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Commonly Asked Questions About Your Car Tires

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August 28, 2018
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How often should you change your tires? Are all tires pretty much the same? If so, why do some cost more than others? Consumers have countless questions about their car tires. You have to take care of your tires so they last, but you also want to get the right tires for your car’s make model, and driving terrain. We can answer some of the most common questions we get asked often by our customers!


Why are tires different prices?

Just like many other products, tires will be different prices every place you go. Some will work only for specific vehicle makes and models, whereas others can be used for many different types of cars. Then, you have to factor in how many miles tires will last, if they are snow or summer tires or if they are specially-made. Anything besides generic run-of-the-line tires will be priced differently. However, that doesn’t mean you should simply choose the cheapest car tires you can find. When you pay for cheap tires, you can expect them to last a lot shorter time than quality tires.


Should I buy car tires online or in-person?

It’s generally better to buy car tires at a place you trust. Customers often have their car tires replaced when they find problems at a car servicing appointment. You can buy tires online, but you always want to choose a very well-known brand for your car. When buying online, you will also be responsible for getting your tire size correct and for guessing how many you will need. Basically, there are a lot of guessing games with buying online. If you tend to always get the same tires or brand, then it’s safe to buy online.


However, if you are just choosing tires at random or ones that are the cheapest, it’s best to leave it up to a professional. They will know the exact size of tire you need and can pick them according to your desired brand and durability. They install them, making sure the pressure and alignment is correct and that you get your new car tires without the worry of quick wear down.


Three tires stacked on top of one another with a fourth leaned up against the tires.

How can I make my tires last longer?

It’s always a good idea to have your tires rotated and balanced around every 5,000 miles. This is because tires in front and back can have different wear on them. Switching tires around will ensure that one or two tires don’t always wear down before the rest. If you take your car in for servicing, make sure that your alignment is checked so all your wheels are straight and take on even pressure and friction from the road.


Your driving can also indicate how long your tires will last. If you start too fast or stop too fast, you can create skid marks on the road. That is a little bit of your tire rubber coming off. The more you do that, the quicker your tires will wear away. A thin tire is one that can also burst suddenly when you are driving, causing you to have a flat.


Take notice of your tires before you drive, and make sure that none of them look flat. When there is not enough air in a tire, it will drive differently. You can damage the entire tire driving with a flat or you can cause damage to your tire wheel or the vehicle itself. You can prevent a flat by avoiding objects in the road and by checking your tire pressure each month. You lose about a pound per square inch in tire pressure each month. Cold weather can lower your tire pressure and warm weather can increase it. Check your car’s manual to know the exact pressure your car tires should be at.


A view from the road of a car driving in the snow with snow tires.

Do I need different tires for different seasons?

That depends on where you live, how much you will be driving and how far. If you drive a very short distance year-round, you can probably do well on the same set of tires. However, if you commute to work throughout all the seasons, you could benefit from different tires in the summer and the winter. Summer tires are designed to have the most grip and the most precise handling.


Winter tires are designed with snow in mind, so they have to be able to move through the snow instead of sliding on it. The tire rubber has a deeper tread with different types of patterns that make snow buildup less likely. Those patterns help to channel and get rid of the snow as you drive on it. There are all-season tires that will have features of both winter and summer tires, and they can be useful depending on where you live and how much you drive. However, if you are an avid driver and have both elements, consider getting two different sets of tires that you change each season.


Is there a warranty for my tires?

Many (if not all) tires places will have warranties for your tires in some form or another. An example is a road hazard warranty. Some tire places have this if you buy their tires, or your insurance company might have a clause for warranty. If you buy brand new tires and then hit a sharp object in the road, you probably don’t want to rebuy more tires. There are time limits on these types of warranties, so always ask both the tire seller about warranties and your insurance company.


Car Tires for You

When it comes to car tires, do all that you can to make them last. Then, make sure you get them replaced as they are needed. It’s best to replace 2-4 of them at the same time instead of just one at a time. There are many more questions about car tires that we get all the time. For all your car tire needs and questions, call Scott’s Fort Collins Auto today at (970) 682-4202!


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