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5 Money-Saving Gas Mileage Tips 

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Did you know that the way you drive could be costing you even more money? How you drive affects your gas mileage, which in turn could be costing you cents per gallon. If you want to save money on gas, keep reading to learn what you can do as you drive to save money. 

Understanding Gas Mileage 

No matter what kind of car you drive, it’s important to understand how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets. Old or new, knowing about the miles per gallon can help ensure you drive with efficiency. MPG, miles per gallon, is known as the distance, measured in miles, that your vehicle can travel per gallon of fuel. The higher your MPG, the more fuel efficient your car. Car and Driver explains that a car’s MPG can be inconsistent because it can be affected by a variety of factors. For this reason, that is why vehicles can have three different MPG ratings that you see:

  • Highway miles per gallon: the average your car will get on an open stretch or road, usually at a higher speed, for a longer period of time without stopping. 
  • City miles per gallon: the average dependent on city conditions, where you typically drive slower and have to start and stop multiple times. 
  • Combined miles per gallon: an average of the highway and city numbers. 

MPG is important to know about no matter how old your car is, or even if you’re on the market for a new car. This number tells you about the difference in weekly costs in driving different cars by giving you an idea of how much you will likely spend filling up on gas. Though you never know on any given day what fuel prices will be, by knowing the MPG you are able to calculate what you’ll spend no matter the fuel price that day. 

5 Money-Saving Driving Tips 

Knowing your MPG is important, but so is knowing what you can do as you drive to further save you money. If you want to start saving cents per gallon, follow these 5 money-saving tips from Motor1

1.Drive Slower

We know you want to get to where you’re going, but driving too fast can affect your fuel efficiency. For example, for every 5-fewer miles per hour you drive, you can cut your car’s fuel consumption by an estimated 7%. 

2.Clean out your car

Reducing the amount of weight in your car is one of the easiest ways to increase fuel efficiency. Cleaning out your car’s truck and clearing additional weight can increase your car’s energy consumption by up to 2%. 

3.Realign your wheels

When you drive on uneven roads, especially when you hit potholes, you can easily misalign your wheels. This causes uneven and premature wear on your tires, in addition to also making the engine work harder — which can reduce gas mileage up to 10%.

4.Watch your tires

Sources say that over 25% of cars on the road don’t have properly inflated tires. Not only can this lead to premature tire wear, but it can also adversely affect your gas mileage. Be sure to watch your tires, making sure they are inflated according to your car’s manufacturer. 

5.Get a tune up

If it has been a while since your car has had a tune up, especially if it failed an emissions test, you are probably receiving 4% fewer MPG than you should be. Getting a tune up can prevent this. 

Get Better MPG with Scott’s Auto

If your car needs a tune up, a wheel realignment, your tires inflated, or another service, our team of professionals at Scott’s Auto is here for you. With three convenient locations, you can easily bring your car by. Come see us at our location in Fort Collins, Loveland, or Montrose! 

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