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I’m buying a used car, what should I ask the seller?

Why are they selling the vehicle?

  • breaks down often, bought a new car, too expensive, gas guzzler, etc.

Where has the mileage of the car been accrued?

  • city driving, highway driving (best!), off road

What repairs have been done and do they have invoices?

  • Good Recordkeeping speaks volumes!

What accidents or damage has the vehicle had? Where and how was it repaired?

  • Again, invoices that detail the repair are extremely helpful.

What type of gas have they used?

  • You may not want to purchase a vehicle that requires the most expensive gas available to run properly.

Ask to test drive the vehicle.

  • Be alert to unusual noises, jerking, pulling, & abnormal shifting.

Ask the seller to take the vehicle, or let you take the vehicle, to Scott’s Fort Collins Auto for a pre-purchase inspection.


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