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A Checkup for Your Car: A Tune Up

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July 15, 2020
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July 29, 2020
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You go to a checkup for yourself to make sure your health is good, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your car? A tune up is a great way to make sure the dozens of parts on our car are performing in an efficient manner. Here’s what a tune up consists of and why your car needs one regularly. 

What is a Tune Up?

Your engine is made up of dozens of parts that work to keep your car on the streets and running well. In order for your engine to perform efficiently, the parts in your car will need to be replaced at various intervals as they gradually wear out over time. This not only affects the fuel economy, but your car’s emissions and more too. 

A car tune-up is preventative maintenance that helps make sure it continues to drive like it’s supposed to. Kelley Blue Book explains that when you have a tune-up performed, it will include looking to replace wear-and-tear parts. They explain that failure to replace these parts can cause your car to have a number of problems. Further, taking your car in for a tune up can also help catch other potentially bigger problems before they begin.

What a Tune Up Looks For

A tune up looks at many parts of your car and examines them to make sure they’re all working properly and in good condition. Here are some of the parts that get looked at during a routine tune up: 

  1. The air filter – many people will recommend your air filters be changed at every couple of oil changes, but our experts will double check the filter to make sure it’s not too dirty to function properly. A bad air filter can cause many problems with your engine and can even affect your gas mileage. 
  2. Fluids – this includes looking at antifreeze, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids which are all critical pieces to maintaining the way your car runs. Our team will check all of these fluid levels and refill them if needed. 
  3. Oil and oil filter – we know that you probably go get your oil changed more often than just at your tune up, but we’ll go ahead and check these levels while we’ve got your car in the shop too. At a tune up, we’ll inspect the oil pan and surrounding parts. 
  4. Battery – newer car batteries can last for up to 10 years with no need for maintenance, however, we’ll still inspect the battery to check the condition and the life of the battery. A tune up is also a good time to remove any battery acid that has accumulated around the hardware. 
  5. Belts and hoses – when your car is in the shop for a tune up, we’ll also look at the belts and hoses. This will make sure all of these pieces are still secure and in good working condition. If we notice any belts to be splitting, we’ll replace them before they can snap in half. If you hear a high pitch whining when your engine is on, it means there’s probably a bad belt. This is where a tuneup comes in handy. 
  6. Windshield wipers – your car needs to be prepared to meet any type of weather while out on the road. If your windshields have been squeaking, a tune up is a great place to have your windshield wipers replaced. We’ll also look at your wiper fluid to make sure you can clean your windshield at the snap of a ginger. 
  7. Wheel bearings and alignments – we’ll inspect the car’s undercarriage and axles for any potential problems. In addition, we’ll look at all the wheel bearings and ensure your wheels are aligned. This helps protect your tires, prevent wear and tear, and make your trips a little more comfortable. 
  8. Lights – a tune up is a good chance to make sure that your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers are all working properly. They will be tested and replaced if need be. 

This is just a summary of what a tune up could include for your car. If you notice other problems, be sure to bring those up so our team can check it out during the inspection as well.

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