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8 Car Hacks You Never Thought of Before

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8 Car Hacks You Never Thought of BeforeIf your vehicle is lacking in some areas, car hacks can make life on the road more enjoyable. Here are eight of our favorite hacks you never thought to try – until now!

Use a Shoe as a Cup Holder

Many older cars lack a feature that’s easy to take for granted today: built-in cup holders. Aftermarket cup holders attach to the door, but if you haven’t had time to pick some up, here’s a cheap way to improvise: simply set a tennis shoe on the center console and voilà – instant cup holder!

Use a Plastic Cereal Container as a Trash Can

No one wants to ride around town surrounded by garbage. A cheap and easy solution is to set a plastic cereal container on the floor in front of the passenger seat. This is just the right size to hold a decent amount of trash without taking up valuable space. Line it with a plastic grocery store bag, and keep a few spares at the bottom of the container for easy replacement when its time to empty the trash

Open Your Key Ring with a Staple Remover

Use this nifty tool for an entirely unintended purpose: to prevent shredding your fingernails while putting a car key on your key ring. Just insert the teeth of the staple remover between the two rings, press down, and watch them separate. Suddenly, it’s a breeze to take keys on and off your key ring.

Keep Pizza Hot with the Seat Warmer

Did you pick up a pizza for dinner on your way home from work? Set it on the passenger seat and turn on the seat warmer! Whether in summer or winter, this trick helps keep your pizza hot and tasty, so you can dig in right when you get home without reheating it first.

Protect Your Garage Wall with a Pool Noodle

How many times have you banged your car door on the garage wall? If you’re tired of the scuff marks, complete an easy DIY project to provide an effective cushion. Simply cut a pool noodle in half and glue, bolt, or nail the tube to the wall at the right height to stop the car door in its tracks.

Check Your Phone to Remind You Where You Parked

When you park in a sea of cars, it’s easy to forget exactly where yours is located. Fortunately, many Smartphones today feature a built-in map service to pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location using GPS and Bluetooth. If your phone doesn’t do this automatically, you can download an app.

Fix Small Scratches with Nail Polish

There’s nothing worse than noticing the first scratch or chip on your new car. An easy fix is to disguise the minor damage with nail polish. Find one in a color that matches your vehicle’s paint job as closely as possible, and apply a coat or two to hide the mark.

Remove Small Dents with a Plunger

This car hack helps restore your vehicle’s appearance without an expensive visit to an auto body shop. Just stick a traditional rubber plunger over the dent and push on it until it creates suction. Then, pull straight back on the plunger. The force should pull the dented portion forward and back into place.

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