it. For example, making sure your headlights aren’t foggy, or the volume knob on the radio isn’t missing can make a difference in your car’s value. If there are major repairs needed, like large dents or tires, let the dealership handle it. Even though it will affect your car’s value, it will be cheaper for your dealership to fix than you to pay for it to be done. 

Clean the engine

A lean engine compartment also makes a good impression. Use a gentle household cleaner and wet washcloth on a cold engine, carefully wiping away dirt and dust. 

The Importance of Tune Ups

Before you even consider trading in your car, you should be prioritizing regular tune ups for your car. Your engine has dozens of parts that work to start and run your vehicle. For your engine to be able to perform optimally, these parts need to be replaced at various intervals as they gradually wear out. When this happens, it can begin to affect your fuel efficiency, emissions, and similar things. 

At Scott’s Auto, we offer tune ups where we thoroughly check your vehicle’s system performance and let you know if we detect any areas of concern. Over time, dirt and oils can also build up in your engine, so we might also recommend a cleaning of your fuel system. Our professional team is able to repair or replace any faulty parts and get you back on the road quickly. 

Come See the Scott’s Team

At Scott’s Auto, how your car travels and your safety are what is most important to us. If you believe your car is overdue for a tune up, stop by one of our four locations today. With locations in Fort Collins, Loveland, Montrose, and Grand Junction, we’re here for you! 

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