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How to Decorate Your Car for a 4th of July Parade

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June 26, 2019
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Decorate Your CarFort Collins’ annual 4th of July Community Celebration is taking place as usual this year. The festivities include the traditional Independence Day parade at 10 am along Mountain Avenue. If you’re participating in the parade this year, or you simply want to show your patriotism, use these tips to decorate your car temporarily for the holiday.

Clean Your Car First

Before you break out the decorations, make sure your car is clean first. Not only does this improve the final appearance, but it ensures the items you stick to your car don’t fall off in the middle of the parade. Washing the exterior of your car is all that’s really necessary, but you might as well tidy up the inside too, so you and your friends can enjoy the comfort of riding in a clean car.

Decorate Your Car with Temporary Car Paint

Removable spray paint is an effective way to show off your patriotism without making permanent changes to your car’s paint. If you already drive a red, white, or blue car, your job is already one-third done! Simply decorate with the corresponding colors, adding stars, stripes, and other imagery and messages all over your car.

Show Your Patriotism with Window Markers

Write messages on the rear and side windows with washable red, white, and blue window markers, sometimes labeled as “chalk.” Just make sure you don’t obstruct your view out the windows with too much writing. It’s easy to wash off window markers when the holiday is over.

Fly Balloons

This decoration draws attention to your car in a flashy, yet temporary and inexpensive way. Simply tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to your side mirrors and door handles, and you’re all set.

Use Parade Float Fringes & Streamers

This staple of traditional parade floats is intended to hide the mechanisms under the float. Attach red, white, and blue fringes to the front and back bumper of your car to mimic this look. Streamers are a good substitute or addition to float fringes. Apply them flat or twisted for a more ornamental look.

Get Festive with Bunting Flags

Bunting flags are those pleated, half-circle flags traditionally mounted to eaves and patio railings. Instantly boost your festive look by attaching them under the windows on each side of your car.

Make Signs

Are you representing a company or organization in the parade? Make sure onlookers know who you are by making signs on poster boards. Use big, bold letters in eye-catching colors, and accent the words with glitter. Then, either decorate your car with the posters or hold them as you participate in the parade.

Decorate Your Car with Colored Duct Tape

While ordinary gray duct tape does an acceptable job, it can detract from your decorations. With red, white, and blue duct tape, your method for attaching fringes, streamers, flags, and signs adds to the festive look. To prevent any residue when you decorate your car with duct tape, be sure to remove it promptly after the parade ends.

Wear a Costume

You’re as much a part of the parade as your car is, so make sure you look the part! Wear a patriotic suit or dress covered in stars and stripes, or break out the classic Uncle Sam costume to really turn some heads.

Final Note

Many of the decorations highlighted here are only safe to drive at parade speeds of 2 or 3 miles per hour. Cruising around town with a decked-out vehicle could prove hazardous, depending on how flamboyantly you decorate your car, so wait to attach balloons and any decorations that require tape until you arrive on the scene before the parade.

Contact Scott’s Fort Collins Auto for Expert Car Care

It’s fun to decorate your car for Independence Day, but your real priority should be making sure the vehicle runs safely and reliably. That’s where Scott’s Fort Collins Auto comes in. We care about delivering the best value and customer service on every car tune-up and repair we perform. Whether it’s time for a simple oil change, or you need a complete engine overhaul, we have you covered.

For more tips to keep your car running smoothly all summer long, please call us at (970) 682-4202 or contact us online. You can also stop by for services whenever it’s convenient for you.

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