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All the Fluids Your Car Needs

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January 7, 2021
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If you want your car to run properly, you need to keep fluid levels updated in between checkups. Do you know all the fluids that keep your car running efficiently? Here is a list of all the fluids your car needs to run properly and what they’re for.

The Fluids Your Car Needs 

To ensure your car keeps running as it should, you should check the fluids. Your car needs seven fluids to run properly according to Newswire. Those fluids are: 


Your engine has to be lubricated to run properly, which means it needs oil. The main job of oil is to lubricate the different parts found in the engine, which allows them to glide past one another without causing too much friction. 

Radiator fluid 

This fluid keeps your engine from overheating. When radiator fluid runs low, you put your car at risk of overheating. If your car overheats, it can cause costly damage if you continue driving. Eventually, parts can begin to warp and can cause blown gaskets and more, all of which will be costly repairs. 

Transmission fluid

You can prevent expensive issues by keeping your transmission lubricated with transmission fluid. If you have low transmission fluid, it can become difficult to change gears and you can even experience overheating. 

Power steering fluid

This fluid is what keeps your car’s power steering working properly by keeping it lubricated. This is what adds power to your ability to control the car’s wheels by allowing you to turn easily when needed. 

Brake fluid

Your brake fluid is pressurized and it adds power to your braking and prevents you from running into other cars on the road. Low brake fluid could be a sign that you need new brake pads and it can also prompt your brake warning light to come on. 

Air conditioning coolant 

In the warmer months of the year, you’ll need to keep a good eye on the coolant in your car’s air conditioning system. Signs you need coolant could be your car not blowing cold air, noticing refrigerant leaks, and more. 

Washer fluid

The windshield-washer fluid isn’t essential to keeping your engine running, but it’s an important safety component to make sure you can properly see when you’re driving. While. You don’t need to quit driving immediately if this fluid needs to be replaced, but you should refill it soon in case you run into bad weather on the road. 

Maintaining Fluid Levels 

The best way to maintain fluid levels is by checking them to make sure they aren’t low or need to be replaced. AAA offers these quick tips for checking vehicle fluids:

  • Park on level ground when checking vehicle fluids
  • Don’t overfill as too much fluid may be as harmful as too little 
  • Only use fluids that meet the automakers’ specifications – you can find these by reading your owner’s manual 
  • If a fluid needs frequent top-offs, have your car checked by our team at Scott’s Auto 

Rely on Scott’s Auto

Maintaining the oil and the other fluids in your car needs to be done to ensure your car runs properly and doesn’t suffer any costly damage that could have been prevented. Our team at Scott’s Auto knows it can seem like a hassle, however, we’re here to help make sure checking your fluids and changing your oil is as quick and painless as possible. With three convenient locations, we’re here for you. Call and let us know we can expect you or just stop by and see us at one of our locations:

Fort Collins – (970)-682-4202

Loveland – (970)-541-4404

Montrose – (970)-615-5150

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