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How to Shop Around for a Brand New Car for Less

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The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world, including China and Japan. According to the Department of Transportation, the U.S. has 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles. Interested in the bells and whistles of a new car, but the price of one? Learn tips for shopping new but buying for less.

Negotiate price and financing via computer

There are three reasons that you should start your car purchase online. When you understand how online department salespeople get paid vs. employees on the showroom floor you learn why. Online salespeople have salaried positions based on volume, not commissions on sale price. With volume driving their sales, they are motivated to get you the best deal to move cars.  The average savings when you deal over the Internet is $1,000 to $2,000, according to

Another reason to start online? You can skip the long wait at the financing and insurance office where they try to get you to sign up for warranties and upgrades with long drawn-out sales pitches.

Online shopping saves you time in the financing department as well since you don’t have to wait for the back and forth between you and your salesman as he haggles the boss for the price point you want.

Involve Other Online Dealers

When it comes to buying a product, you can go to multiple sources. The same is true with buying a car. Once you know what you want, look for it at several dealerships and then let them know you are going to buy from the dealership that can give you the best price. Let them fight over you, rather than you fighting them for the deal you want.

Time Your Purchase

A great way to save money on a new car is to purchase at the conclusion of that model year.  August through October car purchasing is the best window. Buying at the end of a month is also a good idea because often dealerships are trying to make quotas.

Get Pre-Approved for Your Car Loan Before You Start

Just like shopping around for the perfect car, you want the perfect financing. Cut corners on the financing side of things and you may find yourself loving your car a little less.

Apply to a variety of banks or credit unions to see which entity can get you the terms you want and the rate you want. As long as your applications are inside a two-week period it only stands as one inquiry on your credit, so you won’t see a big drop in your credit score.

Pre-approval is typically good for 60 days, so you will have the time you need to find the car you want and keep the loan you want ready to go.

After you have agreed on the price of the vehicle you are going to purchase, ask the dealership if they can get you a better loan than what you have been pre-approved for.

Start with Agreeing on a Price for the Car Purchase

Before you start talking about your credit for your trade-in, incentives, and the financing rate establish what the cost of the car will be. When you have that price in writing, THEN you can start talking about incentives that can be taken off the total price of the car. Do it in the other way and you may find that the dealership tries to add charges on somewhere else in the process so you THINK you are getting a great deal, but really, they are getting the deal.

Learn About Dealer Incentives

What many car purchasers don’t understand is that car manufacturers give incentives to buyers/dealers on more than ⅔  of the cars on the market. Find out what some of those incentives are BEFORE you start shopping.

Resource to help you discover incentives include. is a great resource for consumers because it will give you a “true market value” so you know what buyers are paying for equivalent makes and models both locally and nationally. Other great resources are:,,,,, and the automakers own websites.

Call Scott’s Today for Help With a New Car Purchase

Even after you think you’ve found the perfect new car, don’t agree to anything until you have talked to an expert about the purchase.  Scott’s is the perfect place to consult so you can have experienced help on which car is a good investment. We know cars. Part of car purchasing also involves maintenance and repair costs and durability. Find out from us which cars seem to last longer and are better made so you can save money over the long-haul. Contact Scott’s today at 970-682-4202 so you can have the peace of mind you need before investing in a new car purchase.

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