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3 Concerning Car Noises 

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As you drive your car for longer periods of time, you’ll notice sounds that are normal to your specific car. However, over time, you may begin to notice weird car noises that could be a cause for concern. Here are 3 engine noises that should prompt a quick trip to one of our Scott’s Auto locations. 

3 Concerning Engine Noises

Car Noises: Silence 

This might seem obvious, but one concerning noise is, in fact, no noise at all. When you don’t hear any noise when trying to start your car, it signals that you have a dead battery. In many cases, you can notice a battery beginning to become weak because it will make a struggling noise when you try to start your vehicle. When the battery is completely gone, you will hear no sounds and see no lights on your dash come on. 

To maintain the life of your battery, Nationwide recommends:

  • Lining short rides that prevent your car’s battery from fully charging
  • Keep your battery tightly fastened to prevent it from vibrating and causing internal damage 
  • Make sure all the lights are off when you get out of your car
  • Control the corrosion by keeping them clean to prevent buildup 
  • Test your battery life often so you know what condition it is in 
  • When sitting idle, turn off functions like the radio or air conditioning when your engine isn’t running 
  • Care for your car as a whole by getting regular tune ups 

Car Noises: Screeching when braking 

If you ever hear a high-pitched screeching sound when you press your brake, it could indicate that your brake pads are wearing out and need to be replaced. Most brake pads come with pieces that are made to alert drivers when it’s time to replace the brake pads. When they begin to thin, a little piece of metal will rub against the metal brake disc, causing the high-pitched screeching sound when you push your brakes. When this happens, you need to have your brake pads replaced. However, sometimes you could hear noises when you brake that aren’t cause for concern. iDriveSafely explains that reasons you don’t need to worry include when:

  • Dust, sand, and other particles get into brakes causing noise
  • Weather, especially cold weather, can cause brakes to squeal 
  • Snow, rain, or high water that can cause a superficial layer of rust that will go away once you brake a couple of times 
  • Heavy loads which can put more pressure on the brakes and cause screeching 
  • Strain from steep or long downhill drives can cause the brakes to heat and squeal 
  • Newer cars use a harder car brake pad, which is safer than older cars, but they squeal more 
  • Popular semi-metallic brake pads tend to make noise, but there are other options that are more quiet 
  • Morning grind and noisy brakes that can happen due to overnight moisture, but stops as the brakes dry off 

Car Noises: Exhaust noises coming from under your car

Your exhaust system helps keep your car quiet and sends exhaust fumes away from the cabin, helping your engine run as it should and maintaining fuel efficiency and reducing polluting emissions. If you need exhaust repair, the telltale sign is hearing a loud, rumbling sound coming from underneath your car. If you hear this, it is important to get it looked at before it becomes a bigger issue. If you delay car exhaust repair, your repair can become costly and cause further damage to parts in your car’s operating system. 

Call Scott’s Auto 

The safest route to early detection of potential issues is to make those routine tune-ups a priority in your schedule. If you hear a weird noise coming from your car, be safe and come get it looked at by our team of professionals at Scott’s Auto. We’re here for you! 


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