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Car Facts You Didn’t Know

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Car facts

Entertain family this holiday with your surprising facts about cars. How many cars are being driven on the earth right now? How long does it take to make a car from start to finish? There are various types of cars such as gas, electric, steam and more, and interesting facts about all of them. Cars have been around since the 1800s and only continue to improve since that time. Maybe one day there will even be flying cars. Let us show you some facts about cars you probably didn’t know before!

How Many Cars Are There in the World Today?

In 2011, cars reached its biggest milestone yet–the billion mark for number of cars worldwide! Where are most of those cars housed? If you thought the United States, you were right. The United States boasts the largest collection of cars on the planet with over 239.8 million cars, with China coming in at a distant 2nd place with 78 million cars.

(Not surprisingly then is this other interesting car factoide: the U.S. consumes about half of the world’s gasoline.)

How Long Does it Take to Create a Car

You can thank Toyota for this answer: “The process of making a car can be roughly divided into stamping, welding, painting, assembly and inspections, which takes about 17-18 hours in total. (It varies according to the number of cars made by a factory.) When we consider that each car is made of about 30,000 parts, each of which takes time to produce, the time it takes to build a car is quite long.”

How Much Gas Does a Car Need to Start?

It happens to everyone sometime over the life of their time driving. They run out of gas, or they get dangerously close to empty. But how much gas do you need to get a car to start? What do you think? The answer may surprise you.

“It takes about 1/2 teaspoon of gas to start the engine. The amounts can vary, depending on the number of cylinders in the car, but as an average guide it is accurate. The engine only needs enough fuel for the initial explosion within the cylinders. The more cylinders the engine has, the more fuel will be used for ignition. Once that combustion has started, the car has started. The fuel burned after the initial combustion is actually idling the engine,” ItStillRuns.Com reported.

What is the Best-Selling Car of All Time?

The answer to this question might surprise you, but according to, the answer to this oft-asked question is, drumroll please…the Toyota Corolla! It has sold 43 million cars worldwide since it first hit the car-market stage in 1966. About ten years after it was introduced, it even sped by the VW Beetle in popularity–the ultimate “slug-bug!”

What is the Most Popular Car Color Worldwide?

Funny thing about this answer. When you consider the plethora of car color options out there, the most popular car color chosen worldwide is white. White has been the color-of-choice now since 1998.

Traffic Jams…Where Are They the Worst?

Washington D.C. has the worst traffic in the United States, with commuters waiting 82 hours a year in traffic, according to USA Today.

“ Excess fuel consumed and lost productivity due to congestion cost each commuter $1,834 per year on average, the highest such cost among all U.S. cities reviewed.”

Los Angeles comes in as the second most congested city with San Francisco in third.

Do Flying Cars Exist?

Think this questions is ridiculous? Think again. The answer to “do flying cars exist” is a resounding yes! Aeromobil’s cars came into the scene in 2017, though they will hit the road in 2020 starting in Europe.

Coming in at between 1.3 and 1.6 million, Aeromobil’s flying cars, according to Business Insider, will initially only offer the market 500 units. “Owners will need a pilot license to operate the vehicle in Europe and access to a runway for when they want to fly,” Business Insider said. “The vehicle is certified to operate in Europe, but AeroMobil plans to eventually release it in the US, AeroMobil CTO Douglas MacAndrew told Business Insider. Once it’s cleared to operate in the US, AeroMobil will look to introduce it in China as well.”

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