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How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

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maintaining your car's value

Do you ever think about staying healthy before you’re sick? Most people do. That’s why we exercise and eat right. So why should we treat our cars any differently? When we take care of them, they’ll last longer and the car’s value will in turn be higher. Do you know how to maintain your car’s value?

You shouldn’t wait until you’re ready to sell your car to think about maintaining its value. It’s important to take care of your vehicle from the moment you get it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. When the car is in your possession it’s either maintaining or losing its value. When it comes to keeping the value up, there are several things you can do to make sure your dollar is going as far as it can. 

What is a Car’s Value? 

Your car’s value is the car’s fair market prince. Essentially this means how much your car’s worth, but it does fluctuate from year to year. A lot goes into determining your car’s value, according to CARFAX, like: 

  • The year, make, and model of the car
  • Standard and optional features 
  • Condition of the vehicle 
  • Number of owners
  • Accident history 
  • Service history 
  • Open recalls
  • Vehicle use (rental, personal, etc.) 

CARFAX goes into detail about how the vehicle history is a major player in the car’s value. Though the make, model, and year of your car is important other contributing factors like number of accidents and owners, and how it was used helps determine how much you sell or buy the car for. 

How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

You want to make your money go as far as it possibly can, which means you need to maintain the value of your car. Here are four tips on how to maintain your car’s value for years after purchase: 

  1. Use Your Garage
    Don’t just use your garage as a storage room, make it your car’s home! When you store your car in your garage, it helps protect your car from the outside elements that can do damage to your car’s exterior. 
  2. See Your Mechanic Regularly
    Sometimes mechanical problems can lead to one problem after another. You could change your mind about selling your car at anytime, so by taking your car for regular tune-ups you will help keep the value up and from big mechanic problems from happening. If you need a tune up, Scott’s Fort Collins Auto can help! No job is too big or small. 
  3. Keep Your Car Clean
    If you or your kids make a mess in the car, clean it up as soon as you’re home. The longer stains sit the longer they last and the harder they are to get out. If you’re going to try to sell your car, a stain could make potential buyers think again. Another no-go? Don’t smoke in your car. Cigarette smell can linger and well have a negative impact on the value of your car. 
  4. Get Regular Car Washes
    Keeping the exterior clean also helps maintain your car’s value. It’s also important that you get waxes every couple months to keep your car looking new for years after purchase, according to How Stuff Works. Waxing regularly will also help clear the coat on your car by preserving paint oils to prevent oxidation. You guessed it, this will help keep the value up. 

Rely on Us

Our reliable technicians have comprehensive knowledge and experience working on all types of cars. We will handle your car with the latest equipment and make sure you know exactly what’s going on. We are a full service auto repair center that can help you keep your car’s value up that way you can sell it when you’re ready. If you think you need a tune-up, call us today at one of our two convenient locations –  Fort Collins: (970)-682-4202 or Loveland: (970)-541-4404.  

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