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4 Driving Safety Tips You Might Not Think About

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Defensive driving is more than just a class you have to take after a ticket. In fact, driving defensively is a key part in keeping you and other drivers safe out on the road. When we drive our cars each day, we often get too comfortable and begin to forget that we need to be alert. In this article, we’re going to remind you of 4 car safety tips that you might not think about anymore and why they’re important. 

What is Driving Defensively? 

Defensive driving is a set of driving skills that allows you to defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, and poor weather. If you look ahead and keep your eyes moving, you will spot potential hazards more easily. Further, DriversEd explains, you will be able to act immediately upon identifying potential hazards. 

4 Driving Safety Tips 

1. Don’t Assume Things 

As a driver, you can’t just assume what decisions other drivers on the road are going to make. It’s important to not assume things while you’re driving. Rather, you should keep your eyes peeled and identify those potential hazards that will require you to make your own set of decisions. If you assume things on the road, you are more likely to find yourself in a situation that can result in an accident. You don’t know what other drivers were taught to do in certain situations. Additionally, they could also be distracted and not have much of a reaction time if something comes up. Instead of assuming what another driver on the road might do, focus on staying alert and keeping an eye out for any potential issues that may arise.

2. Don’t Be Distracted 

You know it’s important to not text and drive, but there are other distractions that you may not consider. Other distractions can include trying to fix your hair or makeup, eating a snack, trying to find a song you like, or reaching for objects in another seat. All of these may not seem like major distractions, but they are risky in the car. If you must do something that will take your eyes off the road, pull over. Distracted driving is far more than texting, it can be changing the radio station or even feeling sick. As a driver, you should make the conscious decision to not make choices while driving that could distract you and end up with you in an accident, potentially putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk, too. Tips to maintain focus on the road include:

  • Do not text or use cell phones. 
  • Avoid arguments or distracting conversations.
  • Instead of eating while driving, make time to eat before you leave.
  • Make sure that children are buckled and in their seats properly. Additionally, give them a book, toy, or other game to occupy their time. 
  • Properly secure pets in a carrier before moving in your car.
  • Adjust vehicle controls, like mirrors, heat, or air conditioning before you start driving. 
  • Program your GPS and plan your route before you put your car in drive. 
  • Avoid wearing headphones.

3. Know Your Route

When we get in everyday routines, we become familiar with the same roads we drive each day. However, there will be days that you might have to take a detour to run an errand or avoid construction. To prevent this from happening, begin to check your route before you head out. Instead of using the maps feature on your phone while you’re already driving, make sure that you plan your route ahead of time. Additionally, if you’re able, program your phone to connect to your car’s audio system. This will allow your map to verbally tell you where to go, and prevent you from needing to take your eyes off the road to look at your phone. 

4. Share the Street

One of the most important safety tips you might forget about is to remember that there are other drivers on the road. Share the road with others and give people enough space to drive defensively. It’s easy to get frustrated with other drivers if you’re running late, so try to plan ahead and remember that everyone has something going on. A job they’re trying to get to, a family they’re trying to get to dinner with, and more. Remember other drivers and do your part to keep everyone safe on the road. 

Stay Safe with Scott’s Auto

Another important aspect in driving safely is making sure your car is equipped to do so. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a tune up or if you have begun to notice problems, stop by one of our Scott’s Auto locations today to make sure that you’re driving a safe car on the road. 

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