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8 Tips for Helping Your Brakes Last Longer

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April 12, 2017
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April 25, 2017
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8 Tips for Helping Your Brakes Last LongerThe way you drive makes a big impact on how long your brakes last. If you’re an aggressive stop-and-go driver, you’ll have to pay to replace your brakes much sooner. The following money-saving tips won’t clog traffic or draw attention to yourself, but they will certainly help your brakes last longer.

Coast Before You Brake

Stopping from a high speed is a brake killer. Consider that braking while traveling at 65 miles per hour subjects the brakes to much more heat and friction than braking at 55 mph. This means that coasting to decelerate your car before you depress the brake pedal is a very useful brake-saving trick. Do this every time you approach a red light or freeway off ramp, and you’ll add hundreds or even thousands of miles to the lifespan of your brakes.

Only Brake with Your Right Foot

To improve your reaction time, you may get in the habit of accelerating with your right foot and braking with your left. However, this isn’t recommended because you could end up simultaneously depressing both pedals, which obviously causes unwarranted friction and wears out the brakes faster.

Don’t Tailgate

If you follow closely behind the driver in front of you, you’re much more likely to experience a panic braking situation. The harder you slam on the brakes, the more brake pad material that wears away, and the sooner you’ll have to replace them.

Lighten Your Load

There’s no reason to carry around items you don’t need. Extra pounds don’t just inhibit fuel economy – they also make your brakes work harder to decelerate the car. Stop forgetting to drop off those dumbbells at Goodwill, and make sure any aftermarket car parts you choose aren’t adding a tremendous amount of weight.

Shift Down a Gear to Coast Downhill

Give your brakes a break on the downhill return journey back to Fort Collins from Rocky Mountain National Park – put your car in a lower gear! This helps your brakes last longer by making the engine decelerate your vehicle without having to press the brake pedal as often.

Bleed & Flush the Brakes

You gain nothing if you preserve brake material but leave the internal components to rot away. This is where bleeding and flushing comes in. This process replaces the brake fluid, removes water from the lines, and keeps the system working well.

Invest in Good-Quality Brakes

Brake pads on modern cars are incredibly complex. Many contain a dozen or more parts, each of which plays a vital role. You may be tempted to choose replacements from the bargain bin, but brakes last longer when they’re of high quality to begin with. Follow your mechanic’s advice about choosing brand-name brakes that meet the demands of your driving style.

Know When to Replace Your Brakes

You want to save money by making your brakes last as long as possible, but don’t cross the line between frugal and foolish. Every time you have your tires rotated, the mechanic should check brake pad thickness. When it starts to approach the danger zone, you know it’s time to replace them. Then, remember to follow the above tips to make these new brakes last longer.

Choose Scott’s Fort Collins Auto for Brake Services

Whether your brakes are acting up or you simply want to have them inspected, stop by Scott’s in Fort Collins at your soonest convenience. Ignoring a problem with your brakes could put you in danger on the road, so don’t put off important brake services!

To schedule an appointment to have your brakes looked at, please contact us online. You can also call us at (970) 682-4202 to let us know when you plan to stop by.

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